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   Chapter 231 Sacrifice Me (Part One)

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Updated: 2020-05-10 00:25

'I have given up everything in my life, and I have not given up on you. But you haven't given up anything, and you have only given up on me.'

Good! Since she was unwilling to let him go, he would stay and completely destroy her hope.

Thinking of this, Jacob gritted his teeth and said, "Aaron, go back to S City!"

Good news came from Ryan. He had contacted the best neurologist in the United States for them. For a case like Jacob, whose nerves were damaged and could not stand or even affect his sexual function, the success rate of his operation was nearly ten% higher than that of other doctors. Although there was still no fifty percent hope, Era was very satisfied. She believed that Jacob would definitely pass the test.

However, in the past few days, he had turned a blind eye to her or sneered at her. Moreover, no matter how hard they persuaded him, he would never accept the surgery again. She wanted to tell him the good news and persuade him to go to America with her, but she hesitated in front of his door.

Although she tossed and turned for a few nights, she realized that Jacob's sudden determination was probably just afraid of implicating her, but she tried again and again to get close to him, and failed again and again. She was on the verge of breaking down.

If she was refused ruthlessly this time, she didn't know what else she could do next. However, this matter could not be delayed any longer. With a sigh, Era clenched the pile of documents in her hands and gently knocked on the door.

As usual, no one spoke. She pushed the door open and walked in.

"Get out!"

Sitting in front of the window, Jacob said the two words coldly without even turning his head.

ed around and smiled cutely. "Dad, what are you playing with Arthur today?"

"Let's play gobang." Jacob glanced at the door with his cold eyes subconsciously.

"What? Such a childish thing!" Arthur pouted in protest.

"Don't you like playing gobang the most?" Turning his head back, Jacob seemed to be thinking about something.

"Ha-ha..." Arthur scratched his head with an awkward smile. "That was when I was little. Of course children like childish things. But Arthur has grown up now."

"Alright." Touching Arthur's head with a cold smile, Jacob said, "But I really want to play gobang today. Arthur, play with me."

The chessboard was unfolded, and the father and son fought.

"Arthur, do you remember the name dad gave you?"

"Yes." Staring at the chessboard, Arthur nodded casually.

"Bridge Huangfu! What a powerful name!"

"Ha-ha, that's right. It a name that dad makes. Of course it is powerful!" Arthur said as he put down a go piece.

"Arthur, you are going to lose again."

"Oh, no!" Arthur pouted and threw the go piece aside. "Dad is an adult, and Arthur is a child. Of course Arthur can't beat Dad!"

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