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   Chapter 228 I Will Figure It Out

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'You have lived a long life, and there are so many variables in your life. Sometimes the person you think will always be with you can only accompany you for a period of time.'

She clenched her fists and swore that she would never let Jacob sit on the wheelchair for the rest of his life. She would definitely find a way to make Jacob stand up!

Immersed in her own emotions, Era didn't notice that a little figure who was eavesdropping quickly disappeared at the end of the corridor.

In front of Jacob's ward, Era patted her face and forced a smile before she pushed the door open and walked in.

In the room, Arthur was lying on the edge of the bed and chatting with Jacob. Seeing her come in, Jacob let go of Arthur and asked, "What did Dr. Luo ask you to do?"

"Oh." Taking a look at Arthur, Era said with a smile, "Nothing. He told me that you have recovered well. However, there is still some injury in your leg, and you still need to have an operation to fully recover."

"Okay, come here." Jacob patted the seat beside him.

Era walked over and sat on the edge of the bed. Jacob held her in his arms and whispered in her ear, "When I can stand up, marry me immediately. Don't go back on your word."

Era forced a smile and said, "If you really want to marry me, I can marry you right now."

"No. Marriage is such an important moment. I don't want to sit on a wheelchair."

Hearing that, Era's heart skipped a beat. She almost asked would he not marry her if he had to live without a wheelchair for the rest of his life. But she knew that she couldn't give herself away when facing the sensitive man. She pretended to be angry and slapped his hand away. "Behave yourself. Arthur is watching."

"Just let it be. It's not the first time anyway. Children nowadays can't be less educated."

"How shameless you are!"

"Shameless? Since you have made me a shameless person, why don't I be more shameless."

"Don't..." While dodging, Era pounded him with her fists.

The two of them played happily. No one noticed that there was an extremely weird light in the clear eyes of Arthur.

Half an hour later, Era pushed Jacob to the yard for relaxation.

The sun shone gently on Jacob, and his deep features looked more charming. A few wisps of longer hair were naughtily hanging in front of his forehead to hide his coldness, making him dazzling and handsome. Even though he was sitting on a wheelchair, his aura of king was still not to be underestimated.

How could he sit on a wheelchair for the rest of his life as a proud man? No, he wouldn't accept that. He was so arrogant! Arthur's leukemia could be cured, and his legs could also be cured. I heard that the medical conditions in America were better. Maybe she should ask Ryan.

"Era, Era."

"Uh..." Era recovered herself from Jacob's calling. "What?"

"Are you unwilling to push me out?"


"No? Why do you

e they tasted, the more delicious they were. But in her opinion, Jacob was the most handsome man, and he must be the best vintage wine! ...

She drank a lot of drinks, only to see that Ryan was ruthlessly refused. Shaking her head, Era turned around and walked to the bathroom.

"You know that freak!" As soon as Era opened the door of the cubicle, she saw Miriam in a red dress leaning against the washing table, smoking lazily.

"Freak?" Hearing that, Era was stunned for a while. Suddenly, she understood what she meant. She smiled and said, "You must be the first woman to call Ryan like that."

"Era Ling! You are his female companion. Won't you feel sad when you see him following another woman all the time?"

"No, as you said, I'm just his female companion."

"Shit!" With a low curse, Miriam stubbed out the cigarette on the smooth marble platform. "I thought you could control him!"

"You dislike him?" Era asked curiously.

"When a strange man suddenly appeared in front of you and treated you as another woman, following you all the time, will you feel that he is annoying?" After saying that, Miriam shrugged helplessly. "Now, I can only ask you to keep an eye on your partner." Then she opened the door and left.

Then Era walked out of the bathroom and entered the hall. Her body was held by the man's strong arms. "Honey, where did you go just now?"

"What's wrong with you?" Era tried to push him away, but was held more tightly. She looked around and suddenly met a pair of beautiful black eyes. It was Miriam!

She looked at them for a few seconds, then turned around and gracefully caught up with Joe.

Ryan was deliberately putting on a show for her.

Did Miriam really not know Ryan? Why did she have that expression?

Thinking for a while, Era tried to get rid of the man's hand subconsciously.

"Baby, don't move. Let me heal my wound." Ryan buried his head in her neck and whispered.

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