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   Chapter 252 Why (Part Two)

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There were not many guests in the coffee shop in the afternoon.

Sitting by the window, Era saw the door open and a young woman with a beautiful girl walking in. She waved her hand immediately. "Melissa, here." Then she turned her head and winked at Arthur, who was sitting next to her. "Honey, I have something to talk with your beautiful aunt. I'll leave Lily to you."

With a straight face, Arthur climbed down from his seat and held Lily's hand.

"Brother Arthur." Lily giggled. Obviously, she was happy to see Arthur.

"Let's go." Arthur's tone was not very gentle, but he didn't walk too fast. Lily just moved two legs to keep up with him.

"Melissa, tell me, what happened when I was away?" Looking at the two little kids playing hand in hand, Era stopped looking at them and asked straightforwardly. She should have guessed that there must be something unusual happening when Melissa came to America with Jacob.

Hearing this, Melissa was slightly stunned. She picked up the coffee from the waiter and took a sip. "Era..."

"Melissa, I want to know the truth."

Her eyes were full of determination, and Melissa smiled. In fact, she had long thought that Jacob had protected Era too much. Like her, Era was also a wild grass with tenacious vitality. She would not easily give up many things. The more he hid, the more she wanted to explore. Thinking of this, she put down the coffee cup and told Era everything that had happened after her left.

Hearing this, Era was stunned. 'My god!' Clones?! Naros was really a lunatic who could use all kinds of methods to clone human beings!

"Then... Brooks came back to life. Is he also..."

"No, he should be real." Melissa said calmly, "Otherwise

hadow asked.

"Go to the hospital first." He couldn't rest assured until he saw that Miriam was not in danger. He strode into the car and immediately dialed the number of Jacob.

At Brown family's house.

Easton Brown was exasperated at his subordinate's report. "Dilys, how could you kidnap that woman without permission! Don't you know the serious consequences of doing so? At the same time, you have offended both Jacob and Ryan, and you have made the whole Brown family suffer from two enemies."

"Daddy, I didn't do it for myself." However, Dilys smiled gracefully and said unhurriedly, "Don't you notice that Jacob has targeted us and was passively investigated by them at this time? Why don't you make them pay attention to the Southeast Asia. Don't worry, daddy. Our people are very clean. We won't let them find fault with us."

"Are you sure?"

"Of course. Don't you trust me, daddy?"

"Of course I trust you, my dear daughter. But now it's a critical moment. We can't act rashly unless we have to." Easton softened his tone.

Outside the door, a delicate figure paused, turned around and quickly walked downstairs.

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