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   Chapter 9 Colin's Overbearing

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He didn't care about her family background or anything else. He just wanted Avril to be his woman and he didn't care whether she was an a few years older than him!

It was just that his mother didn't want to, so she stepped in and threatened Avril that as long as she dared to be with him, she would ruin her reputation! Avril was painful at that time. She tried to persuade him to let her go, but he didn't want to. Then she committed suicide.

Colin still remembered that he held her in his arms before she died and asked her loudly whether she loved him or not. But Avril just sneered and said hatefully, "I didn't love you. I even hate you! I hate you for destroying me! You ruined everything I have! Since you don't want to let me go, I have to die, so you will not bother me! "

She sneered at him in a heartbroken way. He couldn't believe that she still hated him even though he had done so much for her. She just hated him without love in it.

He didn't understand why his youngest uncle had an affair with another woman and had an illegitimate child. His uncle married her because his mistress couldn't be accepted by his family. Therefore, his uncle had to marry Avril. But she still loved his uncle so much. She would rather stay with his uncle and wanted to be his uncle's lawful wife. However, she ignored his love and everything he gave her!

He knew that after their relationship was brought to light, his uncle had treated her coldly for a long time and even attacked her with words. However, she was willing to stay alone, endure the loneliness and pursue the compromise. She chose to stay with his uncle every day with tears all over her face, but she would never accept his love.

She said he was still young, naive and didn't know what love was. A few years later, he had become a real man and could even give her a peaceful home, but why did she still only treat him as a child?

It was not until one day when she got drunk and made love with him that she realized he was a man, a man who could have desires and abilities, no longer a little boy who seeking the warmth of maternal nature. It was about love. But from now on, she was not able to persuade him, but treat him in a cold and resistant way, refusing him thousands of miles away and even hating him. In the end, she would rather die to seek relief.

He had never thought of forcing her to death, but in the end she was forced to death eventually. Of course, half of the credit should be attributed to his mother. He began to hate everyone. He hated his mother and even Avril. He began to indulge himself in having fun with women. As long as someone looked like her in appearance or temperament, he would not let go of her. He wanted to play with these women to make up for him!

Having had fun for years, he still felt empty in his heart. He felt that he had lost something and he would never replenish it. Especially every night when he was lonely, he would always think of that woman. He hated her, but because of his lover to her, he hated her so much!

So he always thought of that woman's look, her smile, and the situation he first met her. He was impressed by her innocent smile and she was as beautiful as an otherworldly fairy. If everything could return to the past, he might have chosen another way to treat her. He would not force her to do anything, neither would he force her to break down. Instead he would use a milder way to treat her, even if he would put down his self-esteem and go down in a low voice, because he only wanted her, only her! My Avril!

Colin's heart was aching. Holding Melissa in his arms, he murmured in a low voice, "Avril…… Avril…… I love you…… Don't leave me... "

On that day, Colin's action made her a totally different person. She would never forget everything he had given her, including all the methods he had used to block her to his side in order to constrict her!

Back to five years later, it was the same dark night. All the lights in the office had been turned off. It was all dark except for the area on the ground glimmered lights outside through the French.

After making love with Melissa, Colin was tired and

held her in his arms to fall asleep. But this time, Melissa was still awake with tears pouring down her cheeks. She didn't cry. She opened her eyes to look at the night and tears kept falling down.

It had been five years. She had endured humiliation and was forced to make love with him in the past five years. She had tried to fight against him for several times, but she had never been able to run away. She had planned to run away again this time, but he forced her back with extreme means.

He clearly knew that he didn't love her and she hated him in her heart. But why did he still force her to stay with him? Unfortunately, she was not Avril. Although she was beautiful like Avril, she didn't have the courage to kill herself as Avril did. After all, she had her family and parents. If she died, she didn't know how Colin would revenge them!

Colin was deeply in love with Avril. So he felt guilty to her since she died. But he didn't love her, so if she committed suicide, he would probably crazily revenge her family and even other relatives. Anyhow, if she dared to commit suicide, he would torture her family.

Although he didn't love her, what he wanted to do was to force her to stay with him and let her be a substitute for Avril. If she still couldn't resist, she would die without a burial ground!

Tears streamed down Melissa's cheeks. Her eyes were red and swollen. She felt sick at the sight of the hands on her waist and the warmth of the body temperature behind her, so she pulled his hand away and tried to stand up. As soon as she moved, Colin held her tighter and whispered, "Avril..." He held her in his arms when he fell asleep, preventing her from leaving.

Melissa held a second. When he fell asleep again, she got up more carefully.

There was a small room behind the office in which lay a small bed to have a rest for Colin. She was forced back to this room when she failed to run away this time. Colin held her and raped her madly. Then he took her to bed in this small room to have a rest.

After getting dressed, Melissa was about to go out. But the bed was too small for her to get out of it. So she wake him up. He always had a sharp sense, even if he was tired and slept deeply. Colin would wake up as long as someone made any noise. He grabbed Melissa's hand immediately and asked, "Where are you going?"

Melissa bent down, put on her shoes with one hand, and said calmly, "I'll go out and take a shower!" Then she stood up. But she felt too painful, as if she had been torn apart by a car. It was so painful that she couldn't even walk!

Seeing that Melissa clenched her teeth, Colin suddenly smiled and said, "Since you can't get up, then don't get up. I won't mind the smell of sweat on you!"

"But I dislike it!" Melissa stood up with great pain and slowly walked out with the help of the wall.

Colin glanced at her in his wide shirt with his eyes squinted to plan something. He watched her walking into the bathroom and bending over to wash her face, leaving her back facing him. The curve between her legs was indistinctly visible. He suddenly lifted the quilt, got out of bed to walk behind her, and held her in his arms.

Melissa choked, "You…… Can you leave me alone to take a shower? Let me have a rest. "

Squinting at her, Colin asked, "Do you dislike me that much?"

Listening to his dissatisfaction in the tone, Melissa suddenly felt tired. This man was always so domineering. She could tolerate his vicious and bossy behavior on her while he didn't allow her to have her own emotions, let alone her impatience. But she was too tired to agree to him, so she said wearily, "I'm just tired and want to have a rest."

"You can sleep if you are tired. Why do you have to take a shower and wash my smell?"

Although feeling weak because of his flirting, Melissa couldn't resist such feelings. So she struggled to get up and said, "Colin, I just can't take it anymore. So I want to get washed and leave."

Her words provoked outrage in Colin's heart. He suddenly bent over to hug her, kissed her on her back, and said, "Melissa…… Melissa…… Avril…… Don't leave me…… Don't leave me... "

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