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   Chapter 258 Suffering (Part Two)

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"Hand over them with the surveillance video to Ryan. It's time for him to show up." Jacob wore an unfathomable smile on his handsome face. The collusion between Naros and the Brown family was not yet the time to turn the table. However, the fact that his "fiancee" was sold by Dilys Brown was an irrefutable evidence.

He had already prepared actors and props for him. The next step was to see how he would act. However, no matter how hard he directed, he would send a message to him, "Don't let go of Dilys Brown!"

At this time, a bodyguard ran in. "Boss, Miss Ling and Charles ran away."

Hearing this, Jacob's face turned cold. "Aaron, follow them and protect them right now." Although Era had known that Charles Brown had no intention of hurting her. But he couldn't protect Era at all. If Dilys Brown still didn't give up, Era might fall into her control again.

Only by asking Dennis to protect Era could he rest assured.

However, he still remembered the day when Era was almost hit by a car when she was out of her mind. After thinking about it carefully, it should be because of his concealment. Era must have thought that night she had slept with another man, and guessed that the man was Dennis. She felt so ashamed to face it so that it would happen that dangerous scene.

He had been remorseful all the time. He had been trying to escape, but he hadn't thought everything through. If Era was really in danger because of this, he would feel that his death could not make up for his debt to her.

Therefore, he always felt that it was necessary to clear the misunderstanding between them, but he didn't know what to do to minimize the damage to Era.

If he told her the truth, he was afraid that he would give her hope. If his operation didn't succeed in half a year, she would be hurt more deeply. If he didn't tell her the truth, she would definitely not accept the protection

Era went crazy in the room.

In the presidential suite not far from the next room, the atmosphere was a little weird.

With his sharp eyes, Dennis looked at Jacob over and over again. After a long time, he gritted his teeth and said, "Do you mean that you made Era misunderstand that I slept with her that night? So she thought she forced me and became so timid when she saw me?"

"Kind of." Jacob nodded.

Dennis frowned, "Reason?" He thought Jacob would not let himself be wronged for no reason.

"It's a long story. You will understand it in the future. But now... You'd better find a way to clear the misunderstanding."

"This is your family matter. I think I'd better avoid it." Dennis didn't want to get involved in this mess at all.

"Can you avoid it? You are the hero of the gossip. Era has such a good relationship with Melissa. Maybe she will spill the beans at any time."

"Are you threatening me?"

"No," said Jacob, shaking his head helplessly. "It's just a reminder. I can't speak it out, and it's not convenient for you to say it. But you still have Melissa. It's easy for women to communicate with each other."

"Humph," sneered Dennis. "I can tell the truth directly to Melissa in case of any misunderstanding in the future."

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