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   Chapter 218 What He Can Do (Part One)

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'Love was cruel. Only at that moment could she weigh his weight in her heart.'

"Now, the singular number is man and the double number is lady. We will draw twelve men and women. Please come on the stage!"

"No. 6, No. 23, No. 38, No. 10..." ...

Soon, the twenty-two guests who were selected went onto the stage slowly.

At last, there were only two people left.

"Dad, Dad, it's your turn. Hurry up!" Arthur tugged at the corner of Jacob's clothes and urged him to go on the stage.

Frowning, Jacob hesitated for a while. He wondered whether he should listen to a little boy playing that childish game. Besides, he didn't see the woman among the people on the stage.

"Dad, you don't want to go on the stage, do you?"

"Yes." This child was always good at gauging people's mind.

"If I had known it earlier, I wouldn't have changed Mr. Liang's number plate. Alas, now mom is left alone."

At this time, they saw Cinderella wearing a demon cat mask walking onto the stage.

"Era." As Jacob was so excited that he knocked over the red wine in his hand. All of a sudden, he stood up and chased after Era on the stage.

'Alas.' Arthur shook his head. 'Calm down! Calm down!'

All the guests were finally here. The host breathed a sigh of relief.

On the stage, looking at the last man coming on the stage, Era was slightly surprised. If he was really Jacob, he would not take part in such a childish game. Did she really think too much? Or did he come to the stage just to chase after her?

The twelve female guests were covered behind the long gauze curtain. When the light was turned on, only the shapes could be seen. The twelve male guests had to choose their partner by feeling tonight. Of course, it wasn't that hard to only see the figure. In the process, the male guests could see and touch the female guests' hands.

In fact, this number was not completely random. Twelve out of twenty-four people were couples. This was also the reason why Arthur could secretly change the number plate. The female guest was required to take off all the sy

ider man or an ordinary happy girl with parents? There was no doubt that she would choose the latter.


As soon as she opened her mouth, all the lights in the cabin suddenly disappeared. "Showtime! Time for a secret kiss!"

The next moment, she was pushed down. Her heart was beating fast.

Silence fell on the cruise ship in an instant. The "secret kiss" lasted for a minute and then passed in breathing sound.

It wasn't just one or two times, but this time it was the most dizzy. Era tried to pull herself together and pushed him hard on his strong chest. As the saying goes, when in Rome, do as the Romans do. Out of respect for the game, she closed her eyes and accepted it. However, she was almost suffocated by the kiss. He needed to let her to get some fresh air.

A minute later, the dizzy people all returned to their original positions, and the faint light shone on her.

It was time for the twenty-four men and women to take off their masks and see their partners' faces. Was her heart beating or her stomach wriggling? It all depended at this moment. At this time, Era looked around and found no trace of the vampire man.

Damn! Who the hell was he? It became the biggest mystery in her mind!

"Era, are you okay?" Ethan walked up and frowned. He handed over the number of him and Era, but he didn't know why they changed it to another man. ...

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