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   Chapter 215 Coax Whom

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'Who was the passer-by in whose life, who was the wheel of whose life. The dust of one's previous life. The wind of this life, and countless sad souls.'

When Era walked to the window again, she suddenly found that Arthur was sneaking around not far behind Jacob.

Humph, it was the idea of the little one again. How could she forget that they had conspired to deceive her once?

Well, there was no need to talk about it anymore. If even such a childish way of love was not truly done by Jacob, how would she be moved?

Looking into his deep eyes, Era threw the jewelry box under his feet again. "I don't care about these things!" she shouted at him with her hands around her mouth.

Jacob didn't even cast a glance at the jewelry box. He just smiled at her and took out a more exquisite box. The next moment, he stopped a nurse passing by. After a few words, the nurse ran upstairs with a jewelry box in her hand.

'Humph, he could only coax those innocent girls!' Regardless of its value, Era opened the window and threw it out again.

Until a group of people had gathered downstairs to point and talked, and no one knew how many white clothed angels were acting as messengers. There was no longer a dazzling diamond ring in the jewelry box, but... It turned into a blue diamond the size of a bird egg.

'Oh my God! What the hell does Jacob want to do?'

Seeing that she and he had become the protagonists of a farce, Era was angry and hateful, but at the same time, she was moved to tears.

After knocking at the door for a few times, Ethan walked into the ward, walked to the window curiously and asked, "Era, what's going on between you and Jacob?" Without saying a word, Era just turned around and wiped her tears secretly.

After A while, she calmed down and said, "You said yesterday that you would attend a party in A City these two days?"

"Yes." Ethan nodded.

"That should be fun. Take me there. I want to go out for a walk."

"Uh... Okay, it should be okay to take a female companion with me." Ethan looked out at the man standing downstairs, feeling that his sharp eyes seemed to want to pierce through him.

He shook his head and handed the white pill and water to Era's mouth. "Take care of yourself. No matter what you do, I will support you."

"Senior." With the medicine in her mouth, Era stared at him and asked, "Why are you so good to me?"

Ethan was stunned for a moment, and then asked jokingly, "What do you think?" He leaned his face to her ear and said gently, "Are you moved and consider accepting me?"


"If you want to ease the pain of being lovelorn, I'm willing to accompany you. But honey, don't say you love me when you are disappointed," Ethan said in a seemingly serious tone.

"Remember what I said. Love is pure, not charity."

Hearing that, Era nodded and lowered her head in shame. Compared with him, she seemed to be more willful. It was unfair for her to rely on him when she was desperate.

She couldn't occupy him just because he loved her, and accept all his unrequited ef

just now, she couldn't help imagining that terrible scene.

Sitting in front of the dressing table and loosening her tied hair, Era looked at the shadow in the mirror and began to frighten herself again.

"Senior." 'Why doesn't he make a sound?' She turned around and saw him sleeping on the sofa.

"Senior. Ethan." Era walked over and shook his shoulder, but he didn't respond at all. "How can you sleep so well? Just like a pig," murmured Era, who sat beside him and dared not go back to the bed.

Her legs curled up on the sofa, and her body shrank into a ball. Looking at the sleeping Ethan helplessly, Era thought that even if she was asleep, he could always pluck up courage for her.

Next door, Arthur put his palms together devoutly and said, "Mom, sorry. I apologize to you..." The next moment, he handed a mobile phone to his father in high spirits. "Dad, the drug has taken effect. Hurry up. It's time for you to show up."

"Cunning boy." Jacob held him in his arms and pricked him with his stubble. "How could your mom and I have such a bad son like you?"

"Ha-ha... Pure inheritance, genetic problems..."

"How dare you point at the mulberry and curse the locust?" Jacob raised his hand and gave him a light pat on the buttock. Then he picked up his phone and dialed a number.

Leaning against the corner of the sofa, Era found a quilt to cover herself. Gradually, she felt sleepy. However, she didn't dare to fall asleep.

Suddenly, a song sounded, and she stood up reflexively. Hearing the familiar ringtone of her mobile phone, she breathed a sigh of relief and quickly took out her mobile phone. No matter who it was, she had to thank him for calling her at this time.

"Hey, woman, where are you?" As soon as the phone was connected, a deep and pleasant voice came from the other end of the line. Suddenly, Era felt at ease.

"Hey, say something, Era Ling!"

"Uh... I... I came out to relax."

"Why did you leave secretly? You can let me accompany you."

"I just want to be alone for a while."

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