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   Chapter 200 On Purpose

Fair-haired Boy By Ai Xiaomo Characters: 9656

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It turned out that a hateful person must have some pity!

In the hall of Gregory's villa, Gregory was drinking a glass of yellow wine alone. Seeing Era come in, he immediately gestured for his subordinates to add a crystal cup.

"Baby, come and have a drink with me." Gregory squinted at the delicate woman in front of him. Although her face was a little haggard, it could not hide her beautiful face.

"Okay." Era sat down beside him gracefully and raised her glass. "Honey, you look very happy. What good news do you want to share with me?"

"Of course." Gregory smiled evilly and held her in his arms. "Baby, you are curious and want to know, right?"


"So that you can send a message to Jacob?" Gregory's big hand slid across her back and clasped the back of her head, and his eyes became gloomy.

Hearing that, Era's heart sank, but she still looked calm as usual. "Gregory, are you suspecting me or testing me? Yes, I do care about your behavior, but not for the sake of Jacob. I have told you that Arthur will have an operation. You can deal with him as you like, but the operation on Arthur can't be affected in the slightest. Otherwise, he will be my enemy."

"Baby, are you angry? I was just kidding." Gregory let go of her with a smile, and his expression changed faster than turning a book. He looked at the gold watch on his wrist and patted it. "Let's have a drink first. The show is about to begin."

Someone immediately filled their glasses respectfully.


Era picked up the glass and took a sip. "Are you still on guard against me?" She rotated the leg of the crystal cup and glanced at Gregory indifferently. She knew that the more anxious she was, the more indifferent she had to pretend.

"Era, you are so beautiful!" However, Gregory didn't answer her question. In a flirtatious tone, he reached out and stroked her delicate face.

Era lowered her eyes and didn't move. She would chop off the trotter one day!

In fact, Gregory was on guard against her. He had two preparations for luring her to the villa today. If the plan succeeded, of course, as he said, they would celebrate together. However, once the plan failed, she would be his life-saving chip.

"Honey, how can I guard against you? If you stay with me tonight, you will know how great my plan is..." Gregory said as he put his face close to her.

Era pretended to be angry and turned her face to the other side. "What makes you so mysterious? Now, I don't want to know."

"Baby, are you angry? Well, come here. I'll tell you..." Gregory approached her ear and was about to say something.

"Sir, Miss Joan is coming." A servant hurried in and reported.

"What is she doing here?"

"I... I don't know. She just said she wanted to see you with an angry face."

"Okay, I see. Let her in. Take Miss Ling to the room upstairs." ...

Joan didn't want to meet

ing, he told Joan what Gregory had done to the Huangfu family. It was not until then that she suddenly realized that she had put all her attention on Jacob, and that she did not notice that the Bhutto family had been in great trouble...

The old man didn't have any other requirements at the end of his life. He just hoped that she could keep the Bhutto family and not let the business empire he had built hard be easily destroyed by Gregory.

Facing Nikolay's pleading eyes, Joan felt that she was too selfish in the past. She swore to herself that she would let go of her love and hatred with Jacob and live only for the Bhutto family.

However, when Nikolay was seriously ill, Gregory had gradually gained the power of the whole family. It was not easy for her to defeat him alone.

She had planned to save Jacob today to give up the resentment and join hands with him. However, she was still caught by the cunning and cruel Gregory.

"Ha ha..." All of a sudden, Gregory laughed grimly and unbuckled his belt.

"You... What do you want?"

"I'll let you see who is not to be trifled with." As soon as he finished speaking, he reached out and tore her clothes violently.

In the hall, Gregory and Joan were sitting on the sofa. Joan's clothes had been half torn.

It was a good chance. Era crept towards the door against the wall.

Gregory was immersed in his violent game and didn't notice her.

Three steps, two steps, one step... She could escape right away.

"Fuck off, bastard... Help..." Joan's weak cry for help came to her ears, mixed with Gregory's disgusting laughter. "Just scream. The louder you scream, the happier I will be... Ha ha..." ...

'No matter Joan is dead or alive, it has nothing to do with me.' Era meditated and walked out of the hall with one foot. However, the other foot was left in the hall, hesitating. Wasn't it too cruel to watch a woman being bullied like this? ...

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