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   Chapter 14 Boyfriend

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"It is……" Melissa was in hesitation. At this moment, her phone rang. She immediately found an excuse and said, "Mom, I'll take this call." Then she walked aside to pick up the phone.

"Hello," she said. It was Colin. She heard him asking in a low voice, "Where are you now?"

Melissa herself was startled. She hadn't heard his voice for a month. She had been relaxed for a while. Then the devil appeared again and came to supervise her. She looked at her mother, turned around and walked a few steps away. Then she whispered, "I'm at home now. Don't worry. I won't play hard. I'll go back to your home at night. Just give me some time during the day, okay? Just during the day! " Melissa begged him again and again and afraid that he would call her back.

Colin said scornfully, "You don't have to go back. I've already driven into your housing area and I'll arrive at your house very soon. Come and pick me up."

Melissa was surprised. She couldn't help but shout, "What? You are here! "

Melissa's mother was shocked by the voice. She looked over with doubt.

Melissa turned around to have a look. She was afraid that her mother suspected her and whispered, "Why do you come here? You'd better not come! "

Hearing that, Colin sneered, "Well, you don't want me to go to your house, do you?"

Melissa didn't know how to reply. In fact, she didn't want Colin to come, because it was too troublesome for her. After all, his parents were sophisticated people, especially her mother who was an expert in music and had a lot of contact with people in the entertainment industry. What if her mother recognized him and found that she had such a famous boyfriend? Would her mother trust this? In addition, Colin was involved in the scandals. Perhaps, her mother had heard about it. If she saw them together, she might be suspicious of their relationship. She didn't know Colin would come to her house. He had never been here before. So she was worried.

Melissa had a thought and said, "We live in two different world. Why do we have to interfere with each other? Don't you think so?"

Colin's voice suddenly turned cold and said, "Do you mention we are from different world?" Melissa, you should know what's going on. Don't forget that I bought this house and I also paid for your father's illness. Can't I come and visit? Or you don't want me to meet your parents at all? Do you have a guilty conscience? "Ha……"

Melissa's mother noticed the strange look on Melissa's face. She could not help asking, "What's wrong, Melissa? Who's that? Is someone coming to our house? "

Melissa quickly turned around and said, "Mom, no!" Then she turned to Colin and continued, "Colin, I'm not available now, but I have to make it clear to you. When we signed the contract, we said that no matter what happened, you couldn't affect my parents. No matter how I humbled myself and tolerated you, but I can't agree with it. Although you are the mastermind, you should keep your word. We have a contract, haven't we? " Melissa was unhappy but had a hard refuse.

Colin sneered, "Ha……" He didn't seem to be very satisfied and a little resentful, so he said, "What if I don't keep the

contract? "Melissa, what do you think you can do to me?" Well, I'm almost at your home. Are you going to pick me up, or do you want me to open the door myself? " He hang up, leaving no time for Melissa to answer.

Melissa was worried. She looked out of the window and saw the luxurious car which belonged to Colin. She got panicked at the sight of it. If he had the key to enter her house by himself, her parents would doubt the owner of the house and their relationship between her and Colin. She said to her mother, "Mom, one of my friends is coming. I'm going to pick him up."

Melissa's mother was confused, "Which friend?"

Melissa said, "An ordinary friend. You will know when you see him." Then she rushed downstairs. Then she walked to the gate of her own house. As Colin's car was approaching, it whistled.

Melissa opened the door to dash out, stopped him in the middle of the road, and knocked hard on the door.

Colin rolled down the window and stared at her with a cold smile.

Melissa was furious and said, "You broke your promise, Colin!"

Then Colin ignored her and opened the door and got off.

Then Melissa shouted with low voice, "Colin, what do you want?"

Colin looked at her in a condescending manner and said, "Are you going to quarrel with me here and let your parents know how you greeted your boyfriend?"

"Boyfriend…… A boyfriend? " Melissa turned around and saw his mother looking at them from the balcony on the second floor.

After Colin finished, he took several gift boxes from the car and walked in.

Melissa shouted, "Colin!" Seeing that he didn't stop, she was angry and upset. She could only follow his steps and forcibly pulled his sleeve and whispered, "Follow my arrangement later. You can't talk nonsense. Can you do me a favor? " She had no choice but to beg him.

So Colin turned around and stared at her with evil eyes, "You beg me, don't you! If you beg me, I will stop. "

"Well, I'm begging you. You can do whatever you want when we get back. But you have to listen to me here. Don't talk nonsense here! I beg you! "

"Okay!" Colin finally agreed, but there was a bad idea in his mind. The woman was trying to get rid of him. The more she wanted to get rid of him, the more he didn't want her to do as she wished. He would create chaos when she tried to pretend to be calm. She was too stubborn to humble herself to please him. This time he decided to let her beg him!

They walked into the house together. Melissa's father Paul and her mother Jenny were waiting for them in the living room. When Jenny saw them, she smiled politely and asked, "Jenny, is this your friend?" Paul gazed at Colin as if he had found something.

Feeling it was time for her to say something, Melissa smiled and said, "Well…… Mom, Dad, this is my work... "

"Uncle Paul and aunt Jenny, nice to meet you. I'm Melissa's boyfriend!" But Colin caught the chance to introduce himself before Melissa hadn't finished her words.

"Boyfriend?" Paul and Jenny were shocked as they listened to Colin's words, especially Paul, a composed man.

Melissa glared at Colin, as if she wanted to tear him to pieces! He broke the contract!

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