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   Chapter 32

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Hearing that, Colin looked down at Melissa and stretched out his hands to pull her off the car. Melissa struggled and grasped the leather seat, refusing to let go. She asked, "What are you doing? Let me go! I won't get out of it! Let me go! Let me go!"

As the room was so small, Colin failed to let her down because she hugged the seat tightly. Finally, he let go of her and looked down at her. His face was blocked by the light and only a dim outline could be seen. But Melissa could tell that he was very angry now judging from his aura. Maybe he would burst out in the next moment.

Of course, Melissa had sensed his coldness. But she was really mad at him. He was the last person she wanted to get involved with. She was unhappy to be dragged into such a mess? Thus, she also kept a straight face and didn't say anything coldly, unwilling to make a concession.

With hands on hips, Colin stared at her for a while and finally gritted his teeth to spit out a few words, "Do you want to get down?"

"No way!" Melissa said coldly with thought for a second. In the meantime, she showed an indifferent attitude and refused to watch him.

Colin stared at her for a while. Then he began to unbutton his shirt in public. He untied his tie, followed by his upper shirt.

Melissa heard a rustling sound. She raised her head and saw that he had almost unbuttoned his shirt. He pulled his arms so that his sturdy chest muscles could be seen. At the same time, his masculine smell assaulted her mouth and nose, so that she smelled the danger. Melissa immediately widened his eyes and asked, "Colin, what do you want?"

Colin took off his shirt and threw it at Melissa. At the same time, the Eau de Cologne perfume and his smell completely caught Melissa. In a hurry, she took off the shirt, struggling to get rid of Colin. However, Colin leaned over, held her head, and kissed him wildly.

Melissa's eyes wide open and she tried to push him away. But as Colin tried to press the button, the passenger seat fell back automatically, forming a posture of lying in the be

. Other models in the entertainment circle might not all have a perfect figure like him, not to mention a perfect face.

According to his conditions, he would become a big name in the entertainment circle, but he didn't want to because his family was in charge of the entertainment circle with his mother Fannie as its queen and Colin as its king. Above all, he had no interest in this kind of thing.

However, no matter how hard he tried, he just couldn't forget Avril. Avril was the only woman he loved and he protected her all the time. Even though she had been dead for eight years, he still couldn't forget her and leave her behind forever.

He had been with Melissa for five years, but none remained in his heart. He could bully, ravage, trample on her dignity wantonly and sometimes even treated her as a stranger. As long as she dared to violate the sacred person Avril in his heart, he would suppress and torture her. But on the other hand, he could treat her well because of Avril.

For example, he had tortured her for so many days just because she offended Avril and allowed Sophia to hit her. But just now, when he bullied her, he suddenly thought of Avril and remembered that Avril had showed that expression on his body, so he released her.

After all, was she nothing to him? Even if they had been together for five years, she still couldn't get anything.

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