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   Chapter 204 Romance

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It was all flowers' fault!

There are many people who love you! Don't live too hard? Ethan was not the first one to say such words to Era. Allie had said it to her, and Jay had also said it to her. She could ignore it once or twice. But the third time, she could no longer calm down.

What did they mean? Did they try to make her immune to it in advance? Would something happen to Arthur? With her heart clenched, Era was no longer in the mood to sit still. She stood up and said, "I'm sorry, Senior Liang. I have something to do. I'm leaving now."

When Era returned to the ward, Arthur had already finished infusion and fallen asleep. She sat on the edge of the bed and looked at his peaceful sleeping face. Her tightly clenched heart gradually relaxed and calmed down.

'Arthur will be fine! Everything will be fine!'

Looking up, she couldn't help smiling. Flowers from Ethan had been inserted in the vase by the window, crooked. It must be Arthur. But why was there a bigger bouquet on the table?

'Nice flowers. Is it from Jacob? He is getting more and more romantic.' Era stood up, held up the large bouquet of flowers, drew the curtain and went back to the bed.

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. The flowers smelled good. It was rare for her to be happy for his occasional romantic.

After a while, the handsome man walked into the ward.

With a faint smile, Era said, "Thank you for your flowers. I like them."

"Flowers?" As Jacob approached her, he held her in his arms and stared at the large bouquet of dazzling roses carefully. This was the bunch of flowers that Ryan gave her! He was busy preparing for the operation for Arthur and then drove him away as soon as possible, so as not to let him meet Era. But he ignored the evidence of crime.

When did Ryan send the flowers here without anyone noticing? He narrowed his sharp and cold eyes, wishing to burn the flower to ashes. How could he play such a dirty trick with him?

"Why do you want to send me flowers?" Era added fuel to the fire.

"I..." 'I didn't send the flowers. Damn it!'

"I think I can't help but fall in love with the owner of this flower!" Smelling the fragrance of the flowers, Era raised her head slightly and saw the gloomy expression on Jacob's handsome face. As soon as she turned around, his cold eyes pierced her. His anger made her at a loss.

What's up? He seemed to be very angry? Was it wrong to fall in love with him? Frowning in confusion, Era handed a large bouquet of flowers to Jacob and said, "Jacob, take good care of our flowers! I'll go to the bathroom first. When Arthur wakes up, we'll have a big meal together today."

Looking at the back of Era, he thought of her bright smile, but only for this flower of unknown origin, which was forcibly belonged to him. Jacob's face turned cold again.

If he could still smile with the flowers that another man gave her, then he was really a fool, idiot and neurotic! (Don't be surprised. Jacob learned this word from Arthur.) Thinking of this, without any hesitation, Jacob walked out of the door and threw the bunch of flowers into the trash can.

When Era came back, she foun

prayed all over her face and her body temperature rose rapidly.

Jacob slowly stretched out his slender fingers, brushed away the hair on her face and approached her head bit by bit. He didn't turn his face until he stopped at the right side of her neck. His angular handsome face was cold and hot at the same time, as if the combination of heat and ice was irresistibly emitting the evil spirit.

When his lips curled into a faint smile, he looked like a Satan descending to the world. He was evil and dangerous, and her cold hair stood upside down, trying to find out what was going on with him.

"I really miss this feeling." His deep and magnetic voice rang in her ears, with a little banter and strong pressure.

But Era was not in the mood to share the long lost warmth. "Jacob, I don't like you to be mysterious at all. Don't forget that our Arthur is still in the hospital." Then she reached out to push him away, but her wrist was grabbed by him.

"Come with me!"

The light in the room was so dim that Era couldn't see anything for a while. All of a sudden, the light was on, and the room was filled with bright red roses.

On the ground was a red heart shape, and on the bed and the wall were fragrant and enchanting.

It was true that she was moved at the first sight, but when she thought of the poor Arthur lying in the hospital, everything changed.

The expression on Era's face changed from confusion, gratitude to anger in a few seconds. Then she turned her head and glared at Jacob. "Have I told you that you are boring?"

He thought he would see a surprised face and get a kiss of gratitude anyway, but he didn't expect that he would only get a word of disgust in the end. Hearing that, Jacob frowned tightly. It turned out that he couldn't believe what Arthur said. What? Women liked flowers and romance and he knew his mother's weakness best. It was all nonsense. It was said that people in love had the lowest IQ. It was true. He actually believed the instigation of a little child who was not fully grown.

At this moment, a black car drove into the Huangfu Mansion.

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