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   Chapter 226 Don't Scare Me

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The one who really loves you won't say many words that love you, but will do many things that love you.

The moment Jacob was knocked away, he heard Arthur calling him anxiously in the distance, "Dad... Dad..."

It didn't seem to be the direction Arthur was pushed down. Where? Lying in the pool of blood, he wanted to raise his head to look for him, but he could not use any strength. However, the car didn't stop and was about to turn the steering wheel. Fortunately, Aaron was smart enough to stop the car a few centimeters away from Jacob's body.

"Jacob..." Era pounced on him. She knelt down beside him in astonishment, looking at him lying in the blood!

"Jacob... Jacob..." She carefully held up his unconscious face and put it on her knees. Her mind went blank. She gently called him, "Jacob... Jacob... Don't scare me... Get up, don't scare me..."

"Mom..." Aaron untied the rope for Arthur, then Arthur immediately pounced on Era. Aaron grabbed him at once. "Young master, don't touch godfather."

"Era, hurry up. Ask them to carry Jacob to the car and send him to the hospital." Jay waved his hand and asked two men to carry the stretcher.

Seeing that Jacob had disappeared from the operating room on the right side of the corridor alone, Era held Arthur tightly in her arms, her eyes filled with dead water. This feeling was even more unbearable than when Arthur was pushed into the operating room!

What had she done these years? Why did she cherish it? Why didn't she realize how important he was until he fell in front of her with blood all over his body? She was too stupid! She had wasted so much time...

"Jacob, you have to be fine... Please, as long as you survive, I will promise you everything in the future..." Over and over again, she blamed and prayed in her heart. At this moment, the only hope for her was that she and Jacob still had a future!

"Don't worry, Era. Jacob will be fine. He is lucky!" Jay came and patted her on the shoulder to c

ound were walking towards her in unison. Naros pulled her out and threw her in front of one of his subordinates.

However, Naros just sneered and tidied up his clothes elegantly. He strode to the sofa and sat down like a king, as if nothing had happened. He took the red wine handed over by his subordinates and tasted it as if nothing had happened. Behind the sofa, there was a scream.

It seemed that Naros had watched a good show.

"No one is allowed to show up in public these days. This person will stay for you to have fun at any time." He took another sip of wine and ordered. "Ask her to take care of that little guy by the way."

In the hospital, the long corridor was still deathly silent.

After a long time, the door of the operating room opened with a bang. The surgeon walked out and took off his mask.

"How is he? Dr. Luo." Jay hurried up and asked.

"The operation went well. He got several wounds all over his body. The next step is to see if he can survive the infected period..."

Holding Arthur tightly in her arms, Era sat still, staring at the doctor's mouth. He said that Jacob was temporarily out of danger, and it depended on whether he had a strong will to survive the next difficulties... 'Of course he will. Jacob is the strongest person in the world. He will make it through...'

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