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   Chapter 286 Shut The Door

Fair-haired Boy By Ai Xiaomo Characters: 9484

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Now, tell me, where is the beauty of love? Where was the beauty of women?

"Miss Ling, are you there?" Outside the door was a real waiter. He took back the clothes for Era.

All of a sudden, Era woke up from the atmosphere created by Jacob. She pushed him away with her hands against his chest. When she was about to stand up to open the door, she suddenly remembered that the man was still in the room. It was late at night, and it was not good to be seen when she opened the door.

"Hey, hide yourself!" She said in a panic.

Is there any mistake? Was he so shameful? How could this woman ask him to hide because of another man?

In a fit of anger, Jacob pushed her back to the sofa and asked, "What? Am I so shameful?"

"Miss Ling, I'm Gary, the waiter. I've brought you the clothes you want." Outside the door, the waiter waited patiently.

"Mr. Huangfu, it's impossible! You are so handsome, debonair and charming that you attracted thousands of girls and boys. That's why it will bother me to be seen here. Please?" Era begged casually.

Outside the door, the waiter called again, but Jacob still didn't move. In fact, he moved, but she didn't notice. She would know where he moved later.

Era is anxious. "Are you going to hide or not?"

"Ask him to put the clothes by the door and leave." He ordered.

She tried to argue with him, "No, I asked him to do it. How can I not open the door?"

"Era, I will only say it once." He warned.

"No matter how many times you say it, it's always the same result." She pushed him away all of a sudden. When she was about to push him to a place where the waiter couldn't see, she suddenly felt her shoulder loosened and screamed with her hands crossed over her chest. Then she covered her mouth and carefully stopped the spilling sound.

"Miss Ling, what happened?" The waiter asked worriedly.

"No... Nothing. I'm taking a shower. Put the clothes at the door and I'll take them later. You can go back first!"

The waiter was a little confused. She asked him to get the clothes. It seemed that she just took a shower. Why did she still take a shower now?

However, since she said so, he still put them on the ground and said, "Then I'll go first. Good night!"

"Good night." As Era spoke, she tried to get the pajama straps untied by a cunning man behind her.

'Oh my God!' Her hands are not long enough. As soon as she let go of her clothes, they all slipped down from her. She was in a hurry, but the culprit looked at her leisurely.

"Jacob, you are such a jerk!"

"Jacob, you shameless bastard!"

"Jacob, I know you are capable, but can't you be a little more graceful? You use all your strength to deal with a weak woman like me. What kind of ability is it?"

Tired of scolding, she sat on the sofa and pouted, "What are you looking at? Come and help

the little woman she inadvertently showed made him more interested.

Noticing that he was looking at her with passionate eyes, Era was frightened and immediately moved away to keep a distance from him.

"Era..." Jacob stopped at the right time and didn't do anything to her. Otherwise, she would really get angry. If he irritated her, he would be the one to suffer in the end. "I'm hungry." His tone was extremely sad, and his eyes were comparable to the coquettish Arthur. Now he was really hungry.

"Uh... Well, you can go to have a meal now." Era waved her hand to drive away him. To be honest, her mind was in a mess now.

He had never been despised like this, especially by women. Feeling wronged, Jacob held her hand and said, "Go with me..."

"No, I have to take care of Arthur." In a hurry, Era used her son as an excuse.

"Little guy, don't pretend to be asleep. Let's go. I'll take you to have supper."

"Yeah, Dad!" Arthur sprang up from the bed and threw himself into Jacob's arms.

"Do you miss Dad?"


Looking at the harmonious father and son, Era felt sour in her heart. Why did she feel like an outsider?

After dinner, Era insisted on going back to the hotel. Helplessly, he sent the two of them back to the hotel. At the same time, Jacob insisted on staying with them.

Since she couldn't drive away him, Era had no choice but to agree.

This time, Arthur was really tired and fell asleep not long after he came back.

Then Jacob went to take a shower...

Feeling bored, Era picked up her phone and played games.

After a while, a voice came from the bathroom, "Era, I forgot to bring some clothes for change!"

"Then make do with the original one!" Without any pause, Era started to operate at full speed.

"Let me put on the clothes I've changed. I'd rather not wear anything!"

"Casually." Era was still immersed in the game...

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