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   Chapter 253 Kidnapping (Part One)

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'There is always a power supporting us in life. There is always a love that makes our hearts ache, and there is always a feeling that makes us moved.'

"Who?" Hearing the noise, Dilys rushed out of the room. "Charles!"

Charles Brown turned around. He waved the baseball in his hand and said, "I'm back to get something. What's up? Dilys."

"No, I just want to say have fun."

Looking at the back of Charles, Easton sighed, "I will be satisfied if this child has half of your ambition."

In the damp cabin.

Boxes of beef cans were piled up in rows.

There were a small amount of illegal drugs hidden in each box of beef cans, but there were so many cans in total, which was a huge number.

Behind the wooden boxes, a petite girl was curling up in the corner of the cabin.

Her limbs were tied tightly, and it was difficult for her to move.

With a long ship's whistle, the ship was about to dock.

Slowly, Era opened her eyes. It was dark around, and the air was mixed with a strong smell of fishy and rotten. The sound of whistle near her ears, the sound of propeller stirring the sea, and the sound of the sea wind were mixed.

All the information told her that she had been kidnapped and taken to a very strange place.

The unpleasant smell made her want to cough, but she could only make a few muffled groans.

Not only were her limbs tied, her body weak and feeble, but her mouth was also covered with a disgusting rag.

Era tried her best to move her body and put her mouth close to an upturned iron wire. Then she hooked the rag in her mouth with the iron wire and pulled it out with great force.

"Ahem, is there any mistake? She was kidnapped again. Is this game

. She's not in the right condition at all. Is there anything wrong with her?"

"Shut up! But she looks so depressed that she can't see anyone!"

What a bad luck! Was it because the drug was too strong? She thought she was still dizzy after such a long time because she got seasick. 'Oh my god! Will my brain be damaged?'

According to her observation along the way, they had planned everything. It was very likely that they had planned it for a long time.

It seemed that this time it was not as simple as human trafficking. Otherwise, they wouldn't have kidnapped her since she was already a mom. 'Who is it?

What should I do? Does Jacob know that I have an accident?' He had a lot of difficult things to deal with now, she seemed to become his burden again.

'If possible, I really don't want to cause you any trouble.'

And Arthur. He must be very anxious if she couldn't go back.

The more Era thought about it, the more she wanted to sleep. She had no choice but to pinch her thigh to keep awake.

Thirty minutes later, the car stopped in front of a night club. The charming fluorescent light made her dizzy.

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