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   Chapter 248 A Flying Moth Darting Into Fire (Part Two)

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Twenty minutes later.

Era stood up from the back of the trash can and gasped as she touched her arm.

"Why do you rush out when you know you can't fight?" The golden haired man glanced at her and said impolitely. If it weren't for the siren, the two of them would have been beaten up. How could there be such a silly girl now?

"Hey, boy, don't be too ungrateful." Era rubbed her injured shoulder. She was overwhelmed by maternal love! The young man in front of her was not even a man, but a boy. He was indeed cute, with soft golden hair covering a little of his forehead, and a pair of sapphire like beautiful eyes, which was really impressive.

But he was ten centimeters taller than her and had a bad attitude. If she had known it earlier, she wouldn't have rushed over and taken the blow for him.

"Ungrateful? Did you save me? If it weren't for the police car, we would have been beaten up together."

"Do you think the police car will drive here by itself?" Era disdained to roll her eyes at him.

"You called the police?"


"Mind your own business!"

"You..." Era pointed at his nose and shook her head. The world was getting worse and worse. 'Don't children know what gratitude is now?'

"Does your shoulder hurt?" The boy raised his eyebrows and suddenly changed the topic.

"Yes," Era answered in a low voice. He still had conscience.

"I'll take you to the clinic." It was an order rather than a negotiation. 'There are also spoiled children in America, ' Era sighed. "No..." When she was about to refuse, she looked up and saw him covered in blood and bruises. 'Forget it. Just let it be. I'll go with him to heal his wounds.' So Era immediately changed her answer. "Okay, let's go."

Walking out of the alley, the golden haired boy went straight to a Rolls-Royce and opened the door. "Get in the car."

"Uh..." No wonder he was so domineering. It turned out that he was from a rich family! ...

They found a private clinic and accompanied the boy to bandage the wound. When Era returned to the residence of Brooks, it was already late.

"You live here?" The boy stuck his head out of the car and asked.

"Yes." Era nodded and said n

ough for us to pay a visit to Brown's house."

Looking at the calm smile on Melissa's face, Jacob was silent for a moment. Then he ordered Scott in a deep voice, "Prepare a suit of clothes for me."

"No need." Melissa looked at the door and said, "Come in." Two young men in saleswomen's uniforms came in immediately, with a suit, a shirt, a tie and a pair of bright crocodile shoes.

"I made it according to the size of Dennis. Your figures are similar." Melissa suddenly smiled enchantingly.

The night was as cold as water. After walking for a while, Era sat beside the fountain.

The rippling water waves behind her were like a fairy tale in the light of the lamps, and the moonlight above her head sprinkled on her lonely shoulder. Jacob hadn't shown up yet. She felt that she was acting a solo again.

"We meet again."

Looking at the boy with blue eyes who suddenly appeared in front of her, Era said, "Charles Brown."

His family name was also Brown, so it shouldn't be unusual for him to appear here.

"Since you remember me, why don't you call me?" Charles Brown complained like a spoiled child. At first, he just felt that she was pretending to be reserved, but there was no news for a few days, so he could not sit still. He had never seen such a special eastern girl, so he couldn't help but inquire about her. He didn't expect to get her information from his sister, because she was the woman of the man his sister liked! ...

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