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   Chapter 2 Demon

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Melissa followed Zack into the room. As soon as she opened the door and witnessed the scene inside, she felt something was terribly wrong. It was obviously not a place for people to meet over dinner, but a KTV! In this place, there were complicated and licentious relationships happening among the groups of men and women. Everywhere women were busy drinking and offering lewd acts to attract and entertain their guests, and they were openly throwing themselves into the arms of the waiting men. The men did not resist at all and even showed coquettish smiles as they kissed and hugged those women eagerly. Men with fat bodies and leery grins were hugging those women, and they didn't seem to be satisfied that anyone be left alone.

At first, Melissa thought those women were the so-called "Misses", meaning prostitutes. But she was shocked when she took a closer look at them. There were actually many stars present, though most of them were not very famous, so they were willing to buy their fame at the cost of sacrificing their own bodies. So were these the people Zack had wanted her to meet? The directors, investors, and producers who would help her career?

All of a sudden, Melissa felt very angry and turned around to leave. However, Zack blocked her way out and said, "Alas, where are you going?"

Melissa said coldly, "I want to leave. This is not where I should be. Also, I don't want to buy my acting career by these means!"

Seeing the sullen expression on her face, Zack sneered and said, "What's wrong? Do you think that you will become famous after you played the leading role of that TV play? The idol Eric Chen and the new star Sophia Mi have both become popular among the public due to this play. But you have not. Even if you are lucky enough to enter this circle through your abilities and play the leading role of that play, do you think you are popular? I know you work hard, but so what? Will someone come to look for you to cast you in a film?"

"I don't want to be famous in this way!" Melissa shouted furiously and sharply, which startled everyone in the room. All of them stopped writhing and turned to look at them.

Seeming to be aware of the disruption, the DJ in the room turned off the music. Then, except for the flickering and colorful lights, the room became quiet. A middle-aged man asked, "What's wrong? Zack, are you here with your little star?" When he was speaking, a model leaned over suggestively and lit a cigarette for him.

Zack immediately nodded and bowed with a smile. "Yes, Mr. Liu! Last time you called me to bring 'Ice Hua'. Here she is."

Ice Hua had been Melissa's character of a heroine in her first TV play, The Empress Woman. After staring in the play, she soon earned the title of "Little Fairy" and "Lover in Men's Dreams". She didn't know who Mr. Liu was and why there were so many beautiful women waiting to fawn over him, and she even asked her agent about it.

Another middle-aged man in a flat cap with a thin face spoke up, "Since you're here, why don't you come in?"

At the same time, Zack immediately and firmly pushed Melissa in the room. Melissa didn't like being there at all, but Zack gave her a meaningful look and instructed her with a few secret words to pretend for a while. After she got the new role, she could do anything. Under duress, Melissa was caught in a dilemma and found herself under the control of Zack. At last, she had to stay in the room, though she did so unwillingly.

When they saw how aloof Melissa was, some of the women laughed scornfully, shook their heads, and rolled their eyes at her. They all thought that Melissa was rude due to her innocence. A female star even put her hand on Mr. Liu's shoulder and said in a sweet voice, "Boss, some people are so pretentious. They even think they are the really fairies!"

The crowd of women all laughed, teased, and flirted with their partners.

Melissa sat in a quiet corner, keeping still. However, the fat man called Mr. Liu suddenly reached out his hand and pinched her face. He squinted over her, roving his eyes from her head to her toes and said, "You look very pretty. You are more beautiful and pure in real life than that on TV. Billy, is this the new actress you were speaking about?"

The middle-aged man called Billy had a thinner body and a flat cap, and he finally looked up and at her. It was then that Melissa recognized him as the famously renowned director, Billy Zhang.

He was the famous director, Billy Zhang! Melissa had always liked his movies, including his literature and commercial shoots. She had wanted to work with him for a long time. But as a newcomer, she didn't think she would have earned the chance. He always looked for famous A-list actors to cast in his productions. But she hadn't expected to see him here today. And when she saw that there was no other female stars around him, and he seemed to be unsociable and self-conscious, she had even higher admiration for him

. Suddenly, she felt more relieved at this party. Since Billy Zhang was here, it shouldn't be a messy party.

