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   Chapter 24 Humiliation

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Melissa had no appetite in the first place. She had been hung up by the wires for several hours today and the food turned cold. So she had little appetite and was unable to eat. What's more, she couldn't eat at all bothered by Colin and Sophia.

What Colin did today not only made her sad, but also disgusted. She hated such a man who didn't take women seriously and immediately had an affair with other women. In fact, he had been having other mistresses for five years and Melissa knew it. She never cared about it, because she was only one of his women and had no right to care about him. But she had been the unchanged one all the time. No matter how many women he had chosen, he would never leave her. This time, the case was different. As long as their contract was due, was Colin anxious to find another woman to substitute for her?

What was the difference between this kind of man and an animal?

Throwing down the chopsticks fiercely, Melissa wiped the dirty and messy cosmetics on her face with a tissue. She planned to go to the room to change back her clothes and then wash her face before going back. However, before she reached the door, she saw a little assistant hurriedly pushing the door in. It was that assistant who worked for Sophia. The assistant told her, "Melissa, the director wants to see you."

Melissa was surprised. She didn't know why the director wanted to meet her. Why did he ask her with Sophia's assistant instead of someone around the director? So she asked, "What's the matter?"

The assistant replied, "I don't know. Melissa, please come and have a look."

Melissa glanced at her from head to toe. She assumed that this assistant was a newcomer and had a simple mind and wouldn't fool her. So she nodded and left. However, when she walked near the director, she saw Sophia stayed with the director. The director seemed to be explaining something to her and she listened with her arms over her chest. Her expression was always with inexplicable arrogance. Not far away from them, Colin was sitting on a chair and drinking coffee leisurely, perhaps waiting for Sophia, or watching their show.

Melissa was a little confused to see this. Sophia was here and she was found to come out. So did it have anything to do with Sophia? She walked to the director and asked with concern, "Director, are you looking for me?"

Seeing her coming, Sophia rolled her eyes and looked away disdainfully. When the director saw her coming, he said, "Oh, Melissa, because of Sophia's schedule, your filming has to be finished tonight. Would you like to check it out?"

Melissa glanced at Sophia and said, "But the interrogation process and the beheaded part were supposed to be taken during the day, right? In the evening…… Could they was taken a scene? We didn't cut off their heads at night in ancient times, did we? "

"We can have interrogate part at night. As for the part where you cut your head, we have decided to cancel it because of the time of the movie, so you don't have to shoot it!"

Hearing this, Melissa almost jumped up with anger, but she held back her temper, "Director, I have only three scenes in this play: Stealing the official money, interrogation and cut off a head. When it comes to three to four scenes, this one is no different from other actors from crowd."

"Can I just add a scene to it?" Sophia suddenly said. Her face looked very arrogant, as if she was giving the charity to her. Then she turned to the director and said, "Director, you arrange for her to act the night trial a little longer."

The director got a little dissatisfied and said, "How can I do that? The one episode lasts over forty minutes. Because you, known as Sophia, has specially added the shooting schedule, we have to cut off the cut of other actors and actresses. But you asked us to raise the shooting schedule. So there is no time for us to do that. "

Sophia smiled coldly and said, "I'll shoot the scenes of this night trial with her. You can add to the scene and shoot close ups for me at the same time. Is that okay?"


"But you was not present. Should we change the script now? That would ruin her original plan? It's bad to change the script!"

On hearing that, Sophia was not happy. She threw a sideways glance at the director and said, "Director, you can't say that. When you invited me, you promised that I would do whatever I want. Do you think I'll come here without your promise? Do you think I, as known as Sophia, am going to take this play? Do you know how many popular TV se

ries I, known as Sophia, can shoot in one month? I don't want to waste time on you. "

When the director heard that Sophia was eloquent like this, the director was also scared. It was true that he couldn't offend her. Seeing that how popular she was and how powerful her backstage was, he couldn't offend her. Seeing that the strongest person in the entertainment circle was still sitting in the back, he didn't dare to offend her. So he said eagerly, "Okay, okay. Sophia, you can shoot as you like! I'll go and ask the scriptwriter and movie service to change the scripts and scenes. We'll play the night trial soon. "

Hearing the director's words, Sophia was finally happy. She turned around to Melissa, raised her eyebrows and said haughtily, "How is it? Should you thank me? I have added your scenes! "

Melissa said coldly, "I'll act in three scenes in this play. If you cut me and now you add it, it won't be much. Why should I thank you?"

Sophia intended to humiliate Melissa, making her realize her humble status. Without her help, she could be nothing in this play. But now that Melissa didn't appreciate it, she was unhappy. So she raised her eyebrows and said in a high voice, "Well, aren't you happy that I make a stand up for you? Believe it or not, I will tell the director to change you and chop off all your plays so that you can get out of here immediately. "

Melissa stared at her in silence. Her lips were pressed into a line.

Sophia was pissed off. She pointed at Melissa, swayed her head down, and yelled humiliatingly, "Apologize! I'll make you apologize!"

Although Melissa said nothing, Sophia's loud voice had already attracted the attention of the whole crew and the staff around couldn't help but look at them. Sophia seemed to show off in public, but Melissa was embarrassed in public.

"Didn't you hear my words? Or I'll call the director to change you. " Sophia saw that everyone was looking at them, so she shouted more arrogantly. She wanted to force Melissa to apologize to her and embarrass Melissa.

Clenching his fists, Melissa asked coldly, "Excuse me, what did I do to apologize to you?"

"You offended me just now and you have to apologize!" Sophia was still swollen with arrogance.

At this time, many people stopped and looked at them. As long as people around could see them, Melissa felt ashamed, but Sophia still didn't let her go and behave aggressively.

At this moment, Melissa noticed that Colin was sitting not far away from them with his arms on the armrest and his fingers crossed on his belly. He wore sunglasses, so it was hard to see his face. But from his position, he should have been looking in the direction of them. And at the same time, he smiled coldly, as if he didn't care about her at all, sitting there leisurely. And he was even willing to watch and watch her being humiliated.

Seeing what Colin did, Melissa was even more angry and sad. It turned out that he didn't want to help her anymore. He even was willing to watch Sophia insult her and teach her a lesson for him? The more she be treated like that, the more obstinate she was. The more uncomfortable life she lived, the more unwilling she was to give in to Colin!

Sophia shouted again, "Apologize! Didn't you hear that?"

Melissa clenched her fists. She really wanted to scold Sophia and leave with her dignity. She really wanted to do this. She would rather keep her dignity than have no food. But what about the consequences? If she did, she would offend both Colin and Sophia. Sophia had a wide range of contacts, so she would have no chance to act in the future. She would be ashamed to make Colin laugh at her and laugh at her if she left!

Melissa had endured this for a long time. She had even clenched her fists so hard that she pinched her fingernails into the flesh, causing a sharp pain. But in the end, she had finally made up her mind to practice hard to endure hardships. So without any self-esteem, she bowed her head and whispered to Sophia, "I'm sorry!"

"Speak louder! I can't hear you!"

Melissa clenched her fists more tightly. She breathed slowly and said loudly again, "Sophia, I'm sorry. It's all my fault. I shouldn't have offended you."

"Well, that's better. Useless fool, you dare to offend me. You are far from being satisfied!" Sophia was finally satisfied. She didn't leave until she scolded her a few more times.

Standing in the middle of the crowd, Melissa bowed her head and finally burst into tears. She left resolutely without a glance at Colin.

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