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   Chapter 34

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Colin forced a smile and felt assured after he explained to Candy. Even though Candy used to tell his mother about his things, she still cared about him. As long as he gave his order, Candy wouldn't tell his mother. So his mother wouldn't meddle in his affairs or make trouble for Melissa.

As he walked into the room with the medicine in his hand, Melissa came out of the bathroom in Colin's pajamas. Because Colin didn't let any women around, neither did he prepare any woman's pajamas and she had to put his on. The pajamas were so big that it didn't fit her at all and her neckline was almost lowered to her chest. As soon as Melissa walked out, she kept looking down at herself. As soon as she looked up, she found that Colin had been looking at her all the time. She immediately covered her collar and stood in front of him, restrained.

Colin froze for an instant. He didn't expect that his pajamas could make Melissa petite body look so gorgeous. Her sexy figure stood out and he felt empty inside pajamas. It seemed that she was more attractive in men's clothes than in sexy pajamas. Instead of these transparent and translucent sexy underwear, she were even more mysterious and attractive in this pajamas.

Feeling that Colin' gaze was on her, Melissa felt even more uncomfortable. Finally, she said, "I'll borrow your new pajamas, or there is any small size of clothes than this? I'd like to have a try."

"No. Do you want to wear my shirt?" A smile appeared at the corners of Colin's mouth. Seeing that she was so restrained in front of him, he felt happier.

Melissa recalled that day when she went to bathroom in his shirt after having sex with him. Unexpectedly, she seduced him here. After that, she had been forced to make love in the washing table, which made her exhausted and almost couldn't get out of bed the next day. She blushed and bit her lips, saying, "No, I just need this one."

After she had been so restrained and even felt so embarrassed, she pretended to be calm. Melissa couldn't afford to lose

n you play the role with such a face? "

Getting angry at his words, Melissa turned around and coldly stared at Colin, with saying, "It looks like you've done a thorough investigation. Well, are you trying to revenge on me with other ways?"

"If I wanted to tease you, I wouldn't take you home now." Colin forced a smile, as if he didn't take her anger seriously.

"Is this the so-called 'one slap for another candy' policy? Colin, do you think I will be moved by your words? Don't forget that women always hold grudges. They always think about the suffering when they are hurt!"

Colin seemed to get annoyed. Suddenly, he pressed the medicine bottle to the bedside cupboard with a snap and then frowned, "Melissa, are you finished?"

Melissa didn't give up, even stood up quickly and looked down at him. "I don't like these good care! It was a heavy slap on my face. I feel my heart ache. Why do I even want your kind?" After saying that, she turned around and was about to leave.

At the same time, Colin held her hand so tightly that Melissa could feel his anger. She sneered and waited for him to give vent to his anger. But a long time later, Colin swallowed his anger and said in a tender voice, "Well, it was my fault a few days ago. I didn't expect that you was punished like this. Now I apologize to you sincerely. Can you forgive me?"

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