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   Chapter 18 Intimate Moment

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Melissa was drowned by the sewage. She stood in the middle of the road, looking at the luxury car of Colin. At the same time, she was a little upset. After all, she was only a stranger to him after they stayed together all these years. She even didn't compare with the dead one. Did she outweigh herself? She thought they should have feelings for each other after these years. But from what happened just now, Colin didn't treat her as a human at all, so he hit her so easily and made her become a drowned rat.

At the thought of this, Melissa forced a smile, mocking herself as well as Colin and the time they spent for five years. It was good, wasn't it? As long as he was bored of her and was willing to let her go, she could do what she wanted to do.

She was too stupid to be taken in his arms when she had no choice. And as a result, she was banished from the entertainment industry, including her reputation, her job, and even her dignity. It seemed that she was a simple minded woman. How could she make good use of Colin? Did she think she could get away with this as long as she made use of him? So far, she was still the biggest loser. She had lost her reputation. Once he kicked her away, it would be difficult for her to continue to live well.

But now, things had changed. She wouldn't beg him to help her again. Since Melissa had made the first mistake, she wouldn't do it again. She had to rely on herself this time. She believed that she would succeed without him. She would stand at the top of the world and look down upon him one day and sarcastically said that she would succeed even without him!

Thinking about that, Melissa pursed her lips into a thin line, as if she would endure all the humiliation. And then she walked down the street.

It was cold at night, especially when it was raining. She just wore a sleeveless dress with her arms and legs exposed. It was even colder when the wind blew. She didn't know why she cried, but she just couldn't help crying. It was bitter in her heart. She didn't know if she was right to do this. Five years had passed, but she got nothing!

Melissa stood in the middle of the street, crying. Passers-by made glances at her secretly. Some might think she looked familiar, while others pitied her. They wondered why a woman who was dirty and shabby all over, was crying on the street.

At the same time, a cool black car slowly stopped beside her. A tall man with a pair of sunglasses stepped out of the car. He was dressed in a fashionable and modern style and his temperament was outstanding. As soon as he got out of the car, someone could tell that he was not an ordinary person.

Two girls stopped in the distance and looked at him blankly. Then a girl suddenly screamed and her eyes lit up in surprise.

Attracted by the shouts of the two girls, Melissa looked at them and found they were staring at this way. Then she found a white tissue given by someone.

Melissa looked up along the tissue and saw the tall, big man looking at her through the sunglasses. He was handsome with a roman nose and a beautiful jaw. He was definitely outstanding.

He said to her lightly, "Wipe your tears!"

He looked familiar to Melissa and she just watched him. But there were more and more passers-by at a short distance behind them. People were staring at them. Some girls even guessed secretly, "Is he Eric? Is it him? " "How could it be? Why is he here?" "But he resembles Eric. I'm sure it's him." "I think so..." Public opinions are divergent.

Melissa felt stunned and stared at him for a few seconds before asking, "Are you Eric?"

He responded with a smile. His typical fake smile revealed his identity, because only Eric could make him smile in s

uch a way.

The fans finally knew it was Eric. Many of them screamed, "Ah! Eric!" Eric! ! !


Ah! "Ah!" Then a group of people ran over and yelled, "Eric!" Eric!

As soon as Eric looked at this situation, he ran away with Melissa's hand. He got in his agent's car and took Melissa away from the crowd's chase and cameras, leaving only the girls who were shrieking and making the ambiguous sounds with their mobile phones.

They didn't know that at the moment when Eric's car drove, Colin came back. But it was a little slower than Eric, so he could only stop in a distance watching Eric get off the car, watching him give a piece of tissue to Melissa and then they fled under the screams of passers-by.

What a romantic scene it was! Eric repeated visit to Melissa was interesting! Colin's eyes were filled with coldness. He stared coldly at the cars leaving and suddenly gave a snort. He intended to turn the steering wheel to back up and leave by another road. But he didn't know why he felt unconvinced. He slowly drove his car and followed them.

He thought he should have an investigation into Eric. He should admire his woman! Melissa belonged to Colin!

It was not until Melissa got into the car and drove a long way away that she realized what had just happened. She felt that the scene was too chaotic. When she was at her downfall, it was as if the prince came from the heaven and took her away the most disgraceful place. Besides, the prince was not someone else, but the film king Eric, who had cooperated with her before. He, known as Eric, was the popular male star and had been chased by millions of women and became the dream lover in the entertainment circle.

Then Melissa turned to look at Eric and asked, "Why are you here?"

With a faint smile, Eric said, "I happened to pass by. Seeing you crying for unknown reasons, I stopped and took you away." His voice was so soft that it seemed to melt into Melissa's heart and make her down and out. He asked again, "Why are you crying?" He stretched out another tissue and wanted to wipe the stains on her face.

But Melissa thought it was too intimate, so she lowered her head to wipe herself and kept him away. She wiped it away and said lightly, "It doesn't matter. Sometimes I will cry when I think too much."

Eric laughed, "You are a sensitive person, but your face..." Eric was startled and grabbed her hand and asked, "What's wrong with your face? How did it come to this? "

Melissa stared at him blankly. Then she realized that she had been shot by Colin.

Frowning, Eric asked, "Who did this? Why did he hit you so hard? Doesn't he know women can't be beaten? Let alone you How could he do that? "

Melissa refused to let him see it, so she tried to get away from him with saying, "Nothing..."

"Who did this?"

"Stop asking!" Melissa broke free from his grip. She lowered her head and said coldly. She didn't want to talk to him and didn't want to talk too much.

Eric asked, "Was it your boss?"

This time, Melissa didn't say anything. After a long pause, she said, "Don't ask. There's nothing to talk about."

After a long silence, Eric held her hand and said, "Fine, if you don't want to talk about it, I won't force you. But your face can't just sit by and watch. You can go to my hotel to take a shower. By the way, I'll ask my private doctor to wipe the ointment on your skin and make sure that there won't be any scar left. Otherwise, how can you play your role in the future?"

Melissa looked at him and found that he held her hands naturally. Then he looked up into his eyes sincerely, not knowing what to say. He felt that Eric treated her well…… There were a lot of feelings that no one could tell……

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