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   Chapter 224 Old Acquaintance

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It was a gift from father. It was said that it could instantly produce 360V of power and quickly knock someone down. But he had never used it. Today it finally came in handy.

His little hand quietly moved behind the stupid kidnapper and was about to push the switch hard. A figure flashed through the window. Bruce waved his finger at him, indicating him not to do anything.

Arthur rolled his eyes. Yes, he was right. Although Uncle Ye didn't find the kidnapper, it didn't affect his plan. It would be better for him to get his father out of this. His plan was more perfect.

Besides, with Uncle Ye's protection, he was not afraid of anything. Thinking of this, Arthur quietly put away his "fierce weapon".

At this moment, trembling with fear, Era dragged her weak body and took heavy steps to find Jay and the others. She was burning with anxiety, but she managed to calm down and told Jay about it. After hearing this, Jay immediately called someone to prepare the ransom. Then he looked back at Era. After a while, he said seriously, "I think we should inform Jacob about it."

After a moment of silence, Era nodded her head. She knew that with the presence of Jacob, Arthur would have a better chance of returning safely. At this time, she couldn't be willful! ...

Before Jacob arrived, the money had been transferred, but it was troublesome to withdraw such a large sum of cash. When Era was sorting out her money, her phone rang again.

"Era, how is the money?" The voice on the phone seemed to be different from that last time.

"Ten million is not a small amount. You have to give me some time to raise money." Jay had installed a tracking system in her mobile phone. As long as she delayed for two minutes, he could find the location of the opposite side.

"Ten million?" The man on the other end of the line was a little surprised.

However, Era didn't notice that. All she cared about was Arthur. "Sir, please don't hurt my son. I will raise ten million to you as soon as possible."

"Ha ha..." The husky laugh, it sounded familiar to Era. "Era. I didn't expect you to be so rich now. I can't help but want to see you..."

So rich now? "Sir, did we know each other before? If I offended you before, I apologize to you. The kid is innocent. Please don't..."

"If you want to see your son, come to MS Bar tonight. Remember not to bring anyone with you. Come alone!" Then he turned off the phone.

"Hey... Hello..." Era anxiously looked at the time. Only one minute and thirty-two seconds. Damn! She cursed and looked at Jay, who shook his head. It was too short for him to track his position.

"I'm going to see him." Era picked up her coat and strode towards the door. Jay pulled her back and said, "No, it's too dangerous. Jacob's flight will arrive in an hour. Let's wait."

"Yes, Era. You can't go there alone. It's too dangerous." Allie grabbed the other arm of Era.

"But I can't put Arthur in danger."

"Arthur won't be in danger. What they

he car.

"Era is in the car ahead." Jay said as he opened the car door for Jacob. "I have installed a tracker on her. Maybe we can follow the clues and find Arthur."

... ...

The three people in the shabby room were full. Arthur wiped his mouth and approached the kidnapper with a smile. "Uncle, I'm so bored. Let's play chess, okay?"

"But there is no chessboard."

Arthur picked up a stick and drew a simple chess manual on the ground. Then he picked up a few stones and handed them to him. "Here, Uncle, you are black, and I am white. The winner is the boss!" ...

The man called "boss" cast a scornful glance at them and sat at the door smoking.

"I win!"

"Uncle, you lost again. Call me boss. Hurry up. Admit defeat for bet..." Arthur's cheerful voice came from the room from time to time.

"Shut up, you little bastard!"

The boss of the kidnappers stubbed out the cigarette in his hand and threw it on the ground, glaring at Arthur with a fierce look.

"Uncle, I'm scared..." Arthur pretended to be frightened and hid behind the kind-hearted and stupid kidnapper.

"Don't be afraid, I'm here." The kidnapper had never been trusted like this before. A sense of justice suddenly grew in his chest. "Boss, why are you so mean to the little brother? We are just playing games."

"Fuck you! Don't forget who is your boss! Fuck! How dare you call him boss?"

"Boss, I've told you that you can scold me if you want. Don't go too far! Besides, don't be too rude in front of a child..."

"Fuck, how dare you teach me a lesson?" Bang! The stupid kidnapper was beaten to the ground.

"Uncle, you are bleeding." Arthur hurried forward and helped him up. "Since we can't defeat him, let's put up with it..." He murmured.

"Who said I couldn't defeat him?" The stupid kidnapper struggled to stand up. He didn't want to lose face in front of Arthur. "Well, I just let him go. Since he is heartless this time, don't blame me for being unkind!" Then he pounced on him.

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