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   Chapter 235 Just Be Together (Part Two)

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The two of them ordered their favorite dishes and chatted casually. Obviously, Era felt Miriam was a little uncomfortable, so she carefully didn't lead the topic to a deeper one. What a joke! Now they were rivals in love!

"Look, Jacob Huangfu." Suddenly, she heard the whispers at the next table.

Jacob Huangfu? Is he the top ten golden Bachelor in the world and the youngest president of the Imperial Group?"

"Yeah, look at his report... It seems that he has suffered a lot recently."

"... Recently, it is reported that Jacob Huangfu has been suffering from a series of bad luck, causing a car accident to lead to his disability and separation from his wife and children..."

"Separation from his wife and children? Isn't he single?"

"Stupid. It's just a metaphor. I heard that she had been with him for more than ten years and had a child, but when she saw him become disabled, she immediately turned around and ran away with another man."

"This woman is so shameless!"


Hearing that, Era tightened her grip on the chopsticks, but her face remained calm.

"Come on, eat it. The Dongpo Pork won't taste good if it's cold." Then Miriam picked up a piece of meat and put it on the plate in front of her.

"Thank you." Era nodded with a smile. Her mind was still on the conversation over there.

"Who is to blame? So many women, but he likes that skittish woman."

"You are right. He must be a playboy since he was fooled by a woman."

"What a pity! He has a beautiful face. Hemiplegia, I'm afraid he can't do that. Otherwise, how could her woman run away with another man?"

"Hee hee..."

Damn it! Unable to sit still any longer, Era stood up and walked to the table next to her. "Ladies..." Seeing that she successfully attracted their attention, she continued with a very sweet smile on her little face. "Have you ever heard a saying that there is an ear in the wall?" Although she knew that it was the nature of some people to add insult to injury, they had completely car

ned her hands, and the pair of chopsticks were broken in her hands unexpectedly.

So powerful! She looked so thin and weak, but she had such great strength. And she even threatened him for Ryan. It seemed that as she expected, she had been pretending to be cold...

Just like her and Jacob. Although the relationship between them became stronger and more precious after going through hardships, she was a kind girl. She didn't want them to misunderstand and miss too much.

Thinking of this, Era smiled and said. "Since you care about him so much, why do you pretend to be so indifferent? In fact, Ryan and I..."

"Miss, pay the bill!"

A familiar low male voice with an accent of hometown interrupted her. She was surprised and turned her head, only to see a man in a straight suit walking to the counter to pay the bill and then walking out of the restaurant...

The tall figure, a gentle and handsome face, and elegant temperament... He really looked like someone!

"Brooks!" Without thinking too much, Era rushed out of the restaurant. But there was no man at the door. There was only a black car driving past her.

Was she wrong? There were really two people in the world that could be imagined like this? Era was in a daze at the door for a long time. When she returned to the restaurant, Miriam had paid the bill and left.

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