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   Chapter 103 Chance Encounter Brings Waves Again (Part Two) (Part Two)

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As they walked out of the shopping mall, the driver was already there waiting for them. Jacob withdrew his hand from Joan's waist.

"Take a taxi and go back to the hotel first. I have something to do."

"Don't do that, Jacob. Let's..."

"Wait for me at home." His tone was soft, but his black eyes were unshakable.




"Why did you do that?" As soon as Era drove the car out of the parking lot, she began to ask about the incident.

"Era, watch the road ahead!" He blinked his big eyes to avoid eye contact with her.

"Let me ask you, are you pretending to be in front of that aunt so that they can quarrel?"

"How do you know my purpose?" 'What a fool! Why is she so smart this time?'

"Don't forget that I am your mother!"

"If I had another choice, I'd rather choose from someone else..."


"I am kidding, Era. I love you the most!"


"I just want to separate them." Arthur muttered, knowing that Era was on the verge of rage.


"Well, he is my father!" How could he give his father to another woman casually! ...

"Father? Who told you he was your father?" Era held the steering wheel tightly and stopped the car with a squeaky sound. The anger in her heart suddenly rose——

"It never occurred to me that you have been so dedicated to your father since I brought you up. You recognized him as your father as soon as you see a man. Am I your mother in your eyes? I brought you up for nothing! Arthur, when can you be a sensible boy?"

She was already hard enough, but she still worried about him! Did she have to be driven mad so that they would be satisfied? The more she thought about it, the more aggrieved she felt. She stretched Arthur's slim body and slapped his little butt.

When the slap fell, Era's heart was still aching. Now he was her only family. He can't have an accident. If her son was taken away, she didn't know if she could live on... Hit him on the back, and hurt her in the heart. After slapping him, she cried silently.

It was the first time that Arthur had seen Era get so angry. He was dumbfounded. Arthur raised his hand, stroked his eyes, pouted his mouth, and choked back tears. "Era, don't be angry. If you don't like him, I won't admit him. Arthur only loves Era."

As Arthur hurriedly wiped her tears, he sat down, ouch feeling more painful. Sitting down again, his eyes full of tears.

"Well, I'm sorry." Era held Arthur in her arms and rubbed his little butts, "did mom beat you heavily?"

"No, it doesn't hurt. Haha, it doesn't hurt at all. Once Arthur was disobedient, Era would beat me hard. But please don't cry. I promise, I will escape when I see father again." Then he opened his arms, hugged her and blew on her head to calm her down like

tle deftly, drew a beautiful arc in the air.

Jacob sat in the corner and drank alone. The cigar smoke in the bar was hazy, which could not cover his handsome face. Even so, there were still some people coming forward to accost him fearlessly... But they were all rejected ruthlessly by him.

Today, he followed Era all the way to her apartment.

They talked and laughed as if they were mother and son. He could have a five-year-old son, but he didn't know at all! This answer made his almost dying heart suddenly jump wildly and almost explode.

If six years ago, he would have rushed up with nothing. But now, he's waiting for the news, he needs to be 100% sure... Then, he would let Era pay for what she had done!

"Jacob?" ...

A coquettish voice interrupted his thoughts. He turned around and found that a woman with big wavy hair was looking at him with surprise. Jacob frowned and soon remembered that she was Anna, the younger sister of Era.

Six years had passed, and she had become more beautiful, but she was also more coquettish.

"Long time no see." He shook the glass of wine in his hand and didn't refuse. Maybe she would tell him something about Era.

Anna had already sat beside him, giggling, "yes, it's been a long time since we last met. Jacob. I'm glad that you still remember me."

Time only made this man more mature. His perfect features were still perfect and his figure was like a model. 'Wow, even the icy air around him is so charming...'

Anna stared at Jacob's cold eyes, as furious as a wolf and tiger. If she could get him, she could not only solve the current financial crisis of Xu family, but also enjoy the pleasure of sex. It was a good thing to kill two birds with one stone.

It turned out that in the six years, not only Era and Jacob had changed, but also the Xu family had also changed...

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