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   Chapter 26 Teach Lessons

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The play was shot by Melissa, Sophia, the senior and a few young actors. Three ordinary people were kneeling on the ground at the mansion of the county magistrate. Melissa was one of them. There sat the senior Charles who acted the Lord of the government, thunder. The princess played by Sophia was standing next to and watching. There were also several handsome men who played some rich generations of officials. In a word, they were here to interrogate the criminal.

When everything was ready, the director called out to them, "Get ready…… One, two, three, get started! " Then everyone started to film.

Charles pounded the table and shouted, "You must admit your fault. The evidence is clear. Do you have any problem? You should plead the guilty now!"

The leader of the prisoners including Melissa called out with tears, "My Lord! I'm innocent!" She cried out as soon as she spoke, looking as if she had been wronged.

When Melissa was at the university, she had been the fastest one to get into the film scene. She could act as long as she wanted to and she would cry out whenever she wanted to. No one was better than her in this aspect. Sophia's eyes widened when she saw that Melissa could cry at any time. But somehow, she suddenly burst into laughter.

Seeing Sophia's behavior, the director had no choice but to call quit shooting. The crowd immediately became restless. The play was still on the verge of breaking down. Melissa also had a good cry, but she was interrupted by Sophia's laughter. The director asked Sophia, "What are you laughing at?"

Sophia couldn't stop laughing. She pointed at Melissa and said, "She…… She was so exaggerating. This is just an interrogation and she is guilty. How could she look so wronged and cry! "

Charles rubbed his forehead anxiously as if he could do nothing to her and didn't want to explain anything more.

The director had to explain, "The woman in the plot we shot is very cunning. Even if she was truly guilty, she would pretend to be very aggrieved once she was convicted. Melissa did a good job just now, didn't she?"

"Do you mean that I am wrong?" Sophia immediately regained her composure. She didn't want to admit her mistakes.

It seemed that she was going to get angry and didn't dare to offend her. He immediately replied, "No…… You don't…… You did a good job. Let's go on. Don't bother the schedule again. It's late now. If we can't shoot this scene smoothly, we can't finish our work and go to bed, right? "

After comforting Sophia the director announced with a loud speaker, "Everyone, go back to your original place and continue to shoot!"

The shooting continued. But every time Melissa cried, Sophia would burst into laughter and she would kept the scene quit, which had upset quite a few actors after.

Charles revealed a fake smile and said to Sophia, "I found that you laugh a lot different from others. You're the only one who laughing when everyone thinks it's boring."

Sophia was still laughing out loud. It was normal for her. But she soon realized its mockery when she took a deep thought at the words the senior said. And she was about to retort him. The director, who was afraid of being messy, quickly came out to mediate. "All right. Everyone is ready. Let's continue shooting. This is the last time to shoot. Strive for it once and don't have a pause anymore. We've shot five or six of them, but we haven't gone through it yet. Everyone is very tired, right? "

Sophia had to hold back her temper. She glared at Charles and said nothing.

It seemed that Sophia had just been choked by Charles and she was not in the mood to make fun of the show. However, when sh

e was shooting, the director called them quit. …… Everyone was puzzled, including Sophia.

The director came up aggressively and scolded Melissa, "Melissa, do you know how to play? Or is your soul wandering outside? Look at the expression on your face. Do you look like you have been interrogated as a prisoner? Or you just came back from eating shit? "

The director scolded her in a terrible way. His attitude to Sophia was totally different. He had a smile on his face and tried to make an apology to Sophia. But this time, he had just scolded Melissa.

But this time it was indeed Melissa's fault. She was supposed to cry. At the beginning, she cried a few times, but after being destroyed by Sophia again and again. Her well prepared mood was constantly interrupted, which made her unable to completely fall into condition. Even just now, she couldn't cry out. It was impossible for people to cry five or six times in a row and she couldn't cry out. All in all, her condition had been completely destroyed by Sophia, so she couldn't get into the scene, which caused her trouble in acting just now. She had got rebuked by the director of the filming. She didn't know how to respond, so she lowered her head and said, "The director gives me one more chance. I'll seize the next chance to avoid trouble."

She said sincerely, but Sophia was enraged. She pointed at her and scolded, "Who do you think you are? A super star? We've already had quitted for five or six times and we've been very tired. Also we want to get back to our room as early as possible for the last time. However, you screw it, too. Let's see the look on your face just now. Do you know whether you're good at acting? Why are you here? Don't waste time here."

It was obvious that Sophia had completely forgotten who had ng for 5 or 6 times. So she was ashamed to scold Melissa for disturbing everyone's rest. But Melissa didn't dare to disobey Sophia. After being forced by Sophia to apologize to her once, she had already realized that it was not wise to offend her and she didn't want to disobey her either. So she didn't dare to fight back and had to swallow the insult.

The director and Sophia cursed in turns. Both had no mercy. Clenching her fists on her knees, Melissa put up with it.

On the other hand, Colin was standing far away from them. His face couldn't be seen clearly because of the sunglasses. Therefore, Quintin, his secretary, asked him, "Boss, should I get involved in it?" Seeing Melissa being bullied, Quintin wanted to help her. He knew that Melissa and Colin stayed together for five years and Colin had a special feeling to Melissa. So he wanted to know Colin's attitude.

As a result, Colin's phone rang. He didn't reply, instead, he slowly took up the phone and said, "Hello..." He said in a low voice, making it hard for others to guess his attitude. After answering lazily for a few seconds, Colin hung up the phone. Then he said to Quintin, "Get my car ready. I need to go back to the company."

Quintin hesitated to say, "Mr. Colin, Melissa is..."

"Didn't you hear me?" Colin stared at him coldly. His attitude made it sound like he wanted to devour Quintin to death.

For a moment, Quintin didn't dare to contradict him, so he responded submissively, "Yes…… I am to get the car ready. "

Colin added lazily and coldly, "You don't need to remind me of this woman. She deserves to learn her lesson. Otherwise, she don't know who the mastermind is."

Quintin trembled with fear. He thought Colin was cold, as Melissa had been taught a lot of lessons recently. Reluctant as he was, he didn't dare to make a retort. In a humble voice, he said, "Yes..."

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