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   Chapter 29 Despair

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Melissa fought back the tears and went to the bathroom to remove the make-up. She saw both sides of her cheeks that were swollen and painful. It pained even if her fingers lightly touched them. She looked at the female prisoner in the mirror who was slovenly and dirty and her face was red and swollen because of the beating. She could no longer hold himself back and tears fell down like a breakdown. She covered her mouth and cried again. Then, she cried again without bearing.

Just now on the film set, she was about to have a nervous breakdown. But she held back her anger. No matter how aggrieved she was and no matter how painful she was, she didn't complain. But now in the bathroom, when nobody was around, she couldn't help crying. She felt aggrieved and grieved, but she couldn't tell anyone. She knew how hard it was to shoot, but she never knew it would be so hard. In the entertainment circle, everyone was like a devil. They held high and despised the inferior. They was powerful, arrogant. If you were a new comer, you deserved to be bullied and neglected by them. Except for Charles, there was really no one in the whole crew worth saying.

At this time, Jenny called again. The phone rang for a long time and Melissa was shocked. When she saw that it was her mother who was calling and she didn't dare to answer it because she was so desperate now. She tried her best to suppress her mood. After she slightly adjusted himself, she picked it up. "Hello, is it mother? It's so late. Why don't you go to bed?" She tried to control her voice, or else she would cry out and try to make her tone calm.

Jenny seemed to be very happy and smiled, "Well, not yet. I was too excited to fall asleep when I knew that you were going to act. I also heard that there was a meteor shower tonight, so I got up with your father to see it. By the way, how are you doing there? Was it difficult to shoot today? Have you seen the meteor shower?"

Hearing that her mother cared about her, Melissa felt sad and didn't know how to tell her. She had just told Jenny that she had just got two roles to shoot, so Jenny was very concerned about her and asked her when she would shoot them. Melissa told her. Jenny once told her that although her role was not big, she worked hard for five years and finally got a job, so she cared about her work. But what happened to her today made her embarrassed. How to say that?

Melissa hesitated for a moment, trying to hold back the tears in her eyes, "Mom, I'm fine. The shooting went smoothly today, so we have to finish early. I'm already in the hotel and I'm going to bed. Because we've heard of the shooting of meteor shower before. The whole crew paid attention to the sky, but we didn't see it."

Jenny was relieved at Melissa's words. She smiled and said, "That's good that your filming goes smoothly. Back then, your father and I were extremely against your idea of acting. But after that, it seems that our daughter is very talented at acting. We can't keep you in her house forever. What's more, you are 25 years old now. It's time for you to make a decision about your own acting. We will support you whatever you like to do, but if you feel sad outside, you can go home. Your father and I will always be your backer. And as of the meteor shower, we haven't seen it for a whole night. Go to bed early! "

Hearing that her mother cared for her so much, especially when she was wronged. She was welcome to go home and parents would always be her backer. Melissa could not help but burst into tears. She covered her mouth, but she could not control her voice, so she moved the phone away. When she calmed down after breathing, she heard Jenny asking, "Hello, what's wrong with you, Melissa? Why don't you say anything? "

Melissa took a deep breath and said, "Nothing. Mommy, go to bed early. Daddy is in poor health. Don't let him stay up la


Jenny heard that she said in a normal tone and there was nothing wrong with it. Shen's mother nodded and said, "Well, then we go to sleep. You should also go to bed early. It's still cold in spring and you should pay attention to temperatures in the morning or at night!" After a few more greetings, she reluctantly hung up.

After hanging up the phone, Melissa looked at himself in the mirror and couldn't help crying again. She had been sad for a long time. Then she felt that someone was approaching the bathroom. Her high heels stomped very hard. At the same time, the sounds of two women talking came through. Melissa listened carefully and found that they were Sophia and her agent. She panicked and didn't want to meet Marcia. So she packed and hid herself in the first bathroom.

Sophia and her agent came in. After they went to the washroom, they removed their make-up in front of the big mirror on the wash basin and talked at the same time. Rose Wu, Sophia's agent, said, "You beat her up like that today. It's estimated that she will not be able to come out for a month."

Sophia was applying lipstick to her lips. She suddenly said in a cold voice, "Hum. That bitch stole the part of my leading role five years ago and stole Eric's attention. Now she wants to take away Mr. Colin's attention again five years later. How dare she compete with me? If I don't teach her a lesson, she won't know that I'm a coward and it's not wise to make me angry. That's what Sophia should do."

"But it's not good for your reputation. Fortunately, the scenes we shot today are closed and there are no reporters and fans. Otherwise, it's not good for your reputation." Her agent said.

Sophia smiled faintly. "Rose, over the years, you can shape my bad temper into a pure and virtuous lady. Aren't you afraid of the gossip? I'm not afraid of anything. Rose is here, aren't you? Ha-ha." Sophia acted coquettishly towards her agent.

"Oh, my God!" Rose Wu seemed to be very helpless and continued, "I can help you deal with those bad gossip, but since you have an intimate relationship with Mr. Colin this time, you have to cherish the opportunity. Mr. Colin is a big tycoon in the entertainment circle, much better than those big bosses and directors in the past. Don't let your sugar daddy get away!"

Sophia giggled and said proudly, "Mr. Colin has told me that he has been tired of that unreasonable Melissa. He has long wanted to throw away her. He's only interested in me now. I'll seize the opportunity. Don't you still believe in my tricks of seducing men, Rose? I will fascinate him by then, ha-ha!"

Then they left. Melissa was stupefied. She hid herself in the bathroom and her mind wandering about what Sophia had said. "Mr. Colin told me. He was so tired of that unreasonable woman that he wanted to throw her away as a shoe. He's only interested in me now..." A sudden surge of hatred rose in her heart!

Colin ruined everything of her! He ruined her career! Today, she was bullied by Sophia. Hel just stood aside and watched without saying a word. He didn't help her either. Did he love Avril so much? Even though she had been dead for so many years, no one was allowed to offend her. Just like last time when she was angry and spoke ill of Avril, why did he punish her so much?

Melissa had no hope for him, along with all her hatred and sadness. She had no dream at all. She walked out of the bathroom, changed her clothes numbly, and then walked out of the crew. After they went out of the filming city, there was no one on the street. It didn't matter for her to walk alone on the street. Melissa had nothing left anyway, so what kind of disaster was she afraid of?

However when she was walking, she heard a car beep behind her. Melissa turned around and saw an expensive car held by Colin parking in a corner by the roadside slowly moving towards her.

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