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   Chapter 151 Suspicion Is Often The Most Powerful Weapon To Hurt Feelings (Part Two)

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'Am I really going to die here today?' Clenching her fists tightly, Era moved forward with heavy steps.

'No! I can't die!'

In order to survive, she suddenly turned back and bumped into Anna. Before she steadied herself, she turned around and ran into the tombstone group.

"Stop! Stop!" Anna screamed and shouted at the man who was running fast.

Fortunately, she hit the tombstone and bounced it back. Era continued to run for her life.

"Humph! Do you think you can run away?" Her hurried steps chased after her.

The front was a large area of open land, without cover. Era anxiously looked around and ran towards the left, without thinking too much.

"Don't move!" Anna was standing on that trail with a gun pointing at her. "Keep running!" With a sinister smile, she approached her step by step.

"I won't give you another chance this time. Just do as I say."

Smiling bitterly, Era closed her eyes. Now that she was doomed to be like this, she had nothing else to say. She just hoped that Arthur could find the right man for him.

"Arthur, you should live well..."

Bang! The third sound. A sad and beautiful smile appeared at the corners of her mouth. Did she just leave like that? But why couldn't she feel any pain? Maybe...

Perplexed, she opened her eyes and saw Anna's widened eyes in shock. Blood dripped from her forehead...

"How could this be..." Before she finished her words, Anna collapsed onto the stone path.

And behind her, there was a tall and handsome man standing there. It was Jacob.

"Come here." He reached out his hand to her.

Without hesitation, Era walked over and glanced at the body. A mixed feeling surged in her heart, but she showed no sympathy and pity.

She didn't deserve it!

After he killed Brooks and held Arthur hostage. She was crime deserves more than death!

"Dispose of the corpse." Holding Era in his arms, Jacob ordered the bodyguards behind him coldly. Just now, he almost lost her.

He had lived for thirty years, but his heart had never been so nervous before. It turned out that the woman had become his flesh and blood unconsciously.

So she could only be his, always! No one can take her away from him!

From now on, only he could bully and enslave her. If anyone dares to have a try, he will chop off their claws and drive out their heads!

On the private plane, Era held Arthur in her arms quietly, staring out of the window. There was nothing but clouds there. She and Arthur were going to Italy with Jacob. She didn't know where they were and didn't know what would happen in the future.

The terrible thing is that Anna spewed out a word to her silently at the moment of falling down. She said, "Joan..."

Why did s

he cast a meaningful glance at Era.

Era wanted to ignore them and continued to sort out her room, but she could not help thinking of the two. Simple luggage is more and more messy. She simply threw it aside.

She used to think that she didn't care about anything, but now she found that she was still deceiving herself.

Why is that? Wasn't her heart dead? Why was she so persistent? She was stunned for a long time. Suddenly, she heard the door opened and she heard the giggle of Joan. It seemed that Jacob successfully calmed her down.

That's fine!

She should be happy that no one is bothering her.

"Hi, Arthur..."

Just as Jean was lost in her thoughts, the door was open again. It was Joan who was greeting in her poor Chinese.

How incompetent! Era stood up abruptly. She was so immersed in her own thoughts that she didn't even have the time to see Arthur. Without any hesitation, she opened the door and saw Arthur's room opposite hers. Joan was about to give Arthur a big hug.

Seeing this, Arthur hurriedly took a step back to avoid her.

"You're so cute. I love you so much. Why are you so cute?" The manicure fingers immediately changed the direction and pinched the tender cheeks.

"Ouch, it hurts." Arthur frowned and cried out directly. "Aunt, let go of me." 'Humph, you treat me as a three-year-old kid. Your hypocrisy is really annoying.'

"What's wrong?"

Era asked.

"Auntie, she has a lot of strength!" Arthur accused, pointing to Joan with his finger, his face full of grievance. It looks like Joan is really bullying him.

"You..." Joan was pissed off again. However, as a sophisticated woman, she smiled to ease her embarrassment. "I am so excited to see you."

"Okay." A cunning look flashed across his eyes as Arthur raised his little face with innocence.

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