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   Chapter 255 Auction

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'You have been devoured. Can you understand my pain.'

There happened to be a hearty appointment tonight, so he sent him a favor.

Finally, someone started bidding after a hot dance. The No. 3 who was best at the pole dance was bid at the highest price of 8 million.

When the No. 6 to No. 10, where Era was, came onto the stage, the style changed completely. They were in original style. The No. 9 was a Japanese girl who was next to Era. She wore a pink dress and her black hair was combed into two rows on both sides, which matched the temperament of a typical little girl. On the other hand, Era was dressed in Leopard patterns, with her hair standing up high and messy behind her head. She looked wild and beautiful.

No one deliberately made postures for the men under the stage, but they had already made the men off the stage in high spirits.

After reading a document, Dennis raised his head. His sharp eyes swept from No. 6 to No. 10 and stopped there. Even though she was dressed like that, he still recognized her at the first sight that she was a little wild cat of Jacob.

She stood sideways and stared at the man off the stage like an unruly leopard. This suit was really suitable for her, and the host had a good taste.

Seeing that Dennis's eyes fell on a wild cat, the young master of the Olivier Group, Davis Qi, smiled and immediately came over with great interest. "Mr. Leng, you like that wild cat? Do you want her?"

"Hm," replied Dennis coldly.

It was said that the CEO of Leng Group didn't cheat on others after he got married and had his own child. He was one of the best husband in the world. Looking at now, he knew that all men in the world were the same.

Dennis glanced at him coldly, and his sharp eyes naturally saw through his mind. But he was too lazy to explain, and his eyes fell on the stage again.

Holding the handrail tightly with both hands, Era tried hard to suppress herself, but from her stooping posture, it was not difficult to see that she was about to reach her limit.

Damn! Frowning, Dennis didn't hesitate to press the button next to him. He chose No. 10 and bid ten million directly. He believed that in the eyes of Jacob, Era was priceless. Such a little money was nothing.

However, he didn't expect that the wild cat seemed to be particularly attractive. Not long after he bid, someone raised the price to twelve million.

"Fifteen million." Dennis was still leisurely, with his evil and attractive lips pursed.

"Sixteen million."

"Twenty million."

The crowd burst into an uproar. Although this woman was a little beautiful, she was not the most outstanding. Was she worth so much money?

At this time, Era had already knelt on the ground, and the heat wave almost engulfed her. In order to keep sober, she pinched herself hard.

The bidders couldn't hold on any longer, so he exited the a

What's wrong with her?" Seeing that Dennis walked into the room with the unconscious Era in his arms, Jacob's handsome face was expressionless, but his complicated eyes revealed his deep concern.

"She was injured and drugged." As Dennis spoke, he put Era on the bed.

"Who?" Jacob gritted his teeth and wished he could find out the culprit and beat him up.

"You can investigate the man slowly. Now you'd better take good care of her." Dennis walked past him, glanced at him with interest and left.

When Jacob walked to the bedside and saw her bloodstained hand, he felt heartbroken. He put her hand on the palm of his hand and found that there was still a thin glass residue on the wound. This stupid woman actually smashed the glass with her hand. Did she think she was the invincible woman King Kong?

After carefully treating the wound of this hand, he looked at the other hand. The wound in the palm was not deep, but it hurt his eyes. At that time, how desperate should she be to hurt herself like this?

"Era." After carefully applying medicine to her, wiping her body and changing into pajamas, Jacob gently stroked her hair and called her name again and again.

Soon, Era woke up. She tossed and turned restlessly, and then kicked away the quilt.

However, she still couldn't stand the heat. She sat up, squinted slightly, looked around the strange room breathlessly, and finally looked at the man beside her. "Jacob..." She shook her head to make sure that it was not her illusion this time. Then she walked over and put her arms around his strong waist.

Jacob was stunned for a moment. Then he patted her back gently and said, "You must be frightened! It's all right now." The clothes were not thin, but he could still feel her high temperature.

"Era." He looked down at her worriedly.

A tinge of helplessness flashed across Jacob's cold black eyes, but he still cooperated with her.

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