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   Chapter 10 Unexpected Meeting

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In the award evening, there were a sea of stars. A lot of fans were there cheering for their idol and there would be bursts of screams when their idol won the prize.

In the middle of the hall stood Colin surrounded by a lot of female stars of all kinds. They were all trying to fawn on him. Of course, he was willing to receive women's flattery, letting them suck up to him. Those female stars were beautiful and Colin was handsome. Not like the shameless man who had tried to rape her in bed, Colin looked like a virtue man.

Standing in the corner, Melissa couldn't help but laugh at the hypocrisy of the society. Those stars had taken a mask behind which there were full of evil. They were worshiped by their fans. No one knew that the star had a dirty soul on the bright side, let alone Colin as the crown prince of the entertainment circle.

Melissa looked at them in mockery. Dressed in an evening dress, her hair were made in a bun and wore an exquisite earring necklace, which made her look like a goddess in the painting. She was here for a banquet, but she left after staying for a while. She felt this was boring and it was none of her business. Several years ago, Colin forced her to quit acting and became his mistress. Then she gradually left the entertainment circle. She didn't act in the movie or attend parties. For everyone, Melissa almost disappeared from the public. Along with her sadness, she gave up her dream of art.

When she thought of that, Melissa found the whole thing funny. She should listen to her mother. If she wanted to pursue art, she could just study hard at university and do academic research. But why did she want to enter the entertainment circle? This dirty place only focused on business and hidden rules. How could an art be created?

She was so naive. As long as she fell into the hands of the dangerous wolf, Colin, she couldn't run away. So she had to fall to cliff. Melissa's dream was gone. She was no longer a simple kid anymore. She started to indulge himself!

Sad and dejected, she took out a cigarette from her handbag and was about to smoke when Colin looked at her sternly as if he was blaming her for smoking.

Melissa didn't expect Colin could find where she was standing far away from her. She sneaked out from the banquet. Colin shouldn't have noticed her.

In fact, Colin did find her as well as reprimanded her for smoking. Melissa didn't want to challenge her no matter how much she hated him, because she knew what would happen to her if she dared to disobey him. So he put down the cigarette.

Colin was finally relieved to see her put down the cigarette. Then he turned around and smiled at those actresses.

All of a sudden, a sense of frustration seized Melissa. She didn't know what to do and she hated being confined by Colin, so she got out of this place.

It was a little cold at night. She didn't wear a shawl, so she wrapped herself with her arms to rub and tried to warm herself up. Then Melissa walked behind the wall to avoid the cold, but unexpectedly, she saw a man and a woman hugging and kissing each other at a dark corner. The scene was crazy. The men were disheveled while the women's dresses were torn and her hair was also in a mess.

Seeing such a scene, Melissa felt helpless and didn't want to disturb them. However, they suddenly saw her and one people suddenly said, "Are you Melissa?"

His voice was low and husky, which was full of sexy and seduct

ive feeling. Hearing someone called her, Melissa turned around and found that it was the man whom she met in the corner. She stared at him, but she couldn't see him due to the dim light. But he could see her. The only thing she could tell was that he was a handsome man with messy hair. She looked at him for a long time, but still couldn't recognize him, so she asked, "Who are you?"

To be honest, since she was banned, few people knew her. The fame she built up had been completely destroyed in the past five years. Fans may not remember her, let alone those big stars. Although Melissa was sure that they were stars, was there a person to remember her?

The man whispered a few words to the woman who was kissing him just now. The woman seemed to be a little dissatisfied, but she still walked away with pouting her mouth and waving her hand. When the women walked to a bright place, Melissa recognized that she was a recently famous movie star.

The man then walked out as he straightened his collar. Under the dim light, Melissa recognized the man was Eric. Eric was the owner of the best actor today!

Just now she saw him get a prize on the stage. He was just twenty-seven years old and he became a popular singer as an idol star at the age of seventeen. And after the group had been divided up, he seemed to turn to be an actor at the age of twenty. Now ten years had passed, he was known for the title movie king!

Since he was very influential in the entertainment circle and had a promising future, many well-known directors thought highly of him. He only acted in movies. And he didn't act in TV series for a few years.

Oh, one more thing. Eric and Melissa had a cooperation in a play named "The Empress Woman". He was the male supporting role while Melissa was the leading role. Later he was killed by her, but he still loved her with all his heart in that paly.

She recalled the scenes of shooting and didn't expect that five years had passed in the blink of an eye. Five years ago, he and she were both favored at the same time. However, five years later, she had been banished from the entertainment industry and had been forgotten by people. But he became the movie king!

"Are you Eric? How it possible? " Melissa was surprised. He not only refused to accept the congratulations after he won the award, but also sneaked out to kiss the superstar. Wasn't he afraid of being photographed by paparazzi? She was more surprised that he still remembered her after so many years, not to mention that she was an insignificant female star.

Eric laughed evilly and said, "Yes, it's me, Melissa. Long time no see. I almost thought you had disappeared from the world. I didn't expect you are still alive!"

"What?" Although Melissa didn't understand him, it didn't matter. Since they used to be partners and he still remembered her, she should congratulate him, although the status between them was quite different today. Then she said, "Congratulations, you got the award of the best actor tonight, and now you are just developing yourself to be a movie actor, aren't you? What a promising future! "

With his hands in his trouser pockets, Eric walked a few steps closer to her. He lowered his head and looked at her quietly. With a gleam shining in his eyes, he said in a cold voice, "Yeah, I've become famous actor. But at that time, I thought that you and I should become famous actor together. I didn't expect you to disappear."

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