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   Chapter 238 Disappointment

Fair-haired Boy By Ai Xiaomo Characters: 9939

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You know that? Those indescribable memories of you often came in the dead of night, stabbing the softest part of the heart and struggling powerlessly.

No! Even if they broke up, she had to ask him whether he didn't love her anymore.

Thinking of this, Era grabbed her phone and rushed out of the guest room.

"Era..." Brooks happened to open the door and come out.

"Yes." Era nodded. "I have something to leave for a few days. Please tell uncle and aunt." Then she knocked on the door of Arthur's room and asked him to come out as soon as possible.

"Era, are you leaving?" Brooks asked anxiously, "Is it because of me? I didn't mean to forget you. I just had an accident. But I can still feel that we are very familiar with each other. Please give me some time. I will remember you..."

"No, it's not because of you. I really have something urgent to leave."

"I see." Brooks's look suddenly becomes very gloomy. "I forgot everyone, so I deserve to be abandoned." After saying that, he didn't stop her and went back to his bedroom.

Stunned, Era looked at his lonely back and called, "Brooks..."

"Mom, are you leaving now?" Asked Arthur, raising his head.

"Go back to your room." After saying that, Era went straight to the door of Brooks's room and knocked on it. Then she pushed the door open and walked in.

'Mom cried.' Standing at the door of the guest room with his arms crossed over his chest, Arthur frowned. 'For whom? Uncle Qi or Dad?' But he guessed it must be his father! It must be his father who called her just now.

In this way, Era stayed in the Qi family. After thinking for a long time, she decided to send the sapphire ring back. Perhaps it would work.

On the one hand, she could tell that Brooks was in a bad condition and she was worried about leaving. On the other hand, she also felt that it was time for Jacob and her to separate for some more time and calm down. Sometimes, love also needed to be filtered out of dust and time to settle down...

... ...

She finally returned the ring. Was she still angry? Touching the sapphire with his big hand, a hint of affection flashed through Jacob's cold eyes, but soon it was replaced by coldness, because he knew that it was not the right time for that.

She twisted the gem, three twists to the left, five to the right. The ring immediately cracked, revealing a red button that was only 1/5 the size of a grain of rice. Jacob took out a pen from the container and pressed the tip of the pen gently. Then a voice came through.

"Night hawk, listen to master's call at any time..."

It was late at night and Era couldn't fall asleep. She put on a coat and leaned against the window to appreciate the moon in the air. She stared at the night sky, but her mind was in a mess.

What was Jacob doing now? She didn't know if he was ready for the surgery. She shouldn't have left him.

No, no, she should think about Brooks now. If it went on like this, he would really be

use of Edward, the cousin of Dennis, after the Leng Group had something goes wrong.) ...

"Okay." Melissa nodded.

Jacob didn't say anything more. When did this workaholic Dennis become so interesting? Was it the magic of love or family?

Jacob had been to America many times, but he felt a little nervous when he set foot on this land this time. In fact, he didn't come to the United States just to track the whereabouts of the clones. Just like Melissa, he also wanted to do something private.

He had read the medical report that Era gave him. It turned out that half of the hope for him to stand up again in such a situation. The hospital in the United States and the doctor in charge were both very famous. In fact, he had some shallow friendship with them. Since there was hope, he would not give up. This time, he was also consulting about the leg surgery.

However, before he stood up, he would not go to see Era easily.

What if he really couldn't stand up all his life? They might as well maintain such an end...

After out of the airport, Jacob and Melissa checked in at a five star hotel. After a short rest, they came to the residence of Ryan.

They all knew that Ryan was like a local villain in the United States. It should be twice the result with half the effort to ask him for help. Moreover, they were sure that Ryan wouldn't refuse, because if Naros's plan really succeeded, he would inevitably be involved in the whirlpool.

Things went smoothly. As for finding someone, Ryan agreed without hesitation.

Then, Melissa resigned to see her precious daughter and Cecilia.

"Era went to the old friend there, it seemed to a lost memory of childhood sweetheart." After she left, Ryan looked at Jacob with interest.

"Well, haven't you got your Miriam yet?"

"How do you know?" He had thought that he had been bothered by what had happened recently. He must have no time to care about these trifles. It seemed that he had underestimated Jacob.

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