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   Chapter 212 Relax

Fair-haired Boy By Ai Xiaomo Characters: 10182

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Why did she feel uneasy? Why was there a ripple in her heart?

"Arthur." Era didn't care about it at all. She turned around to look for Arthur, only to find that Ryan was standing behind her like a statue, staring straight at the crowd with his blue eyes. No! To be exact, it should be the woman in the crowd.

To be honest, that woman was not very beautiful, but she was eye-catching. However, it would not make Ryan stare at her for so long.

What was more strange was that even Shadow, who had always been calm and expressionless, now looked straight at her in surprise.

Something happened!

"With you, I have the whole world..." Suddenly, the phone in Era's pocket rang. She picked it up. When she heard the voice from the other end of the line, she immediately looked surprised. "Raymond, what? You are in S City now?"

They chatted on the phone and she glanced at the crowd. The man lifted the woman's bangs and kissed her on the forehead like a prince. She turned around and saw Ryan.

His blue eyes suddenly became deep, and his big hands clenched tightly!

Was she the shadow of this woman all the time? But now she had no time to figure it out. Now that Raymond was in S City, she had to see him.

Raymond said he only wanted to see her. Then who should take care of Arthur? Looking around, she found that Allie was crazy and Ryan was dumbfounded. Well, she took Arthur's hand and put him into the car. "Arthur, be a good boy. I have something to do. You can play with the driver first."

"Okay!" Arthur nodded obediently. However, as soon as Era turned around and hailed a taxi, Arthur climbed to the front seat. He said, "Sir, hurry up. Follow the car. Let's protect my mom."

"But, Mr. Black..."

"Well, are you so weak? You can't protect my mom without Uncle Ryan's help?"

"Okay, young master, sit still." After saying that, the driver started the car. He was too young to be stimulated.

When the taxi arrived at the bridge, the driver was sweating heavily, because he had felt that there was a car following behind him just now. But now, when he arrived at the bridge, the two black cars which had been parked motionlessly suddenly started and directly hit him. He was forced to the corner, and he was almost forced to hit the concrete railing. The car might break the handrail and fall down the high slope which was more than ten meters high. At this time, the river rose and they might be drowned.

At this critical moment, a car suddenly rushed in. The car directly knocked over the black car and the black car fell down the high slope.

In the surviving black car, the thin man, West Wu, looked at the car that suddenly appeared and sneered, "Your so-called sister doesn't trust you as much as you said. She is with bodyguards even she is going to meet you. I think she has been on guard against you for a long time. But fortunately, I have prepared for it."

The danger was not over.

Just as the taxi was about to leave the bridge and get out of the dangerous area, two black cars appeared out o

don't worry. I will avenge you!'

"How is it going?" Ryan was pushed over by Shadow on a wheelchair.

"She is out of danger." Not long after the blood transfusion, Ethan looked a little weak. "Who did it? Do you know?"

"I'm investigating. Don't worry. I'll make them pay the most terrible price." Jay's usually gentle eyes suddenly became frightening.


"Do you need my help?" asked Ryan.

"Not now."

"Have you informed Jacob?"

"Era said not for the time being," Jay said as he glanced at Arthur. In fact, when Era was sent to the hospital, she had already been in a coma. This request was conveyed by Arthur, but his insistence on the expression on his face made others do not know how to refute, so he had to save her first.

Then there was silence, and the atmosphere in the corridor became dull. After a while, Jay held Arthur's hand and said, "Mr. Black, it's time for you to go back to the ward. Mr. Liang, you can go back first. I'll send someone to take care of here."

Ryan nodded and was pushed away by Shadow.

However, Ethan shook his head and refused, "I must wait until she wakes up."

In Italy.

On the balcony, Jacob had been waiting for his good news with a glass of wine in his hand.

Suddenly, the glass slipped from his hand and broke into pieces. When he bent down to pick up the herbs, his fingertips were pierced, and his red finger belly was stained with blood.


"No need to bandage." Jacob sucked his fingers into his mouth and felt uneasy. He didn't know why, but his heart was in a mess and he felt very uneasy.

His chest was so stuffy that he felt uncomfortable. He paced back and forth on the balcony. He loosened his tie and ruffled his hair, with cigarette butts one after another.

What did he forget?

Or did he have a hunch about something? Did Gregory run away again this time?!

The smoke in his eyes made him want to cry. He rubbed his eyelashes and was about to order the servants to clean up the room. A car was speeding over.

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