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   Chapter 27 Slap

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As soon as Colin was about to leave, he heard an agitated shout from the filming group, "What's the noise? Is the play still on?"

Colin turned around and saw that it was Charles, a senior actor of the strength faction, who stepped forward and interrupted the director and Sophia's scolding of Melissa. He said impatiently, "Director Chen, if you don't want to shoot this play, release them as soon as possible. We, a large group of people, reserve time for you to scold. It doesn't matter until dawn, but you shouldn't refuse to shoot the play to drag everyone with you! "

Charles was also invited by director Chen. He was as precious as Sophia. The director dared not offend him, so he said, "Okay, okay, get started!"

Sophia was so angry that she didn't want to stop. Besides, she was just annoyed Charles had meddled in the matter of her and Melissa. This time, when she saw Charles show up again, how could she easily bow her head? Otherwise, she would really lose face, as if she was afraid of Charles. So she put her hands on her hips and said angrily, "What does you shoot? This new comer doesn't learn a lesson at all. If she doesn't be scolded, she will make mistakes again, which will waste everyone's time. "

At this time, the people around them also took things into consideration. They were very annoyed with the arrogant attitude of Sophia and her words meant that it would delay everyone's time. For a while, many actors and workers rolled their eyes, as if they were very dizzy of her, but no one dared to say anything about her.

Charles chuckled and said with a smile, "It seems that Sophia has a bad memory. I remember that Melissa is not a new comer. She was filming five years ago and you were her supporting role when she was the heroine. It's not your turn to teach her a lesson. And you just kept on NG for many times and no one said you. Why do you have to be so unreasonable this time? You want to scold Melissa to death? Sophia, the most important thing for a woman is to keep a beautiful face. If you lose your temper more than numerous times a day and become a fierce face, no one dares to ask you to act in the future! "

"Charles, you just don't want to get along with me on purpose, do you?" Sophia was so furious that she pointed at Charles and yelled at him, regardless of his identity.

This move was really shocking, because in the entertainment industry there was a seniority. The younger generation generally had to bow to the senior, not to mention Charles was also a big name. It was unexpected that Sophia would offend the elder so recklessly. The onlookers murmured and even some of the small staff, two makeup artists, snickered that Sophia was really brainless.

Charles didn't get angry after being scolded. He still smiled and said, "I think Sophia is confused again. I called you so kindly and you even said that I couldn't get along with you. Didn't you wronged me?"

Sophia was so angry that she was about to lose her temper again, but the director was so afraid that he came up to separate them and would not let them quarrel at all. These two stars were like two Buddha and he could not afford to offend them in a small temple.

It was not easy to separate them from filming, but Sophia was no longer in the mood and her whole anger was on her face. She was unable to make the image of the innocent and lovely little princess in the play.

Sophia's acting was terrible. But the director didn't dare to offend her. He looked at the video and shook his head. Professional actors, no matter what kind of emotions they have, can put aside the emotions in real life and quickly enter the state of being in the film. But Sophia obviously can't. In addition, she is so irritable that any emotions are put on her face.

Director Chen almost forgot that Sophia was not a student of the formal acting university at all, but a student of dance from the

dance school, so she didn't learn to shoot at all. Over the years, she was only popular because of the big backstage she had hooked up with and the hidden rules hype was strong. But he didn't dare to bother her, so he let her do it.

This time Melissa did a good job and didn't embarrass Charles, because she knew that Charles had been protecting her all the time and she had to try her best not to cause trouble to the senior, so she took the film very seriously. But it was going well, waiting for the time when Sophia said the lines.

Sophia was questioning the prisoner, crying and questioning, with a look of righteous indignation, which was originally the content of the play. But Sophia was crying and suddenly rushed out and slapped heavily on the face of Melissa. The people around her were stunned and couldn't react with their eyes wide open.

Melissa was also stunned, staring at Sophia, almost forgetting that it was in the play.

After the fight, Sophia continued to act, "You are a female prisoner. Do you know what kind of consequences will be caused to the people if you hijack the official bank? You are a heartless bitch. If I don't deal with you today, it's impossible! "

"Stop!" The director stopped and hurried up to say, "What's going on? There is no beating in the script. Why is Sophia like this? "

When hearing the slap outside the film set, Ling Shuyang, who was about to leave, turned around and saw Mi Xiya slap Shen Qingyan. The slap was so hard that Shen Qingyan's face was red and swollen. Colin's face suddenly turned cold and his thin lips tightly closed, as if he was holding back some emotions.

Quintin looked at him carefully, but he didn't dare to ask. He trembled when he saw the way that Colin didn't show his angry.

Sophia said first, "When you are in a state, you can't control yourself. Just now I are too excited, I can't help beating a female prisoner. T female prisoner is too bad!"

Charles had lost his patience. He held his forehead and said to the director coldly, "Director Chen, you should deal with today's affairs as soon as possible. If tonight..." He looked at the watch hidden under the wide sleeve of the ancient costume and said, "The play hasn't been finished before 3 o'clock in the morning, so you don't want to cooperate with me from this TV play! I mean it! Don't blame me for not showing you mercy!" Charles said seriously and indifferently, as if it was true. Because the play was constantly ng. He had lost his patience, mainly for the cooperation with Sophia.

When the other actors saw that Charles had spoken first, they also bravely followed him and shouted, "What's going on? What's going on? When can we shoot it well?"

When the director heard Charles's words, he was also terrified. Seeing that everyone was making a scene and he also saw that the situation was not good, he hurriedly advised Sophia, but Sophia shouted, "Am I wrong to hit someone accidentally when I'm deep in the play? Why do you look like I did something wrong? "

Seeing that the director and Sophia were at loggerheads, Melissa held back for a while and finally stood up and said, "Director, don't worry. I'll let her slap. If changing the script in this way can better reflect the art of the play, then let her beat me. It's very late now. Let's hurry up. I won't complain no matter how many times I've been beaten." As Melissa spoke, she took a deep breath and looked at Sophia as if she had made up her mind to put up with it.

Although she knew that Sophia was trying to insult and vent her anger on purpose, what could she do? In this situation, she had no backstage, as well as offended both Colin and Sophia. If she couldn't bear it, she will be suppressed for the rest of her life. But she would remember what she had done to her today. She would endure and work hard and she would pay back double when she surpassed Sophia one day!

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