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   Chapter 239 Ordinary Friends (Part One)

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'That feeling was not very sad, but when a familiar face and gentle words appeared in her mind, she would be absent-minded for a long time.'

"We are the same," Jacob said coldly. In fact, he had already investigated his love story, so he could roughly guess the purpose of Era going back to America with him.

At this time, the two men, who were equally handsome and outstanding, had a feeling that they were like friends in the same trouble.


Era had never thought that the filming site would be so busy. Many people were shuttling back and forth, but she didn't know what they were busy with. After waiting quietly for a while, she saw Miriam rushing over. "Are you looking for me?"

"Yes." Era nodded.

"What's the matter?" Although she disdained her words and deeds last time, she didn't seem to be as superficial as she looked. This made Miriam more and more interested in Era.

"Here is the thing. One of my friends fell down from upstairs by accident..." Era told her everything about Brooks.

"What do you want me to do?" She was kind to her friends. Miriam was quite satisfied with that.

"I want you to find some actors for us and show him some scenes we have experienced. I think this may remind him of something."


"Really?" Thrilled, Era hugged Miriam tightly. She had thought that she would misunderstand her because of what had happened last time. She had prepared a lot of words to explain. It seemed that she didn't need any now. Miriam is really a different woman. But she still had to tell her.

"Actually, Ryan and I are just ordinary friends. We stay in his house for the time being. When he has a banquet, he needs a female companion to help him temporarily."


"Yes." She looked so indifferent that Era didn't know what to say for a moment and released her hand.

At this time, instead, Miriam laughed. "Go back and sort out your stories and make them into scripts. Then you don't need to worry about the rest. I will rehearse for you."

"What? I need t

ll of a sudden, Era became depressed, like a withered flower. Even her eyes became blank. She turned around and slowly walked out of the room.

Inside the ajar door, Jacob listened to her voice quietly. A few simple words could tell her deep disappointment. 'I'm sorry, Era. The more you care about me, the less I can see you at this time.

If I can still stand up, I will walk to you and beg you to forgive me and marry me.'

As soon as Era walked out of the hospital, she raised her head and felt that the sky had darkened. Jacob was not one to give up easily. Why was he so determined this time? Confused, she took out her phone and dialed Allie's number.

"Ah... Era." Allie yawned and answered the phone. "You disturbed my dreams in the early morning. Can't you live in the United States anymore?"

"Not bad. I just want to ask that Jacob..."

"I knew you called just because you missed him, ungrateful guy."

"No, Allie. I just went to see Mr. Wood. He was the neurologist who I consulted about Jacob's situation last time. He said that Jacob hadn't contacted him yet. I'm afraid that if it goes on, he will never be able to leave the wheelchair for the rest of his life."

"Don't worry. Don't be so pessimistic."

"I'm not pessimistic. What I'm afraid of now is that Jacob is too pessimistic and easily gives up the treatment."

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