Billy Zhang looked at her for a while and then nodded, saying, "She fits the image of the supporting actress." Although it was very simple, Melissa caught the gist of it. Was Billy Zhang going to ask her to audition for the supporting role in his new movie? This was really what she wanted. She was willing to act in any play directed by him, even if he asked her to only star in a small role. But here he was asking her to play the supporting actress! Melissa's cheeks flushed in anticipation.

Mr. Liu, the fat man, took a drag on his cigarette and replied wickedly, "Okay, I believe you are right, Billy. You can cast her as the supporting actress, but we have to follow the rules!"

Billy Zhang tucked his hands into his pockets and leaned back casually in the chair as he said, "Whatever. As long as you are happy to pay for it!"

Then Mr. Liu burst into a roaring laughter. For some inexplicable reason, he seemed to be having some secret communication with Billy Zhang. But Melissa had no idea regarding this. She was clueless, until Mr. Liu looked at her with lustful eyes. He reached out to put his hand on her shoulder and pulled her into his arms. He whispered in her ear, "Do you know what I just said to Director Billy?"

Melissa struggled against his hold. She wanted to fight against him, but she didn't dare to do anything because of the man's influence. She could only push his hand away from her as she said, "You... Mr. Liu, can you let go of me?"

Mr. Liu laughed, but he didn't release her. "How can you play the supporting role if you refuse me? Don't you know that I'm the investor in all of Director Billy's movies? There is a precondition for acting in a movie directed by Director Billy!"

"What? What is the condition?" Melissa asked foolishly, her voice trembling slightly. The other revelers gathered around them burst into laughter. Mr. Liu continued to explain, "Don't you know what it is? Didn't Zack teach you? There is this rule in the industry. It is..." He leaned closer and whispered in her ear as he suddenly reached out and rubbed her round shoulder, saying, "You have to stay with me for two days and two nights. If it is your first time to accompany a boss, then you will be placed in a higher position. Maybe Director Billy can even double your acting parts in the movie!"

Hearing Mr. Liu's words, Melissa was shocked. She was already an adult even though she was innocent. Of course, she knew what he meant. She looked at Mr. Liu, who was openly staring at her with obscene and ravenous eyes, and then she turned to Billy Zhang in a panic. Billy Zhang seemed to be totally indifferent, which was a stark contrast to the impression she had formed of him just now. So she pushed Mr. Liu away immediately and jumped up.

Mr. Liu was a little displeased and asked, "How dare you treat me like that? Aren't you happy now? This is what you want, isn't it? Who do you think you are now that you've entered this circle?"

Melissa looked appealingly at Billy Zhang, who she always admired, and asked, "Director Billy, is this your opinion? Do you always choose the actresses like this for your movies?" Did the actresses play a leading role and get more acting gigs by selling their bodies? Was Billy Zhang, who had won many awards in the movie industry really so awful?

Billy Zhang slowly lit a cigarette, looked up at her calmly and said, "I give equal opportunities to all newcomers, no one forces you to act. But if you want to star in my films, you have to get chosen like this!"

Melissa shook her head in horror. She didn't expect Billy Zhang to be such an evil man. Wasn't this then a pornographic circle? How many female stars have been abused like this by him? So she was about to throw a tantrum, but her agent, Zack, stepped up to her and scolded her, telling her to stop causing trouble.

At last, Melissa swallowed her anger, turned around, and walked to the door, intending to leave.

Zack asked, "Melissa, where are you going?"

Melissa ignored him and kept walking. But when she was about to step out, she suddenly collided with a man's chest, and she had to step back because of the pain. At the moment she looked up, she saw a handsome and charming face. The man she had collided with had a pair of deep and piercing eyes, and he stared at her like an eagle staring at its prey. He looked at her steadily. The corners of his mouth curved into an evil yet charming smile. He was so seductive that she was almost mesmerized by him entirely.

"Mr. Colin!" the people behind Melissa called out. They all stood up and greeted the man while she stared at him. Even Mr. Liu stood up and greeted politely, "Oh, Mr. Colin is here. What a rare treat!" Everyone was respectful to this man as if he was royalty.

He was the boss of the nightclub, and the head of the entertainment circle, Colin Ling.

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