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   Chapter 230 Give Me Up (Part Two)

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"Then why are you still standing there?" Immediately, Era took Arthur's hand and rushed downstairs.

In the broad airport, the huge private plane quietly stopped at the top of the runway.

A luxury commercial vehicle came steadily. The door opened, and Aaron took out the wheelchair. Then he helped Jacob get out of the car and sat on the wheelchair.

A staff immediately ran over and said, "Boss, I'm sorry. There are some minor problems in the plane maintenance, and the crew is trying their best to deal with them. Please go to the lounge and have a rest."

"How long will it take?" As soon as Jacob cast a cold glance at him, the staff was frightened.

"Uh... No more than... Half an hour, boss." Alas, Mr. Jay just called and asked him to find a way to stall the CEO. He had no choice, but it was not fun to lie to the CEO.

"Okay, Aaron, let's go to the waiting room."

The staff of the airport watched them leave and finally breathed a sigh of relief. He wiped the cold sweat on his head.

More than ten minutes later, Jay arrived with Era and her son. The staff hurried up and said, "Mr. Lin, the president is in the waiting room."

"Okay." Jay nodded and patted on his shoulder. "Go ahead. Keep him or go with him." As a matter of fact, he couldn't persuade Era to leave Jacob at this time.

Era bent down and touched Arthur's head. "Arthur, wait here with uncle. I will talk to your father. I won't let him abandon us two."

"Mom, let Arthur go with us. We can persuade Dad together." However, Arthur insisted on going with Era.

"Okay." Era held his hand and walked towards the waiting room.

In the waiting room, Jacob was sitting alone in a wheelchair with his back to the door, holding the kraft paper bag that Aaron had picked up for him. The big hand twisted and deformed the kraft paper bag involuntarily. His cold eyes were no longer calm, with rare surging waves.

'Let her go. Haven't you made up your mind?' Why was he still worrying about her?

If she chose to be with Ryan, he believed that the man must have the ability to protect her.

If she chose Ethan, she would not be able to stay away from troubles as she wished.

Even if she didn't love these two, she still had a third choice. But he couldn't be with her anymore. He was over with her! Now he finally unde

u..." Jacob raised his head slightly.

"What?" Without showing any weakness, Era looked into his cold eyes. The two stared at each other. Outside the waiting room was silent.

"Uh..." The staff of the airport broke in at an inappropriate time. Feeling embarrassed, he rubbed his hands and said, "Boss, the plane has been repaired and can take off at any time."

"Aaron," said Jacob coldly, withdrawing his sight. "Let's go."

Era grabbed the armrest of the wheelchair and said, "if you don't make it clear today, you can't leave!"

"Let me go!"

"No!" Her stubborn and arrogant little face looked particularly beautiful in the morning light. Staring at her, Jacob's heart suddenly missed a beat. Her appearance reminded him of what happened seven years ago.

Her little snow-white hands were tightly fixed on the wheelchair. She seemed to have the momentum that saying press over her first if he wanted to go over.

Feeling that his heart was torn apart, Jacob lowered his eyebrows and smiled bitterly. He should leave as soon as possible and had never changed his mind. However, when he saw that she tried her best to persuade him to stay, his heart could not help but be tempted. Perhaps, even if he was disabled, he could accompany her for a lifetime.

However, this thought just flashed by. Not to mention that he was no longer able to protect her well and take care of her; what he didn't want was to be tired of each other for a long time. In an asexual marriage, they would only become a couple of resentments by time.

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