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   Chapter 219 What He Can Do (Part Two)

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Era lowered her head and rubbed her eyebrows. The more she thought about it, the more strongly she suspected that the vampire was "him". She took out her phone and dialed the number of Jacob.

Arthur was playing with the phone when the phone rang. He took a closer look and found it was mom's number. He knew that his mom must have been suspicious. He hurriedly ran out of the cabin. On the other side, Jacob stood at the bow of the ship like a sculpture, facing the sea wind, holding the bird egg sized blue diamond and looking at the tower in the middle of the sea.

"It's from mom." As Arthur spoke, he turned the phone into a loud speaker and handed it to him.

"Hello, Jacob."

"Woman, do you miss me again?" Leaning against the railing, Jacob looked evil and lazy.

"Yes, I miss you very much. Where are you now?"

"I'm in the company. I just finished a meeting." For her, he even learned to lie calmly. 'Woman, I have changed so much for you. Why can't you see my heart?!'

Hearing that, Arthur pursed his lips. He thought, 'Mom is really testing dad on purpose. It's not good!' If he had known it earlier, he wouldn't have arranged that. 'Well, mom is so smart. I don't know if Dad can handle it!'

"Company? Why is there so noisy?"

"Is it noisy?"

"Of course, there is the sound of dancing. Don't tell me you are dancing alone in the office, Jacob." Era quietly walked out of the cabin and walked to the bow all the way. She looked around while making the phone call. She turned around and looked askance at the bow of the boat. There were two vampires, one big and one small.

Obviously, she was right. The father and son ganged up to bully her again. It must be them who did everything last night, wasn't it?

'Arthur, you traitor! I gave birth to you after carrying you for ten months, but you supported others to bully me!' Although Era scolded him silently in her heart, her voice was still as calm as water.

"Yes, I'm dancing! There will be a dan

oked at it, the more nervous she became. Was this the legendary... Illegal drugs! Why was there such a thing in Senior's pocket?! ...

"Era, hurry up. We..." Ethan walked over and saw the plastic bag in her hand at a glance. "Era, you..."

"Senior, what's this?" Era asked with a serious look on her face.

"That's..." Staring at her serious eyes, Ethan couldn't help but have a mischievous gleam in his black eyes. "Since you have discovered it, what else do you want me to say?" He pretended to be annoyed and lowered his shoulders.

"Senior, how can you touch such a thing! Don't you know that you can't get rid of it forever! It will make you suffer and turn you into a devil." Era couldn't believe her ears. How could he not take good care of himself?! No, she couldn't let him fall. She couldn't let such an excellent man fall. Thinking of this, she grabbed Ethan's wrist and said, "Let's go!"

"Where are you taking me?"

"I'll take you to the rehabilitation center!"

"……" It seemed that the joke was too big. However, he felt good that she felt sorry for him. ...

"Let's go, Senior. Although it's difficult to get rid of it, I believe you can overcome all the difficulties, overcome great pain and stand up again."

"Era." Ethan stood straight and smiled playfully, saying, "I'm not lying now."

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