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   Chapter 254 Kidnapping (Part Two)

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"Long". 'Is it the name of this night club?'

Kevin pushed her to the front of a man. The black haired man with gold rimmed glasses looked at Era up and down and frowned with hesitation. At this time, Era deliberately messed up her hair, looking dispirited and not beautiful.

Seeing this, Kevin tore off the coat that was covering Era. In an instant, her fair skin was exposed to the cold air. "Moore, this woman is not bad. If I didn't owe you a favor last time, I would have sent her directly to..."

The sleepy Era was like a startled leopard. Startled and angry, she slapped Kevin in the face and interrupted him. Then she gave him an elbow-blow and made him cover his lower abdomen and couldn't stand up straight.

It was just a simple move, but Era was already out of breath. She threw away his hand and glared at him with her beautiful eyes. "No matter who instigated you, I swear that I will make you regret what you have done."

"Bitch! You're courting death!"

Just as Kevin was about to rush up and make a move, the black haired man called Moore Mo grasped his high wrist and looked at Era with interest. "Wait, this woman... I'll take it."

"Mr. Glasses, do you know that human trafficking is illegal?"

The man with black hair, who looked like a profiteer, smiled at her, revealing his white teeth. "In Long, I am the law."

Then he turned to his men behind him and ordered, "Take her in!"


Moore turned to look at the disheveled Era and asked with sympathy, "What's the matter?"

Era tried her best to concentrate and make her voice calm. "Have you ever heard of these two names, Jacob Huangfu and Ryan Black?"

The black haired man's eyes narrowed slight


Then the girls from No. 1 to No. 5 showed up like commodities. Every girl was locked in a tent sized golden silk cage, so they could only be carried out by others. The purpose was nothing more than the theme of the sponsor, secret lover in golden house.

However, most of the guests were not interested in it. They had played the same game for a long time, so they were tired of it.

Seeing this, Moore smiled calmly and raised his hand. All of a sudden, the music was played. The five women all increased their movements, and two of them were dancing around the cage pillar. They were wild and bold.

They had been trained at a high price. How could they make the show cold?

Then the crowd was cheered up.

"What do you think? Which one do you like?" Such a conversation came from time to time.

After glancing at the stage coldly, Dennis still looked cold. He opened his notebook and looked through the documents sent by Duke. He had never been interested in such a show. The reason why he took part in the party today was that he received a call from Jacob, telling him to pay attention to similar transactions.

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