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   Chapter 213 Retribution Will Come

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If she became his weakness, would he really let go of her?

Aaron pressed Gregory down from the car.

"Jacob, do you think you have won?" Gregory grinned hideously. Even though his hands were covered, he was still arrogant.

"Of course I won. I will definitely let you go to jail in Italy this time!"

"Ha-ha-ha..." Gregory laughed wildly. "Are you willing to risk your woman and son's two lives?"

Hearing this, Jacob frowned and grabbed his collar, "You! What do you mean?"

A hint of complacency flashed through Gregory's eyes. "You'll know it soon."

"I warn you, don't try to get close to them, or I will let you die without a burial place!" After saying that, he swung his big hand hard and Gregory was thrown to the ground.

"Ha-ha..." He raised his head with a weird smile and said, "Jacob, you have taken everything from me. How can I let you live a comfortable life? Just wait and see. I will make you lose the most important thing!" ...

With a cold glance at him, Jacob ordered, "Take him out!"

When the door was closed, the uneasiness came again. He immediately dialed the number of Era, but he couldn't get through.

"Damn it!" He cursed and dialed Jay's number again. As soon as the phone was connected, he asked, "Where is Era?"


"Tell me the truth. What happened to them?" Jacob felt that his hand holding the cellphone was trembling, and his heart was about to jump out of his chest.

"Don't worry, Jacob. Era is fine. She is really fine. She was just kidnapped and hurt by a few hooligans. Now she had an operation and her life was not in danger. How is everything going with you? Era was afraid that you will worry about her, so she..."

"I'll fly there right away!" Then Jacob hung up the phone. His cold eyes had already cast a bloodthirsty light. Gregory actually reached out his black hand to Era!


"Yes, godfather." Aaron pushed the door open and came in.

"Prepare a plane for me right now, flying straight to China."

"Yes, godfather." As soon as Aaron turned around and was about to leave, he was stopped by Jacob. "Cut off Gregory's tongue, cut off his hamstring and send him back to his original prison! Remember, leave him an eye, so that he can see his end clearly!"

Such an ancient punishment had been used for a long time. It seemed that godfather was really pissed off this time. Aaron nodded and said, "Godfather, I'll do it right away!"

In the VIP ward.

It was not until quite a while later that Era heard someone calling her in a low voice. When she opened her eyes, she saw Ethan and Allie looking at her worriedly with red and swollen eyes.

The wound on her shoulder was still painful, so she didn't dare to move. She asked in a low voice, "How long have I slept?"

"Era, you have been in a coma for more than ten hours!"

"So long? What about Arthur? And... Raymond, I'm going to see him. He must

d there was no crossing point at all.

"Era, you are so smart. When a man is willing to sacrifice his life for you and draw out the extreme blood of his body. Aren't you moved at all?"

"No, Allie. I'm not smart. I'm stupid. I'm only grateful to Senior Liang. I can't deceive myself or anyone else."

She kept telling herself that she and Ethan were friends! When friendship transcends love, it proves the preciousness of a confidant.

He always paid for it silently again and again. He didn't hesitate to sacrifice his life. He was so arrogant and unrestrained, but he loved her so humbly.

How could she repay Ethan's love?

The lie was exposed, and everything was clear. Whether to love or to be loved, whether to play dumb or to be honest, she was completely confused. What should she do to minimize the damage?

Gregory kept badgering her. Even though there was no waves on the surface, they had long been lured and become the Achilles' heel of Jacob.

She didn't know how many times there would be such a siege. How much blood would be enough? Once they were caught, the price could be imagined. She could die, but her baby Arthur couldn't, Jacob couldn't!

Such a fight made her tired and afraid. The original scar hadn't healed, but it was replaced by a new one. Maybe she was too naive and optimistic in the past. Was she really suitable to be with Jacob? Such entanglement, like a time bomb, always made her tremble with fear. There would always be new bleeding. Really? Couldn't she let it go?

Leaving each other would not be their weakness. Only when they leave danger could they live well. But she had been stubborn and dreaming all the time. It was she who refused to say goodbye. It was because she was unwilling to give up, and her heart was full of love. It was because she was too stubborn to fall in love.

Should she really let go of him? In this way, they could live an easier and simpler life.

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