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   Chapter 201 Reconcile

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That jump resolved the past and reconciled the endless past.

It couldn't be counted. After all, that woman was Joan, domineering and vicious. She deserved to be raped!

She took another step forward. "Beast, go away, or I will kill you..." Joan's voice was more poignant.

Well, forget it. For the sake that she was going to save Jacob just now, she decided to save her this time.

She stepped back and looked around. She looked at Gregory's hand on his back...

Quietly, she approached Gregory step by step. He didn't realize it at all. He reached out to pull away the last bit of cover on Joan's upper body, and laughed creepily...

Joan had already seen that Era smartly gathered all her strength to resist, attracting the attention of the man who was bending over her.

Era reached out and quickly touched the thing in his arms, and withstand him suddenly. "Don't move. It's time to end the game!"


"Come on, raise your hands above your head. Don't move."

"You cunning woman!"

"No, I'm not as cunning as you. Hurry up and hold it above your head. Otherwise, if you go wrong, don't blame me for being too ruthless to you!"

"Okay, okay. Baby, don't shoot." Gregory raised his hand and turned around slowly. Her trousers dropped to her ankles at once, and Era frowned tightly.

"A bad man like you..." She curled her lips and kicked him. "Why don't you go to die?"

"Ah..." Gregory screamed and bent down.

"You won't even let go of your sister. You are really a beast. I wish I could kill you!"

Pointing at him, Era stepped back slowly. When she turned around, she saw the bodyguards coming to her. She looked at his head immediately.

"Ask them to put them down and step aside with their hands over their heads."

"Do as Miss Ling ordered!"

Seeing that the door was open, Era turned around and left without hesitation. One of the bodyguards stood up and made a move. Suddenly, Era turned around and shot him on the arm.

"Only one bullet." Gregory raised his head and screamed in pain.

As expected, there was only one pill left. She threw it on the ground and ran out.

"Catch her!"

Facing the swarming bodyguards, he sped up, but the woman's strength was no match for the man's. she was quickly caught up and surrounded in the middle.

Seeing that Era seemed to be taken back by his subordinates, Gregory stood up and walked up to her, slapping her across the face. "Why are all women so cheap! What's so good about Jacob? One or two of them are loyal to him!"

With blood streak in the corner of her mouth, Era went all out to slap him in the face. Everyone was stunned by the sound. Including Gregory himself and Joan, who was still naked on the sofa and could only curl up behind the sofa cushion.

Gregory's face changed dramatically. He was ashamed into anger and suddenly pulled out a dagger from his waist. The sharp blade pierced into the

in, she found that Jacob had used his arms to hold the bloody Era. She heard a clear sound of ankle twisting and a clear snort. She sighed that there were really two "idiots" in the world. At this moment, she suddenly had nothing to say, but her mood was suddenly enlightened.

She had always hoped that Jacob broke off the engagement with her only because Gregory. It turned out that she was wrong. His love for Era was so obvious and dazzling.

They were just like ordinary men and women. They would break up if they didn't love each other. Therefore, in the past, Era was not the one who took away his love, but she was narrow-minded!

Jacob knelt on one knee and slowly put her back on the ground. His ankle was broken, and he twisted it hard. The cold sweat came back from his forehead. Half of his leg was still trembling, and his leg was broken. He felt more pain through the black trousers, but he did not say anything. He covered it for a long time before he frowned and forced himself to let it go. He looked up at the third floor, which exceeded his physical limit. It was his fortune not to break his legs!

He put his slender hands around Era's shoulders and suddenly held her tightly in his arms. Looking up at the balcony on the third floor, he said, "Gregory, I'll let you go this time. Remember, I will make you pay a heavy price for what you have done today!"

Hearing his cold words, Gregory shivered and immediately ordered his men who were stunned, "What are you waiting for? Go downstairs and catch the two of them!" ...

Several brawny men immediately went downstairs, shaking the stairs with loud noise.

Jacob had already carried Era out of the house.

"Stop! Stop!"

He couldn't let her get hurt anymore. Holding her tightly in his arms, Jacob endured the sharp pain and quickened his pace to expose his back.

A loud bang startled Jay and the others outside the room. They immediately rushed in...

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