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   Chapter 222 True Love

Fair-haired Boy By Ai Xiaomo Characters: 10327

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'When you like someone, you will be humble to the dust and then bloom.'

Her son, whom she had brought up from an early age, was so easily partial to his father! ...

Ethan drove the car silently from beginning to end. Just like Arthur, he could clearly see the affection of Era for Jacob.

He sighed and sent them back to Jay's villa. It was late. Neither of them had dinner. But none of them felt hungry.

Seeing Ethan's car leave, Era held Arthur's hand and walked into the villa.

"Sister, you are back?" When an unexpected figure appeared, Era was slightly stunned. "Raymond."

"Sister, I'm sorry. I don't know those people want to hurt you. I just want to take a small revenge on you. I'm sorry, I..." Raymond lowered his head and said remorsefully, "Brother Lin has told me those things. I can't blame you for what happened that year. I'm sorry, sister. Can you forgive me?"

"What are you talking about? We are family. There is no need to say something like forgiving." With a smile, Era pushed him and pulled Arthur's hand. "Arthur, this is..."

"I know, uncle." Arthur didn't have any feelings for Raymond. He just accepted him as long as his mother liked him.

It turned out that Jay had tracked down West during Era's vacation. However, when they arrived, West heard the noise and ran away through the window, leaving only Raymond, who was huddling in the corner with wounds all over his body.

Jay knew that with the kindness of Era, she would never hold Raymond's accountable, so he planned to send him back to C City directly. After all, he had hurt Era before, so Jay really didn't like him.

However, Raymond was so stubborn that he didn't want to leave without seeing Era.

Era always smiled, to Raymond, Jay and Allie. But she didn't eat much at dinner. Then she lay down on the bed and couldn't fall asleep for a whole night. She was afraid that he would badger her, but in fact, she was just afraid that she would be softhearted. When he really turned around and left, she only felt heartache, so painful that she could not breathe.

As expected, Jacob didn't show up in the following days. It was said that he had returned to Italy.

Raymond didn't want to go back to C City, so Era asked Jay to find him a good private middle school in S City.

She planned to settle down in S City and found a school for Arthur. Although Arthur hadn't been to the kindergarten for a few days because of his illness, with his intelligence, there was no problem for him to directly go to primary school.

After arranging the kids, Era began to reopen the flower shop.

She knew that she couldn't rest at this time. Besides, she and Arthur couldn't sit there and spend the money all the time. What's more, Raymond was also here.

She finally had a big family, with her elder brother, younger brother and son. She felt satisfied and happy. But she still remembered him when she dreamed about him at midnight.

One day, she made an appointment with a man to see a shop. She didn't have breakfast and went out early. The winter morning was particularly cold.

ned and wild woman be the one that Ryan liked? Looking at the door, Era pondered for a while.

With a click, the door was pushed open again. A young man in jeans with a backpack on his back walked in. He handed a package to Era and said, "Miss, please sign for your package."

Era signed and took the package. It must be a package from Jacob. She thought that there must be scarf, gloves and hat inside. What on earth did he want to do? Frowning, Era threw the package into the trash can. In the past few years, she had a good time taking care of Arthur alone. Since she had chosen to live a simple and comfortable life, she would not regret!

Outside the shop, the young man walked to a black car, bent down and handed over the book with the signature of Era to the window. "Sir, this is the signature of that lady. I've sent the package, but she threw it into the trash can without even looking at it."

"Okay." A hundred dollar bill was handed to him from the car.

"Sir, I don't want money. I help you because I also want to join you!"

"Ha-ha..." The man in the car chuckled and slowly took off his sunglasses. "Boy, you want to join us?"

"Yes," the young man nodded hard, his eyes full of worship. It was said that the man in front of him was a legendary big boss.

"What a pity." Bruce slowly put on his sunglasses and said, "I haven't accepted subordinate for a long time." Then he waved his hand and the car drove away like an arrow from the string.

More than a year ago, Jacob had just begun to whitewash "Night Kill". They were full of complaints and were very confused. They even got along with the bad idea of kidnapping Era. However, more than a year later, the number of "Night Kill" gangs gradually decreased, but the Imperial Group expanded exponentially. Most of the members of the Night Kill got positions in the group based on their special skills, and they were well paid. They lived a leisurely life as ordinary people. One was impulsive when he was young, and after a certain age, he would have a desire for a family.

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