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   Chapter 11 Painful

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"What?" Melissa didn't get his point. Besides, she felt his glances were strange. There seemed to be a hot feeling about her and he just looked at her without any reason. She felt uncomfortable to be watched like that. Perhaps it was because of Colin that Melissa didn't like other people stared at her so intensely. She was like a prey waiting for them to hunt. Colin had trapped her, so she didn't want a second one.

So she stepped back a little, trying to keep a certain distance from him. And then she said, "Thank you so much for your appreciation. But that's all the reality. I just end up like this. Compared to you, I'm nothing!" Melissa seemed to have remembered something and she said, "By the way, Sophia is a good actress. She used to play the supporting role with us in a play, The Empress Woman. At that time, she was a famous actress. I didn't expect that I would be selected to play the leading role and director Liu let her to play the supporting role. I'm really sorry for her! I haven't paid much attention to her for a long time. But I heard that she is doing well recently. Maybe she will be a top star. "

Eric snorted, looking scornful and said, "Is it? Do you think she can make it? She relies on a boss as mistress, so she has some powerful backers, more resources, and then hyped herself. As a result, she became a famous star. But in terms of acting skills, do you think she is good enough? In my opinion, you are more potential than her! "

"This one..." Melissa was a little embarrassed. She didn't expect that Eric would criticize Sophia so harshly. And he seemed to look down upon Sophia. She was also afraid of offending Sophia. So she said, "In fact, I was a newcomer, if in terms of acting skills, I'm not as good as you!"

Eric sneered with disdain, "You're really not confident in yourself. If you really don't have any talent, how can director Liu choose you as a new actress? Director Liu thought highly of you at that time, but I don't know where you went in the past few years. Since you acted the play, you haven't acted in any play again. "

Unable to make a response, Melissa just tried to change topic. She remembered clearly that five years ago Eric and Sophia were very intimate and they often spread gossip, which spread a lot of hypes for "The Empress Woman". At that time, Eric and Sophia had been so intimate. So a kiss in the play made her be misunderstood by Sophia. In a play, she and Eric had a forced kiss. The performance was supposed to have fake move. But the director changed his mind later. He said that it was not real if there was a fake one. Then the director asked them to have a real kiss. Melissa never had a boyfriend, let alone first kiss. She was unwilling to have it. But in spite of her hesitation, Eric kissed her on the spot. The scene was really a good one. Melissa was very angry that she lost her first kiss. And she felt wronged. However, Sophia was even angrier than her. Sophia seemed to be jealous. She couldn't bear to see that Eric had contact with another woman. Sophia had stirred up trouble for her just because of the kiss. Unexpectedly, five years had passed and Eric and Sophia didn't get together. Instead, Eric began to despise Sophia.

Eric asked her, "Melissa, where have you been these years and what have you done? Why do you stop acting? "


ing of this, Melissa felt sad. She didn't want to talk about the past, especially those things that had happened were still the wounds in her heart. She had already forgotten it, even if not, she had sealed it in the deepest corner of her heart and would not be able to dig it out again. Therefore, it was not wise for Eric to ask her such a question. Without answering it, Melissa said, "I just walk around and get bored with acting."

"I remember you said that you have a great dream to be an artist in performance!"

"Ha…… How could it make a living? " Melissa felt annoyed. She lowered her head and took out a cigarette from her bag. She lit the lighter and smoked. Her white dress and curled hair didn't fit her behavior.

Eric squinted his eyes and said, "Can you smoke? When did you learn to smoke? You weren't like this before. Smoking was not your pureness at all! "

"Ha..." Melissa sneered again but she was just smoking and wasn't going to explain. Was she pure? Was she still a virgin woman? How weird this Eric was! Did she have anything to do with him whether I smoked and was a pure woman or not? And Colin as well as Eric didn't like smoking or drinking alcohol. But she loved it!

Knowing that he couldn't stop her, Eric had no choice but to look at her worriedly. "I heard something had happened to your family and your father…… Your family went broke. And I couldn't find you anymore! "

At the thought of it, Melissa's heart ached. In those years, something really happened to her family. It was all because of the abduction that she was claimed to be drugged and taken away by Colin. The next morning when she woke up and knew everything, she remembered that she slapped Colin in the face and cursed him. Then she left and cried with a runny nose. She was so grieved that she even wanted to die at that time. She felt that she wasn't clean anymore and there was no use for her to stay in the world. She dared not go back home to see her parents, so she had been hiding outside. All in all, she was very disappointed at that time. What disappointed her was that an art dream had been destroyed.

She didn't expect that something happened to her family in the first few days she was missing. To be exact, it was a military officer who tried to punish her father, and her father lost his job and was even set up. One night when he returned home, he was hit by a group of gangsters and became disabled. His legs were broken and he could not stand up anymore.

It was too late for her to learn the good news. A bad news came and she was on the verge of breakdown.

She couldn't imagine how desperate his father must be. After all, he was a military officer before and was of the most important health condition. However, he became disabled and could no longer stand up. Sure enough, his father locked him in the room and refused to see anyone, even his favorite daughter. Every night she heard his father crying in the study, she as well as her mother felt sad. After she resigned from the college, she stayed with her father.

After that, her family declined. At last, no one dared to help her and no one dared to come close to her family because her father's enemy was so terrible. No one dared to help her to offend that person. Nobody dared to touch the military affair. It was a miserable thing for her family!

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