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   Chapter 33 Business Dinner

One Kiss Less By Little Red Cap Characters: 7599

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Melissa felt she deserved it. She knew that this man was not worth her waiting and that there was a woman in his heart who had been dead for eight years. He was still not able to make him fall in love with another woman. But she still had expectation for him.

On the other hand, Colin was so kind to the women he loved, but on the other hand, he turned into a demon who trampled on the women he didn't love and treated them as playthings.

He had tortured and ravaged her for the past five years, but she still had an indescribable feeling for him. Melissa thought that it was hard to describe what kind of feeling it was. It was not love, but it was true that she had hoped for him. Therefore, when she saw him being so enchanted by Avril as well as he bullied her and he didn't treat her as a person, she would be sad, painful and even angry.

Sometimes her capriciousness was just her unrelenting resistance to his no benevolence to her and her ignorance of her heart. She tried to draw his attention, let him see her, and make him have a little bit of her in his heart, but in vain. He still didn't take her seriously. There was no difference if he treated her as other women.

When he went on a business trip, he spent a lot of money to buy her expensive and luxury gifts, hoping to make her happy. But he never thought of making her happy. He only had sex with her for materials and body. There was no love in his mind. So he thought it would be enough to make her happy. Women were all the same, weren't they?

He didn't know that Melissa didn't want him to treat her like that. She didn't want him to treat her like any other woman who had mistress. She didn't want him to give her only money or some luxury gifts, but gifts with different thoughts. She hoped that he could treat her as his lover, treat her better, and create something different to make her happy, but it turned out that it was all wishful thinking. Five years later, Colin still treated her with money. Except for this, he didn't care about her illness, injury or being bullied.

His indifference and ruthlessness had disappointed Melissa. She knew that she shouldn't have any hope for him anymore, but every time she met something about Avril, she was still crushed and sad!

Just now, C

wn, it will be a good thing. You is already thirty years old. Don't always make your mother worry about you."

"Candy." Colin interrupted her and said, "Do you think I hurt her face?"

Candy Zhang looked at him blankly. Although she didn't speak, you could tell from her eyes that she thought it exactly.

With a helpless smile, Colin said, "How could I do that to a woman? She owed it. She was slapped by others and it was also a lesson to her. And Candy Zhang had just met her for the first time. How could you know that Melissa was good woman? If she behaved herself, she wouldn't be with a playboy like me, would she? So, Candy, don't expect her any more. Although she's the first woman I brought to my house, she's just like a woman outside my house. I won't settle down with her! "

Candy Zhang looked at him with a stunned look. Finally, she lowered her head and didn't say anything.

Before she left, Colin said, "Candy, don't tell my mom about what happened today! Especially about her…… She has the same face with Avril, remember? "

Candy Zhang stammered. She wanted to report to Fannie. She didn't expect that Colin would tell her in advance, so she had to nod reluctantly.

But Candy didn't understand. Was it Colin that protected Melissa? The reason why he didn't want madam to know her existence was that madam hated Avril so much. If she knew that Colin still didn't give up and he found a woman as beautiful as Avril and kept him company, she would definitely be unable to tolerate it.

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