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   Chapter 203 I Hope You Are Happy (Part Two)

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It'd better not be that loud girl come in and scream again. They were Jay and Allie. She pushed a shiny wheelchair, on which sat a handsome and cute Arthur in a small suit with a back belt. The little boy curled up in a wheelchair with a fruit basket in his arms. When he saw Era, he shouted, "Mom, what are you doing?"


"You are kissing, aren't you?"


"Uncle, untie. Dad and mom are busy now. I think we will come back later." Blinking his eyes and sticking out his tongue, Arthur looked naughty.

"No, your mom is still a patient!" Allie rushed forward and pushed Jacob away. "You, leave my Era. If anything happens to her, I, I, I can't do anything to you, but I will call the police!"

As soon as she finished her words, she sat on the edge of the bed, leaving no room for Jacob to sit. He could only stare coldly at her back, sending out a cold wind.

... "Era, how can you be bullied by him like this? This is the ward. You are a patient. Why did you let him touch you?"

"Allie, he didn't touch me. We are just negotiating," Era explained as she squinted at Jacob and thought, 'Ha-ha, he puts on a long face.' The usually cold godfather looked funny and ridiculous now, like a little kid whose candies had been snatched away. He stared at Allie with murderous eyes. Clenching his fists, he wanted to kill someone, but he couldn't do anything to Allie. He could only snort, "Shut up!"

On that day, Jacob finally did not dissuade Era and went through the discharge formalities for her.

On the second day, Jacob went to the company. After Arthur had an infusion in the ward, the door was opened. The nurse in white held a bunch of flowers and said with admiration, "Miss Ling, someone sent you the flowers."

"Thank you." After taking the flowers, Era frowned and wondered who would send flowers to the hospital to her. Was it that stupid stone. As expected, she saw a small card among the flowers.

"He has protected you well and no one is allowed to get close to you, but I really want to see you. I'll wait for you in the coffee shop opposite the hospital -- Ethan.

Senior Liang!

She hadn't see

take it to heart, how can I be considered a person? But if I agree to be with you because of gratitude, it will be the biggest lie to you. So I have to say sorry for your feelings."

Hearing this, the cynicism in Ethan's eyes disappeared. This woman had never taken men's admiration and care for granted. She was as strong and dazzling as the plum blossoms, and as independent and charming as the chrysanthemums. But sometimes, her tenderness could arouse men's pity. Unfortunately, his heart was captured in this way, and he could no longer get rid of that long love.

However, he had been recuperating for more than a month. He had thought a lot. Love was not necessarily possessive; love could not become a burden; love should be said, even if he knew that he would be rejected; because if he was rejected, his heart would not be so crazy, and he would change his passionate love into silently waiting!

He didn't care whether he was cheap or self-abuse. He came here today just to express his love and then be refused. His goal was achieved, but his attachment to her seemed to be deeper.

"Era." Ethan sighed and spoke out his worries, "Do you know? You and Arthur are two living creatures. The deep maternal love is indeed touching, but as a friend, I still want to say that you have to look around. There are still many people who love you around. Don't attach Arthur's life to yourself, or you will live too tired."

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