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   Chapter 225 Deep Love

Fair-haired Boy By Ai Xiaomo Characters: 9542

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Maybe you walked out of my sight, but you didn't walk out of my missing.

"Come on, Uncle! Uncle, that's great!" Arthur didn't forget to cheer up.

With one punch and one kick, the two kidnappers were beaten black and blue, but the result was not decided yet.

Sitting on the broken sofa, Arthur shook his two legs and yawned. It was so boring to watch two stupid Bears Fighting! ...

He crawled along the broken sofa to the window. 'Alas, where Uncle Ye?'

Suddenly, there was a sound of engine, and two black cars drove on the wild road. Slam on the brakes, then more than ten men in black pants and black sunglasses out of the car.

He didn't know any of them. Not his father's people, Arthur rolled his eyes a few times, quickly climbed down the sofa and hid in a corner, pretending to be afraid.

"Idiot, what are you two doing? Stop it!" As soon as Sam entered the room, he saw his two subordinates rolling into balls and stopped them with a roar. Then he turned around and bowed. "Boss Naros, this is the person you want."

"Okay." The man answered from his nose. Half of his face was covered by a long black collar. He slowly took off his sunglasses. Arthur saw a pair of strange purple eyes. It was the first time that he had seen someone with purple eyes, but the beautiful color was frightening and gloomy. He didn't like it.

"Is this the son of Jacob? He is as timid as a mouse." Naros sneered, and the men in black behind him also laughed loudly.

"Yes, boss. Jacob can't compare with you, let alone his son."

Glancing at Sam indifferently, "Well done! You deserve my years of training."

"Yes, yes. Without you, I won't have today. I'll always remember this. I'm willing to do anything for you." It turned out that Sam indeed ended up with a miserable life. In the end, he couldn't bear it and escaped from S City. Naros happened to meet the same situation.

By the way, Naros took him abroad, thinking that he would be a good pawn to deal with Jacob in the future.

However, Naros didn't expect that Jacob and Dennis would work together to destroy his base camp, making him have to hide everywhere like a stray dog. In particular, at that time, if it weren't for Naros who smartly put his clothes on a dead man and pushed him into the sea of fire, he would have almost lost his life.

Naros swore to himself that he would take revenge! Isn't there a Chinese saying called "passing the torch and having the courage? Now, he was the embodiment of revenge!

Wearing a pair of sunglasses, Naros ignored the excessive flattery of Sam. He raised his hand and crooked his finger, "Take that little guy away from me."



The kidnapper boss and the stupid kidnapper stopped him at the same time.

"How dare you disobey boss Naros? You are courting death!" Sam scolded them fiercely. The kidnapper boss i


"What... I... I don't know..."

"Tell me, I don't have time to waste with you!" Then Aaron pulled the trigger.

"Please forgive me! I really don't know..."

"Well, are you still playing dumb with me?" Aaron curled his lips and pointed at his ankle.

"Ah..." Sam screamed like a pig. "I say... I say..."

Looking at the cruel and bloody scene in silence, Era didn't care about making someone be killed as long as she could save Arthur. It turned out that there was no pure black and white in this world! ...

Sam told them an address. Without any delay, Jacob, Jay and the others rushed to the lair of Naros.

"I'll send someone to send you back." Standing outside the door, Jacob held Era's slender shoulder and said.

"No!" Era shook her head. "Let me go. Since it's useless to escape, I'll face all the danger with you from now on!" Her eyes were clear and firm.

After hesitating for a while, Jacob nodded and opened the car door. "Let's go. But don't act without my permission. You must follow my orders."

The car sped at full speed, and everyone in the car looked serious. Naros had always been cruel and merciless. It was really a slim chance for Arthur to fall into his hands! ...

In the remote suburb, there was an open space in front of the weird top building of victor. Under the gloomy light, there looked even colder.

As soon as Jacob stopped the car, they opened the door. Suddenly, a car not far away lit up its light. They clearly saw a little figure tied up a few meters away from the car.

"Arthur!" While Era was screaming, she heard the engine start and the car had been started fiercely.


She screamed and flashed away.

Having a bad feeling, Jacob had rushed to the front of the car. No matter how agile he was, he could only push Arthur away from the danger zone. Then, with a bang, his tall body was knocked out one meter away...

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