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   Chapter 25 Senior

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Melissa knew that Colin tried to make her embarrassed, but she didn't expect that he would be so heartless to her. Colin sat there motionless, watching her being humiliated, and a faint smile appeared on his face. Melissa passed by him, but she would rather clench her fists than look at him, let alone let him see her sad face.

At the same time, she swore fiercely in her heart that she would let those down who had bullied her and looked down on her and she would never be down forever. In the future, she would take revenge on them for what they had done to her!

Colin forced a smile as he gazed at Melissa walking past him. Despite as she was sad, she was unwilling to have a look at him. Though there was a moment he felt sorry for that, he recovered from the felling soon.

Colin wanted to teach Melissa a lesson. He had always been so nice to her that she had no idea what a big world she was in. He just let her run around for a while. When she was cornered, she would come back to him obediently. Thinking of this, he smiled lightly.

At the same time, all the things had been watched by Sophia while she fixing her make-up. She stared at Melissa maliciously and finally knew what was going on in Colin's heart. Although the woman was claimed to be an abandoned woman from Colin words, it was obvious that he still cared about that woman. It was obvious that Melissa was still in his heart. And she wouldn't let Melissa off either. The bitch who tried to steal her man wouldn't come to a good end. Melissa used to draw Eric's attention and now she wanted to get Colin back. No way!

Sophia was vexed. She told the make-up artist, "You don't need to put on any makeup now. Go and ask Melissa to put on make-up. We're going to shoot."

The dresser was so terror stricken that she didn't dare to offend the famous star. She nodded quickly and called for Melissa to put on makeup.

Melissa first dressed herself in the prison uniform and then went to the makeups room placed on the temporary stage to re fix her make-up. This time, her hair was in a mess and her face was dirty in order to look like a prisoner.

Melissa stared at herself in the mirror, wondering whether her acting was worth it or not. Everyone knew that every female star earned her reputation by her face. It was easy to remember her face because of her beautiful face. Although her single organ was not perfect, she was a great beauty together. Many people would be amazed by her beauty when she played the leading role of The Empress Woman originally. Five years had passed and many people still remembered her face on the Internet. Her pictures of ancient costume were spread everywhere. Many people said that she was the most beautiful female star in the costume.

But now in this play, the number of scenes was less and the play almost couldn't show her face. Even if she did, she would be a dirty female prisoner. How could she be beautiful? If she was not beautiful, then what was the meaning of her act?

But she couldn't give up. Without backstage support and suppression made by Colin, she could only try to make herself familiar by these small characters, at least perform continuously. No matter it was a little maid or a female killer, all she needed to do was to let the audience remember her. Melissa clenched her fists. She had to endure it, no matter how small the role she played. As long as she endured it step by step, she wouldn't believe that she couldn't pull it through!

All of a sudden, the makeup artist said, "The makeup is done. Melissa, you may leave now. I have to make up for the next actress!"

The sound on brought her back to her senses. Melissa nodded and left the room. She was an actress, so she didn't have any makeup artist around her. The dre

ssers all worked for common actors, so her makeup only took a few minutes to dress up. How good was her makeup?

With messy hair and white prison uniform, Melissa walked out of the room. Sophia had also put on makeup and changed into the costume of ancient style. She was playing a willful princess in the play. Her look was very beautiful and gorgeous. None of the actors in the crew was as exquisite as her dress and makeup. When she saw Melissa come out, she couldn't help but laugh, covering her mouth and bending over her waist. "Ha-ha, Ha-ha. Ice Hua was the most ancient beauty, but how did Ice Hua end up like this? Isn't she exceedingly beautiful? Do you think you can do anything you want? Ha-ha, Ha-ha! "

"Even if she is not exceedingly gorgeous, she still has a good look!" Suddenly an old man came over, holding a teacup in his hand. He, aged at more than 40, named Charles Sun, was a famous actor in the entertainment circle. He acted as the leading actor as the government officer in this play. Many people in the casting group respected him. He looked at Melissa and said, "You still have a beautiful face even in a prison!"

Melissa wondered whether he was on her side.

However, Sophia was not happy. She said, "She's pretty. I don't think she'll look good in front of the camera with that dirty face!"

The old man sneered. He looked at Sophia and said, "No matter if she is good-looking or not, she must be in good shape and she is the original version. How tall are you?"

Sophia was 165cm tall and she still had a plastic surgery. Her face was about to become stiff. Melissa was 172cm tall had practiced dance with the violinist's mother since childhood. She had a good figure and a beautiful face. That was why Sophia was angry. It was obvious that the old man was teasing her, so Sophia was about to lose her temper.

But before she burst out, the old man patted her shoulder and said with a smile, "All right, Sophia. I just kidding. Don't take it so seriously. The whole crew is waiting for us to finish the shooting. If you want to finish the work early today, you'd better begin to shoot."

When Sophia saw the old man talk to her with a pleasant tone, she suddenly contained her temper. Moreover, the old man had been in the circle for so many years. She was older than her and had more connections than her. Especially in the aspect of the director and producer, he had a lot of connections. Even though Sophia was very famous and had a strong background, she didn't dare to offend the old man. Thus, she endured and coldly shouted, "Let's get started" Then she left angrily.

It was then that Melissa realized that the old man was helping her. She said to him in a low voice, "Thank you, Charles!"

Charles Sun walked up to her, patted her on the shoulder and said, "It's difficult for a new comer to shoot a movie. I think you have a gift for it. Come on, you will have a bright future!"

Hearing Charles Sun's words, for some inexplicable reason, Melissa's eyes were filled with tears and almost cried. It turned out that not everyone in the casting group was so cold. There were some good people in the crew. For example, Charles Sun did not look down on her, but helped her, didn't he?

When the senior saw that she was so moved that she was about to shed tears, he patted her and said, "Be strong. Only a strong person can be strong!" Then he turned around and left.

Melissa lowered her head and held back her tears. Then she followed the old man to the filming group, preparing for the night trial. But what she didn't expect was that Sophia, who had always been competitive, had just been ridiculed by the senior. How could she let go of Melissa so easily? Therefore, what was waiting for Melissa would be a crueler test.

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