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   Chapter 6 Melissa's Suffering

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Colin let Melissa to lie down on the bed and gazed at her who had fainted. Suddenly, he took a few steps back and then stood by the bed, staring at her. It was so dark that his face couldn't be seen. The bedside lamp was on. The dim light only made him see Melissa's sleeping face and the photo frame on the desk.

Inside the photo frame was a woman sitting on the grass. But her face was blurred. It seemed to be destroyed on purpose. Colin looked at between the frame and then Melissa again and again. He looked gloomy and painful, as if he was in deep thought. After a long time, he turned around and walked to the large French window to watch the night view outside.

Though it was very dark at night, the neon lights lit up the whole city. Colin lit a cigarette. He exhaled it slowly and leisurely, looking like he was in low spirit. No one knew what he was thinking.

After a long time, he had almost smoked half a cigarette. Then Melissa began to wake. She rolled over her body and moaned, "It's hot……" It's really hot... " Her voice was very gentle and weak, as if she was ill. She even began to pull her collar.

Colin gave her a glances and then continued to smoke towards outside, ignoring her.

Until Melissa was unable to bear the torture and kept twisting and turning in bed. She started to wail in a low voice, "Dad Mom…… I feel so hot…… I don't feel well... "

Hearing that, Colin smiled disdainfully. What an innocent and naive girl she was! In his eyes, she still had called them mother and father followed by having a trouble since she was an adult! But after tonight, he would try to make her realize the reality and cruelty! What he wanted was to destroy something innocent so as to make up the deep hurt left by that woman!

At the thought of this, his expression grew cold. He threw away the cigarette and stepped on the floor. Then he put his hands in his pants pockets and walked slowly to the bed. He saw Melissa began to tear apart her clothes. Her white bra was already exposed. She behaved unscrupulously as if she was at home. Colin wondered what would happen if she found out that she was in a man's room while she tore apart her clothes to let others see her.

Colin smiled disdainfully. He walked forward, pressing his hands on both sides of her body and then said with a smile, "Do you feel hot? Can I take off your clothes for you? " His tone was as soft as coaxing a child, but it sounded bad, as if he had an evil intention.

Hearing that someone was talking to her, Melissa couldn't help but open her eyes. She seemed to see a tall and handsome man, who looked a

s beautiful as a fairy. His expression looked like very gloomy and very bad, but it was actually very attractive and tempting. So she seemed to be fall in love with him. Melissa stared at him for a long time before she recognized that he was Colin, the boss of "Heaven Night", who forced her to kiss with him! She was shocked with a frozen body, saying coldly, "Are you Colin? How could you be here? "

With a wicked smile, Colin held up her chin with one of his slender fingers and said, "This is my home, you think where I should go." His voice was still so light, as if he were lying to a child.

"Your home?" Frowning, Melissa looked around. It was a huge, super deluxe room with luxuriously furnished items, which didn't look like her room or any hotel at all. She was frightened and immediately sat up, but only to find that her clothes were messy, her buttons were scattered, and even her white underwear was exposed. She screamed and hurriedly stepped back, her hands protecting her chest, and she screamed in horror, "what are you doing? What did you do to me? You bastard! "

Hearing that, a sly smile appeared on Colin's face. He forced himself to kneel on the bed and then slowly approached her, asking, "Am I a bastard? Didn't you take off your clothes yourself? I didn't do anything to you just now. It was you who wanted to strip yourself in front of me. Then why did you blame me for being like a beast? "

"Stop! What are you doing?" Melissa was terrified and kept stepping back until she reached the bottom and leaned against the wall. She then remembered that she felt very hot when her consciousness was confused just now. She thought she was still at home, so she couldn't help but pull her clothes. Thinking of this, she felt rather uneasy and hot, as if there was a fire burning inside her body, which made her mouth dry. Especially when she saw a big man in front of her, she began to have inexplicable desires.

Colin asked her with his brows moved up, "Do you feel hot? Do you want me to take off your clothes for you? "

"You bastard! Stay away from me!" Melissa glared at him.

On hearing that, Colin showed a smile, as if he didn't take it seriously. He continued, "Or are you actually shy? How about this? I'll take off my clothes myself and then take off your clothes, too. It will be fair deal if we can look at each other? So stop being shy! " He said and began to pull his tie.

Melissa shouted, "Shame on you! You are such a shameless hustler, you are a beast! " Then she realized that she was in a terrible situation. Melissa tried to get out of bed and run away.

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