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Was it always a peaceful life after the storm, or a hidden surge?

Everyone held their breath and concentrated. This time, everyone heard the shout of Era. Someone exclaimed in surprise, "Miss Ling fell into the valley and didn't enter the depth of the forest!"

"Era, you are such a fool. I am right here. Why are you crying?" Jacob stretched out his body and looked at the bottoms of the valley. He almost lost her! Fortunately, she fell into the valley. Otherwise, if she really ran into the center of the death forest, he might not be able to save her.

Hearing his words, Era felt a lump in her throat and wanted to cry. However, she tried her best to hold back her tears. "Jacob, when did you see me crying? I won't cry. I'll wait for you and brother to save me..."

"Rope! Hurry up!" Jacob gave a simple order. Immediately, someone followed the same path back to get it

Half an hour later, it was dark. The man also brought ropes and lighting tools.

During this period of time, Jacob had been talking with her. He had always been cold and silent, but somehow he thought of so many topics to talk about. Anyway, he had been talking for the past thirty minutes, although those words were not very gentle...

However, this was also enough to shock the men of "Night Kill"... When did godfather become so talkative? Even Jay, who boasted that he knew him very well, was surprised. He hesitated to go through the wedding procedures with them this morning. Now, he was completely relieved to hand over Era to Jacob. If it weren't for his true love, a man wouldn't have changed so much for a woman!

The valley was dark and steep. Even though everyone was fighting for it, no one could stop Jacob's stubbornness. With the rope tied around his waist, he slid down the valley step by step and finally held the small hand. He didn't feel relieved until he felt his heart that had been tightly clenched.

Her little hands was cold. Without hesitation, he put her hands into his burning chest. Feeling uneasy, Era tried to withdraw her hands subconsciously, but was stopped by Jacob. "Don't move. It's difficult to climb the valley. I don't want to carry a burden that is completely frozen!" As he spoke, he tied the other rope tightly to her waist.

"Are you ready?"


Jacob put his hands around her slender waist, shook the rope, leaned back, and climbed up the rock with his feet... Although he was carrying a heavy weight, he was still as fast as flying and took her out of the valley in an instant.

As soon as Era landed on the ground, a long wind coat was put over her. "It's windy in the mountain. Put it on." Jacob ordered coldly.

Raising her head, Era saw that he only had a thin black shirt left. "You..."

"I'm fine." He took her hand and said, "Let's go."

"Yes... Ouch..." As soon as Era took a step forward, she felt so painful that she almost fell down. It was not until then that she remembered that she had sprained her ankle when she had just fallen into the small valley.

Jacob glanced at her sideways and then looked at her feet. He slowly squatted down

s slender but strong figure...

"... Jacob, the father of Arthur, has been bullying me since I met him. So if he wants to marry me now, I can't promise him so easily, right? Mom, you think so, don't you?" Looking at the smiling photo, Era murmured with a happy smile on her face.

"Mom. Mom..." A childish voice suddenly came, and a vigorous figure quickly ran towards her. He threw himself into her arms and put his arms around her neck. "Mom, how can you run away without Arthur?"

More than a year had passed, and Arthur's little bald head had black hair and he was much taller. He was quickly changing from a cute little handsome man to an invincible beautiful young man. His cool and handsome eyebrows were more and more like that of Jacob. But as soon as he saw her, he immediately shrank and became cute, rubbing his head against her chest.

"Honey, why are you here? Where is your father?"

"Dad, he is so clumsy!"

Hearing this, a happy smile appeared at the corners of her mouth. She knew that they would come, but she didn't expect that they would come so soon! Did it mean that she was very important in their hearts?

When she raised her head, she saw a tall, cool and handsome man coming gracefully. He stared at her coldly and approached her. "Woman, run away again?" ...

"Of course not!" Patting the dust on her trousers, Era stood up and said, "Didn't I leave you a letter?"

"Yes." He clenched his teeth. "Then put it at the bottom of the drawer. Do you have any safer place?"

"Yes, I do. I'll remember to choose another place next time."

"And... Next time." Squinting his eyes, she found that Jacob was approaching her in a dangerous way, and his aura enveloped the pretty woman.

"What are you doing? How dare you bully me in front of my mother?" ... Without showing any weakness, Era raised her head.

"No..." He stretched out his big hand and held her slender waist under his arm. Then he turned around and said with a serious look on his face, "Mother, don't worry. I will take good care of her for the rest of her life!"

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