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   Chapter 267 Must I Marry Him (Part Two)

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She took a deep breath and opened the thick wooden door of the study, but there was no one inside.

"Dad must be in the bedroom." As Arthur spoke, he ran to the other end of the corridor. Era hurriedly followed him and said, "Arthur, slow down."

"Dad..." Arthur's voice was full of surprise, but he was stunned the moment he pushed the bedroom door open.

"Ah!" a woman screamed.

After taking a few steps forward, Era looked suspiciously into the room and suddenly turned into a sculpture. Subconsciously, she covered Arthur's eyes.

The love that she had firmly believed in collapsed at this moment.

The piercing coldness rose from the bottom of her heart and spread to all her limbs. Only by grasping the door frame tightly could Era prevent herself from fainting because of the anger. 'Jacob Huangfu, is this the gift you gave me?' They had come all the way here to see such a terrible scene.

"Honey, who are they?" The woman was still on Jacob's strong waist, unwilling to leave.

With a wave of his iron arm, Jacob pushed her away and stood up. "Era..."

Her beautiful eyes swept over his chest, and she saw the half loosen belt, burning with anger. "Jacob Huangfu, we are over!" Then, Era grabbed Arthur's hand and rushed downstairs.

"Miss Ling, Arthur, what's wrong?" Therese asked in surprise when she saw the angry mother and son coming downstairs.

"Dad is messing around..." Being dragged by Era, Arthur staggered and waved his hand, leaving the four words in horror.

Messing around? Master? What did he mean? Therese shook her head and looked upstairs. She saw that Jacob was standing at the stairs with disheveled clothes. Then another woman came out, almost bared her chest and back. She suddenly hugged master from behind.

Therese turned to the door in a hurry. She knew what young master meant! ...

"Master, shall we send someone to stop Miss Ling?" She turned her back to Jacob and asked. She didn't notice the pain in his dark eyes.

After a few seconds, he squeezed two words from his thin lips, "No needs."

Maybe he was really going to spend the rest of his life with this unspeakable disease, so there was no need for him to drag her down.

Even if when he heard the words "Jacob Huangfu, we are over", his heart ached as if it had been cut off. But so what? If he loved her

two hours for the latest flight to China to take off. Era was very angry. Why couldn't a plane fly to China every fifteen minutes like a bus?

Arthur breathed a sigh of relief. He hoped that Uncle Aaron could come and persuade the angry mom.

"Mom, don't be angry." In the lounge, Arthur held her arm. "Let's play the angry birds, okay? Don't you often say that when you're not happy, you'll lose to those who are mocking you off? So you will never let those stupid pigs succeed."

"Okay." Era took out the phone and sat on the chair. The angry birds was indeed very suitable for her now. She wished she could beat up the pig head of Jacob! ...

"Mom, give me the phone. Let's hit the pig head together." A smile appeared on Arthur's pink face, and her big eyes were pure and clear.

Without hesitation, Era handed the phone to him.

"Okay, mom, let's hit pig head!" ...

Therefore, two figures, one big and one small, held their mobile phones, lowered their heads, flew birds, and exploded pig heads.

Era didn't realize that she shouldn't be so angry at the moment. Subconsciously, she still didn't believe in the betrayal of Jacob.

While they were playing, Arthur's phone rang. "Mom, it's a call from Uncle Aaron? What should I do?" Arthur asked obediently.

"What should you do? You should do nothing." As if immersed in the game, Era answered absentmindedly. In fact, when her anger faded away little by little, she also wanted to hear the so-called reason of Jacob, but if she just directly agreed, it would make her lose face.

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