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   Chapter 22 Filming (Part Two)

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No lines! There was not even a line. It was not a big deal that the scenes was short. This time there was not even a line. Biting her lower lip and clenching her fists, Melissa decided to put up with it. She would remember this: One day, she would try her best to get to the top of the society and let those people see her! Then she went to the makeup mirror silently for the dresser.

In fact, Melissa had been mentally prepared for being thrown in low status, but she didn't expect that she would not be in such a humble rank. During her shooting, she had been a female rogue, so she had to drag and swing wire behind her back. In short, most of her body was hung in the air as if she were a commodity.

It was part of the scenes of robbing the official money. The scene was chaotic when the scoundrels came together. There were so many people, and some of them were always in trouble. Either one of them had a problem, or the other one had a problem. There were always having troubles in the filming site. So the scenes of the play had been shot back and forth for countless times, and even Melissa had been thrown back and forth on the steel wire.

In a word, after hung for one or two hours, she was already unable to bear it. Her eyes were dazzling and her abdomen was tumbling. It seemed that she could not bear it anymore.

When it was time for lunch, the machine was not working. It was so troublesome that Melissa was hung in the air. What terrible.

The director called for help, but it was until lunch time. People came one after another to eat. The technician who had come to solve the problem of the machine worked for a while, but couldn't find a way to do it. Seeing all the dishes had been taken away, the technician said to Melissa who was hung in midair, "Little girl, we can't do anything now. The wire can't be removed now. Why don't you just wait a little longer? Let's just wait for it. The outside department has gone to get a thick cushion and a big hammer and then cut the steel wire to save you. Let's go for lunch! "

Another man even said, "Anyway, you've been hung up for a whole morning. It must be difficult and actors and actresses have to suffer, so just hang on a little longer!" With these words, several technician took off their gloves and went to wash their hands. Then they rushed to have lunch.

All people in the crew had dinner. Only Melissa was still hung in the air. She shouted, "Hello, master worker…… Master worker... " But they were busy with their dinner now and no one didn't want to listen to her.

That was how things worked in the film crew. If you didn't have a powerful background, you would be bullied. If the person hanged up now was a supe

r star, nobody would dare to have dinner without a super star rescuing. But now the person hanged up now was not a super star, but a powerless Melissa. Nobody would care about her?

Melissa didn't know why she suddenly burst into tears. Tears fell down silently. She had been hung in the air for three hours. It took the team three hours to find tools to rescue her.

As soon as she was saved, she felt like her internal organs were about to be turned upside down by the steel wire. She leaned against the wall and threw up for a while. She felt so uncomfortable that her face was even pale.

The director asked, "Can you still shoot? Why don't you go back and have a rest? I'll find an actress from crowd to substitute for you. There are a group of actors waiting outside!"

Melissa clenched her fists and said, "No need to make a substitute, I can do it. Give me two minutes to rest, I can do it!"

The director said scornfully, "Ha, you come out to act in such a bad body. How can you hold up my work?" Then he left.

Leaning against the wall, Melissa felt aggrieved and sour. She blinked and forced her tears out and wiped them out. Then she stopped crying and went back to the film set without lunch.

This time she had been hanging on the wire for an hour. By around 3:00 p.m., they finally managed to shoot the scene of robbing the official money. She could finally have a rest today and then continue to shoot the interrogation and chop head scenes tomorrow. She would finish the shooting in this play.

At this time, Melissa was taking a rest in the backstage. She was sitting on the chair in the corner and ate the remaining cold food. Looking at herself in the mirror not far away from the mansion, she found that she looked like a mess with her face dirty. Her makeup was messed up a few hours ago. Her ancient costume had several holes and some dyed blood on it. In a word, it was very dirty and messy. It was difficult to see the beauty of her.

She chewed the cold and tasteless rice and couldn't help but burst into tears. She had never been wronged in such a long time, but today she was really tired. The people in the crew refused to help her and ignored her, so she just hung in the air for a few hours under the sun. Everyone was absorbed in eating and didn't care about her life or death. The director even criticized her for her poor health.

The more she thought about it, the sadder she felt, so she couldn't help crying! Melissa lowered her head and wailed. Then she saw a pair of leather shoes in front of her. The shoes were made of expensive leather. It was eye-catching.

As she looked up, she saw Colin with his hands in his pockets, looking at her coldly.

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