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   Chapter 236 Something Happened Again

Fair-haired Boy By Ai Xiaomo Characters: 10068

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'Love is an accident. For you, who is an accident? For you, who is a love?'

In Jay's villa in S City.

In the first room, two twins were playing gobang. Even if they were clones, they still had the childish nature. The clone Arthur was hostile to everyone, but he didn't reject Arthur's contact at all.

"You lost again." Arthur raised his head proudly.

"Again, I will definitely win you this time." The other one raised his head arrogantly, unwilling to admit defeat. At this moment, no one could tell whether which one was the real Arthur.

"Hey, what's that?" He stared at the lollipop in Arthur's mouth, with a flash of saliva.

"This is a lollipop. My name is not hey," Arthur said as he took out a lollipop from his pocket and handed it to him.

"What's your name?"

"Arthur Ling."

"Then what's my name?"

"You..." Scratching his little head in distress, Arthur suddenly had an idea. "You may call Justin Ling."

"Okay." The cunning and ferocity in the past were all gone, leaving only the innocence of a child.

Room two was much more serious. Jacob and Jay were having a video conference with the headquarters of Italy. At this moment, the atmosphere in the room was so cold that it almost froze.

"What happened?" Jacob frowned, indicating that the situation was very serious.

"It's Finley Liao, the director of the logistics department. He wanted to do something and made an old business we had before. As a result, someone leaked the news and that batch of goods was found. Now, the police in Italy have sealed up three of our branches. They are going to sue us for smuggling and money laundering."

"Find someone to dredge up the relationship right away."

"We have used all our connections, but there is no result. It seems that the government of Italy is determined to punish smuggling and money laundering. No one dares to suppress it."

"Jacob, I think you'd better ask Bruce to go back to Italy with you, and I'll deal with Naros," said Jay.

Jacob thought for a while and nodded, saying, "Okay." There was no better way. They had to go back and find a way to end this as soon as possible. If it went on like this, the Imperial Group would definitely suffer a great loss.

"No, you can't go back now." The door suddenly opened and a handsome man and a beautiful woman walked in.

"Why are you here?" asked Jacob coldly.

With a slight smile, Dennis leisurely sat on the sofa opposite to him. "Jacob, when do you like to ask some nonsense?"

"For the sake of Naros," said Jay, raising his eyebrows. With the help of Dennis, it would be a great help to solve Naros.

"Jay, you've become more frank."

Jay shrugged his shoulders and said indifferently, "Why did you say that Jacob can't go back to Italy?"

"Because if he goes back..." With unfathomable dark eyes, Dennis looked at Jacob and said indifferently, "He will throw himself into the net."

"What do you mean?" Hearing that, Jacob raised his head and his sharp eyes met in the air.



On the second day, to Era's surprise, Mr. Mike and Mrs. Hanna came to her voluntarily.

In the coffee shop, Era, Arthur, Mike and Hanna were sitting opposite to each other.

"I misunderstood you before. I'm sorry, Miss Ling." After hesitating for a long time, Hanna finally apologized to Era under the hint of Mike.

"It doesn't matter, madam. I can understand how you felt at that time. But..." Era's hand holding the coffee cup trembled involuntarily. "Is that man really Brooks?"

"Of course!" There was no trace of lying in Hanna's eyes, and she became a little excited. "At that time, when Brooks fell off the building, he was just in a coma and he was not dead. Then someone told us that he could save him, but we had to announce his death to the public."

Noticing that Hanna was getting more and more agitated, Mike hurriedly patted her on the back and said softly, "Have a rest. Let me say it."

Seeing that Hanna nodded, he turned to look at Era and said, "At the beginning, Hanna didn't know that, because the only condition that that person could save Brooks was to make his death look real. So I arranged everything according to his requirements, making everyone think that Brooks is dead."

"That man? Who is him?"

"I'm sorry," Mike said as he shook his head. "He said it must be confidential, or else he would take Brooks' life back, so I can't tell you."

"Okay," said Era, looking down at the coffee cup in her hand and stirring it gently. "No matter who it is, as long as Brooks is still alive, it is more important than anything else." He... Did he hate her? That was why he treated her as a passer-by last time. She wanted to ask, but she didn't have the courage.

"Yes, Brooks has been in a coma for eight months. He has received five or six surgeries, big and small. He is finally able to survive."

"But when he wakes up, he won't recognize anyone," Hanna said with tears in her eyes. "It took me and his father a long time to make him accept it again."

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