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   Chapter 13 Gossips

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The next day, all kinds of news at the scene of the award ceremony were immediately spread in different major newspapers, among which the news of Eric's winning was the most popular almost in the main places. At the same time, there was news taken secretly by paparazzi, which attracted the attention of everyone. It was Eric and a female star with high cut hair and white evening gown who held each other in the dark night. Three photos were taken. One was taken when Eric was kissing a mysterious woman and the other was taken when Eric was holding a Melissa's hand. But at that time, Melissa's back just was seen. When the third photo was taken, people could see clearly that the woman was Melissa while smoking. At the very moment she turned head around, she was taken pictures of the paparazzi. And Eric was standing behind her. He frowned and seemed to be very dissatisfied.

From the three pictures, many people had guessed that the woman who was kissed by Eric was actually Melissa, because the first photo was too blurry. Only a woman in a white evening dress could be seen on the picture. No one knew who she was. And through the second and third photos, Eric had made contact with Melissa, so everyone believed that the female star who had kissed with Eric was exactly Melissa.

There were many gossips about Eric before. After the news came out, people in the city began to guess who the girl Eric had kissed and what her relationship with Eric was. Why did Eric kiss her? And he held her hand as if he was trying to ask her to stay.

Since Melissa's popularity was reduced, it was impossible to recognize her so soon. It was not until one day later that the people finally found out who she was. It was said that she was the woman who played the most popular ancient costume drama, The Empress Woman, with Eric when he just entered the entertainment circle. Many people dug out the newspapers and news of that year, trying to find clues. In the end, they figured out that they had been intimate with each other when they cooperated to shoot. Although five years had passed, they still contacted each other and they were constantly involved in the matter. The news was spread for a few days. Some people said that the mysterious girlfriend of Eric was Melissa.

Melissa had been neglected for five years, but she had become the focus of attention. The paparazzi had been stalking her for a while and all kinds of entertainment reporters had dug out her past.

When it came to this, Melissa felt helpless. A celebrity had a greatly influence on people, especially a super star like Eric. She only accidentally had a few words with him and the woman he kissed with was not her. However, she was soon regarded as his mysterious girlfriend and she was followed by paparazzi. That she bought a coat on the street hogged the newspaper headlines: "Eric's girlfriend went shopping alone. It seemed that she felt unhappy in the absence of Eric. Maybe they were broken up"

Melissa was so embarrassed. She just had a cold and had a fever that day, so she was in a poor mental condition. Then she looked dejected. So it was suspected that she had broken up with Eric. She admired the ability of the paparazzi and entertainment press to make up the story!

But Melissa didn't care about the news, no matter how much it would take. Because she and Eric wouldn't see each other again and she wouldn't go out to act. People might feel bored after there was no news for a while and then give up voluntarily. Therefore, she dressed up as normal and did what she should do, ignoring the paparazzi who followed her and took her pictures. As a female star before, she should have be

en accustomed to the life of being monitored, shouldn't she?

On the Saturday, Melissa was free. She planned to pay a visit to her father who was recovering from his illness, since Colin went out for a tour and no one would take notice of her.

All the itinerary was escorted by her private driver who was planned by Colin. When the car entered the rich area in the suburbs, the paparazzi were stopped outside. They were unable to enter again. For a moment Melissa felt much more relaxed. But tomorrow she guessed that she could probably see in the newspaper that Eric gave her a beautiful and rich house as a gift in the suburbs. Thinking of this, she couldn't help but taunt this. She thought it was ridiculous to distort the facts!

There were doctors taking care of her parents at home and nannies taking care of them. In short, they wouldn't let her parents suffer. Her parents were also puzzled by the money she had received. Melissa said that she found a job outside and the salary was high. Besides, she would borrow some money from the bank. But later her parents didn't believe her. They were afraid that she would do something bad. Melissa said that she had a boyfriend who was rich and she borrowed money from him. And she would repay the money. Later on, her parents asked her about her whereabouts. But she didn't give them the chance to ask. Every time she came back after a long time.

When she came back this time, her father was doing well and there was no sign of a relapse. He was very happy to see her. Although he was in a wheelchair, he made a plan to cook for Melissa because he knew his beloved daughter liked his food.

Melissa's mother was worried about her daughter. While her father and the nanny were cooking, she held her hand and asked, "Melissa, you have got a boyfriend. What's he like? Is he reliable?"

Seeing the concern in her mother's eyes, Melissa smiled and said, "He is good and reliable. Don't worry, mom." She once worked as an actress and was good at lying.

Melissa's mother looked sideways at her and didn't seem to believe her. She said, "Melissa, since our family has lagged behind, we have little desire. The only thing we worry about is you. You are our only daughter. We have been protecting you since childhood. I really don't want you to walk on the bad path in the future!"

Melissa held her hand and said, "Don't worry, Mommy. I'm a righteous woman and I won't do anything illegal. Haven't you known your daughter's character after all these years?"

Melissa's mother whispered, "You won't break the law, but we are afraid that you will ruin yourself. We don't know where you get such a large sum of money from. You have a boyfriend and borrowed money from him. I wondered that He is a good man or not. We are worried that you may meet some bad guy!"

Although Melissa smiled, her face was still dark. Did her parents still doubt her? Her relationship with Colin wasn't simple at all. It was indecent. If she told them, her parents might break down. That was why Melissa didn't tell them about Colin. After all, Colin was a famous man. They would know his identity through some investigation. Fortunately, Colin didn't have time to care about her family, nor did he come to her house. Melissa reassured her mother, forcing a smile and saying, "Mom, don't worry. He won't be a bad guy. He's a reliable man. He loves me with all his heart. Otherwise, he wouldn't treat me so well."

"Since your boyfriend really loves you, you can bring him here and let us judge. Your father was once in a high position, so he is always wise to judge people. Besides, your boyfriend has helped us a lot, we should thank him!"

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