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   Chapter 242 Wait For Me

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'For you, I'm willing to give it a try; for me, are you willing to wait?'

Brooks could no longer control his surging feelings. He suddenly stretched out his arms and held Era in his arms. "Have you forgiven me? Can you accept me again?" He asked nervously, as if he was asking about the past or the present.

His embrace had always been so warm. His whole body was warm, just like the spring wind and the winter fire. If it weren't for the fact that she was still worried about Jacob, perhaps she would really accept him again. But now, she had to push him away and said lightly, "Brooks, there are many things that can't be fixed."

"Well, I see." Brooks forced a smile and said, "But I'm glad that you can come back to help me regain my memory."

Then he held her hand and the two continued to walk on the beach.

Jacob didn't expect that he would run into them by chance when he came to the seaside just for watching surfing. His eagle like cold eyes followed the two figures, and his heart became colder and colder. He had been thinking that if he really couldn't stand up in his life, it would be better for Era to find a good man to marry herself.

But reality was always so far away from imagination. When he saw her walk on the beach hand in hand with another man, and see her being hugged by another man. He couldn't help but want to take her back.

On the other side, Arthur was hit down from the surfboard by a wave. He wiped the water on his face and looked at the beach, but didn't see Era and Brooks. However, he saw a man sitting on a wheelchair in an inconspicuous place. It was his father!

It was really his father! He actually came to America in secret.

"Uncle, let's have a rest," he said in a hurry. The young man nodded and he immediately ran ashore.

Jacob stared coldly at Era, who was walking farther and farther away. He hadn't seen that Arthur had run to him and stood up angrily.

"Young master." The bodyguards behind him called out and drew back his sight. "Arthur."

"Humph! Dad, why didn't you tell Arthur that you came to America?"

"You like to be with your mom so much. Why should I interfere?" Jacob pretended to be pitiful.

"Of course not. Arthur also likes to be with dad." Arthur climbed onto the wheelchair and sat in his arms. "By the way, Dad, have you gone to see a doctor for your leg? Mom is worried about you."

"Aren't you worried, Arthur?"

"Arthur is as worried as mom is. No, no, mom is a little more worried than Arthur," Arthur said, stretching out his little finger to show the distance of one grain of rice.

"Really?" Jacob's eyes darkened.

"Dad, you must cure your leg."


"Because when mom thinks of dad, she will cry secretly at night and can't eat anything in the daytime. Mom is not happy, and so is Arthur."

Was she so worried about him? He looked at the sea with his black eyes subconsciously and saw Brooks and Era walking

master is there." Jacob looked over and saw that Arthur was playing football with several boys. Behind them, Era and Brooks sat together.

This scene was very familiar. They always looked so intimate and harmonious when they were together. How could it be? Suddenly, an idea flashed through his mind. Era came from Brooks' side, so she would always come back to Brooks!

"Let's go," he spoke again in a low and depressed tone.

Looking at the lively and energetic Arthur, the corners of Era's eyes were a little moist, but a sweet smile was always hanging on her face. "You know what? Brooks, Arthur was seriously ill once. I almost lost him."

"But Arthur is very healthy now. It can be seen that you are a good mother and take good care of him." Brooks' voice was soft and magnetic, like the spring water, sweeping away the haze in her heart unconsciously.

"Well, maybe." "In the past, we used to sit together and watch Arthur play football," said Era, wiping her tears secretly and looking at Brooks.

"Really?" Brooks was as elegant and handsome as a prince. What a beautiful scene! How could he give up so easily?

"Era," he held Era's hand gently. "Do you think we will have the chance to watch Arthur play football together in the future?"

Era smiled faintly and answered ambiguously. "Maybe."

On the small square, Arthur took the opportunity to shoot far, and the ball directly shot across the parterre and fell on the cement road.

... A beautiful and delicate little girl, dressed in a pink fluffy coat and tied with a pink bowknot, came over with a cute Chihuahua in a pink vest.

The Chihuahua walked to the front of the football and seemed to be very interested. It sniffed and circled around the ball. Then it peed at the football impolitely.

"Hey, how can you let your puppy pee randomly?" Arthur ran over and kicked the ball far away. Frightened, the Chihuahua howled and hid behind the beautiful little girl.

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