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   Chapter 268 Who Was Injured

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In fact, when her anger faded away little by little, Era also wanted to hear the so-called reason of Jacob, but if she directly agreed, it would make her lose face.

"Oh." With a sly smile, Arthur picked up the phone. "Uncle Aaron, we are in the waiting room."

A few minutes later, when Aaron rushed into the waiting room, he saw two people, one big and one small, lowering their heads and fighting in the mobile game. They were not as pathetic as he had imagined. The woman and son of the CEO were really different.

Seeing him come in, Era glanced at him coldly and said, "I only have ten minutes of patience."

Aaron smiled and said, "Okay, but Miss Ling, it's not convenient here. Let's change to another place." He had made up his mind on the way. No matter what kind of method he used, he couldn't see the CEO suffer so much.

Jacob was so depressed that he didn't have much for dinner.

There was dead silence in the study, and there was even no light at all. He sat quietly. He had always liked darkness, but he had never had such a feeling as today. Darkness was so suitable for him.

The bottle of strong wine was slowly poured into his stomach. He just wanted to get drunk, but he became more and more sober. Which one was more painful? Lose the dignity as a man or lose her? He felt his heart was bleeding little by little. Penetrating pain.

"Era," he murmured and drank up the wine in the crystal glass. Then the glass was thrown to the wall and broke into pieces.

The door opened and Aaron came in. "Boss, let me help you back to your room."

"Fuck off!" he growled like a trapped beast.

"Boss, didn't Doctor Wood say that? Your operation is very successful, but sometimes the nerves need to go through the psychological barrier to recover to normal function. You..."

"Shut up!" Jacob shook off Aaron's hand and stood up abruptly. What psychological barrier? It was that his operation was not successful! That bad old man. Gritting his teeth, Jacob staggered out of the study with a painful look on his handsome face.

He took off his clothes and was about to go to bed. He shook his head and got rid of the dizziness subconsciously. Then he walked into the room without turning o

ad sex with a woman all night. Was her sent by Aaron? Although he didn't ask for his permission, he could forgive him for the sake of the effect.

Looking at the pink bra, what happened last night flashed through his mind. He felt his throat tightened. Damn it! He actually had an impulse because of this thought.

There was a knock on the door. Jacob put on his trousers and said, "Come in."

"Boss, you have an important client to meet today." Not knowing what happened last night, Aaron lowered his head respectfully. However, when Jacob turned around, he still saw the scratches on his broad back. 'Uh...' It seemed that the "battle" last night was very fierce.

"Which one is better, black or blue?" Jacob took out two shirts from the wardrobe and asked.

"The one with the blue vertical pattern," Aaron replied subconsciously. Then he was delighted secretly. The CEO didn't ask about what happened last night, and he was in the mood to choose clothes! It seemed that Miss Ling succeeded last night.

… … …

On the plane, Arthur kept looking at Era.

"Just say it." As the saying goes, "a mother knows her son better than anyone."

"Well, you can't lie."


"You like dad?"


"Is there any other reason for you to marry Uncle Qi?"


"Kids don't understand." Arthur pouted and interrupted her, "Mom, I told you that I should listen to the truth."

"The truth..." Turning her head to look into Arthur's eyes, Era sighed.

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